Aaron Gordon Tells Dwyane Wade Why He's Wearing No. 50, Postgame Interview | April 1, 2021 

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Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | April 1, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Jamie 11 days ago
“9/10” video
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 13 days ago
Gordon respectful to the OGs
ugug gugg
ugug gugg 15 days ago
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mamba4ever 24
mamba4ever 24 16 days ago
Wait👀 is Korver retired?
tom joe
tom joe 16 days ago
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Tremont Waters
Tremont Waters 16 days ago
ill give it a 9
geek 16 days ago
dwayne wade would give aaron gordon interview a - 9
Brandon Godoy
Brandon Godoy 16 days ago
Charles Esters
Charles Esters 17 days ago
Hope he don't end up like Dwight Howard cause he stayed hurt
William Courts
William Courts 17 days ago
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Reynaldo Powell
Reynaldo Powell 17 days ago
Dwayne Wade should be ashamed...cost that man a clear-cut win. AG shoulda asked him, “why you even talking?” 🤔
ShygoneP Rodriguez
ShygoneP Rodriguez 17 days ago
MiNiisDumb 17 days ago
Aaron did it for me, I wear number 50 in my games
MrRhubarbs 17 days ago
he should’ve just said “I decided to give myself a 50” and left it at that hahah
Malcolm Hill
Malcolm Hill 17 days ago
How long he gonna hold on to that dunk contest it wasn’t a 50 get over it
Diok Mhp
Diok Mhp 17 days ago
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David Amuka
David Amuka 17 days ago
Repent amd turn to the Almighty God
Oscar Picaso
Oscar Picaso 17 days ago
Wade salty.
Calvin Canty
Calvin Canty 17 days ago
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Predator Productionz
Wade: So why #50? Aaron: I..(Jalen Ramsey enters) "You tell meeee"
kiratsky TV
kiratsky TV 18 days ago
Dwade asking where it came number 50 .. must be 49 because he always give 9points 😂
Rod Franklin
Rod Franklin 18 days ago
Mike Lliteras
Mike Lliteras 18 days ago
Get over it already. He has so everyone else should. Obviously he would’ve rather won but If he would’ve won, no one would remember. He’s more well known and more people have watched his dunks than ever would’ve had he won.
Condy Loid
Condy Loid 18 days ago
Wade is a legend but the whole basketball community behind AG on this one haha
Kevin Crateman
Kevin Crateman 18 days ago
imagine if kyle korver, wade and shaq were on the same team in their primes
Lim PH
Lim PH 18 days ago
AG kept his tone to Wade even if we all know he'd be pissed off to see Wade.
Zom T.
Zom T. 18 days ago
D-Wade robbed me. So I'm wearing 50 😀
John Kyle Pacana
John Kyle Pacana 18 days ago
He chickened out a little when Dwade asked
Fermin J. Padernilla III
Top 10 greatest dunk contest participants of all time (in any order) - lavine, vcarter, gordon, richardson, jordan. I know wilkins is not on my list because his dunks is all about power, no creativity, no hangtime just pure power. Special mention is howard, jones jr., spudd, robinson, dr.j, i forgot the other dunkers but yoi can add it here.
D B 18 days ago
Yea Dwayne we got questions for you to 🌈....
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 18 days ago
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Iris Dunn
Iris Dunn 18 days ago
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Khalid Dualeh
Khalid Dualeh 18 days ago
lowkey rock with 50
Andrew Ibrahim
Andrew Ibrahim 18 days ago
Y’all already know why’s he wearing that 50😏
King Reem17
King Reem17 18 days ago
Korver a nice addition to the show
ary Wilkerson
ary Wilkerson 18 days ago
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Brad Modd
Brad Modd 18 days ago
Aaron looks like Shaggy from the Scooby Doo movie
Liam McArdle
Liam McArdle 18 days ago
I would not be upset if the Nuggets win the championship.
So Aaron asked for his trade? Shocking considering I’ve been a Aaron Gordon Magic fan days lol but whatever it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️ and why the hell was his using the number 50 such a big deal and making headlines? It’s just a number guys lol you heard him here clearly. He’s using the 50 number from his slam dunk days he’s finna troll yo ass and go to next years slam dunk contest and win it 😈
ScarLIT- DAB345T
ScarLIT- DAB345T 18 days ago
IDC Arron Gordon lost every dunk contest fairly, he did good dunks but he’s repetitive and is over rated
noah gates
noah gates 18 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like 2k
Uriel Avraham
Uriel Avraham 18 days ago
oh ok
oh ok 18 days ago
AG face said it all 😂 "wassup with the 9 bro"
christian pandes
christian pandes 18 days ago
He really picked 50 for all the times the judges screwed him in the dunk contest
John Small
John Small 18 days ago
Georgia good job no I'd no vote
John Small
John Small 18 days ago
Boycott mlb NBA and coke
Yosef Halawani
Yosef Halawani 18 days ago
Homie missed the dunk like 4 times and ya want a 10/10 smh
John Ta
John Ta 18 days ago
So where is ernie, charles and the regular crew? Is it because charles says all the wrong things about players? He was so entertaining though.
Betty Murphy Grumpus
Role player? Papa shaqaroni
Rush Muzik
Rush Muzik 18 days ago
Hahahahaha. Petty much????
smooveanime 18 days ago
Uhhhhhh. I give it a 9
Connor Cristy
Connor Cristy 18 days ago
Ashton Winters
Ashton Winters 18 days ago
9/10 interview 9/10 Should’ve got a 10/10
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 18 days ago
He was happy till Shaq said he was a role player 🤣😂
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq 18 days ago
Happy are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness-they shall be filled.
Pres. John F. Kennedy
Now we need Chuck to interview a woman from San Antonio
Morvicks 18 days ago
I think he should wear 49
Kerrilla Boykins
Kerrilla Boykins 18 days ago
"I got the most 50s ever in a dunk contest" Dwayne Wade: am I a joke to you?
Bruce Lee Roy
Bruce Lee Roy 18 days ago
Only reason shaq gets so much play is because he showed his masters he’s willing to sellout when called upon.
CheckTheGamer 46
CheckTheGamer 46 19 days ago
Gordon you lost jeez get over it
nick dailey
nick dailey 19 days ago
Big ups to aaron Gordon because I would not have been able to go through that interview with as much poise. Goddamn wade and Shaq need to chill
Kyle Casey
Kyle Casey 19 days ago
Dwade sounded mad asf lol
daproblem 19 days ago
Such a humble dude wish him the best
Danny Luxray
Danny Luxray 19 days ago
Kyle Korver wtf wasn't expecting him 😅
Jaro Escabar
Jaro Escabar 19 days ago
I’m weak at shaq bra 🤣🤣🤣🤣
T Chu
T Chu 19 days ago
Dunk contest dont deserve AG.
f youtubecensorship
the fact that he's still crying over that stupid dunk contest has really turned me off to him
boi wonda
boi wonda 19 days ago
Why it feel like he just got out of jail. Glad he's out of Orlando so he can finally get his respect outside of dunk contest.
Abraham Goswami
Abraham Goswami 19 days ago
This man won’t get out of the past and move on
David Lopez
David Lopez 19 days ago
Dwade is the most overrated player ever
REACT by L 19 days ago
Dwyane Wade seems like an OK guy. But when he gets a dumb ass idea he fucking runs with it. He ruined NBA history, he ruined probably Aaron Gordon getting a few more millions of dollars. All to help his scrub ass teammate win with his generic ass dunks
Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips 19 days ago
Got the most 50s ever in the dunk contest but still ain't won one that's insane
Umel Zulueta
Umel Zulueta 19 days ago
Wade: U shouldn't wear 50
Josh Loonsfoot
Josh Loonsfoot 19 days ago
They cut it before shaq hits dwade with the zinger.
CloudyB MT
CloudyB MT 19 days ago
D Wade instigating like he don't know why Aaron is wearing that number lmao he just needed confirmation asking him about it. Weak move D Wade.
Borj Red TV
Borj Red TV 19 days ago
Denver is a competitor.
Hashir Farid
Hashir Farid 19 days ago
he took it personally
Awgust Rush
Awgust Rush 19 days ago
Somebody said D Gayde 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
NESiAN 19 days ago
IGN: 9/10 “to much dunking in dunk contest”
LaBoris Frinks Jr
LaBoris Frinks Jr 19 days ago
It would be nice to see Aaron focus on rebounding and defense due to his athleticism. I can’t see Jokic being a dependable rebounder year round while he’s running offensive plays.
El_Joshu 19 days ago
What DWade wanted to answer: well you should be wearing 48 cuz that wasn’t a 50 in my eyes
Matthew San
Matthew San 19 days ago
Dwade wasn't the only one who have him a 9😂
Teddy Goodman
Teddy Goodman 19 days ago
I (company) SPY on the 5🤏🏼- “9/10” -T
Julio Maldonado
Julio Maldonado 19 days ago
Dwayne Wade: "You should have gone with the number 49..." Aaron Gordon: -_-
Nick Scheidt
Nick Scheidt 19 days ago
Jesus loves you .
Rema Sauers Hechinger
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Big Dawggg Bachi
Big Dawggg Bachi 19 days ago
I don’t know what to do with my hands...
GOD'S PLAN 19 days ago
they made a mistake letting beasley go instead of morris. beasley 10x better than MM
Mark H.
Mark H. 19 days ago
50 is for that fityyyyy he should h’v got in dunk contest in Toronto
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 19 days ago
i like the jersey # tbh, you gotta have a CHIP on your shoulder
Frxgerr 19 days ago
Am i the only one that heard "Karen Gordon" at 0:43
Cheryl Whyte
Cheryl Whyte 19 days ago
Aaron and Wade need to throw hands or set up some sort of boxing match for the culture 👏🏾
Jasave Simmons
Jasave Simmons 19 days ago
Dwade knew LeBron changed to #6 because #23 was retired in Miami and #00 is retired in Boston so that may be the answer Dwade was trying to get from him and Gordon was prepared with an answer for it so maybe Dwade wonders if there was a pending deal with the Celtics and Magic that didn't work out
lebron james
lebron james 19 days ago
thaats petty😂
billybrooks1 19 days ago
D Wade is a punk
D R 19 days ago
Why the hell those shaq talk so dang soft and very lazy.
Michael Tang
Michael Tang 19 days ago
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TÔI LÀ CĐ 19 days ago
The whole world knew AG got robbed twice!
Tiyale Whitehurst
Tiyale Whitehurst 19 days ago
"I'm wearing 50 cause I got snubbed by a certain somebody and I still dnt kno y" he should of said that lol
YodazFuz zzyBallz
YodazFuz zzyBallz 19 days ago
What yall dont understand is that this looks premeditaded and so funny from bith of them.... IM DeAD😂😂