Aaron Gordon Talks About His Nuggets Debut, Postgame Interview - Hawks vs Nuggets | March 28, 2021 

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Atlanta Hawks vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights | March 28, 2021 | NBA Season
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Mar 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Filip Filip
Filip Filip 12 days ago
LaVine and JaVale to Nuggets!
Make Him Obsessed With You
i think millsap will be out soon
CMort 23 days ago
He immediately went to the back and blew a bag
091696g 23 days ago
AG might not have a dunk trophy but this move might be his greatest move ever. this team is slowly turning into the westbrook/kd okc.
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan 23 days ago
them denver threads looks natural. no homo
MrMahazestar 23 days ago
Let it go bro 😂 you lost. Thrice. 😂
bubblon2 24 days ago
Let’s goooooo nugs!!!
Optimus Triticum
Optimus Triticum 24 days ago
He has a very good attitude
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 24 days ago
Happy A A Ron got his wishes granted; to be on a contending team
Zacharias Thomasson
Why does Aarons voice sound like it´s out of 2K MyPlayer mode?
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 24 days ago
Clippers defeat them in 6
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 24 days ago
Aaron Gordon looks high as hell 🤣
Stogie Barz
Stogie Barz 24 days ago
Happy he got to leave orlando
LAlo_ v77
LAlo_ v77 24 days ago
Gordon coughing and wheezing when he touched down in Denver 🤨 interesting
C Blay
C Blay 24 days ago
Dude is about to help us get over that hump finally!
C Blay
C Blay 23 days ago
@Joel G. for sure!
Joel G.
Joel G. 23 days ago
@C Blay Yes, they did an absolute great job. Even though embiid wasn't playing it still showed our potential. Sixers are still a great team even without Joel.
C Blay
C Blay 23 days ago
@Joel G. They passed that test with flying colors. granted Joel didn't play, the squad looked great.
Joel G.
Joel G. 24 days ago
Yup, he's exactly what we needed! We're gonna be scary now. N u can tell hes happy here too! Cant wait til tomorrow for the sixers contest.
Roger Dat McDuffie
Roger Dat McDuffie 24 days ago
Nuggets n Suns gonna be very interesting to watch in the playoffs
Mohamad Keirout
Mohamad Keirout 24 days ago
lol got u
Mohamad Keirout
Mohamad Keirout 24 days ago
lol 17 min bro
Trainer Josh
Trainer Josh 24 days ago
Aaron Gordon seems like a real life my career player
Mr.steal yourgirl
Mr.steal yourgirl 24 days ago
Nuggets tight
Ricky Fontaine
Ricky Fontaine 24 days ago
My guy still look like a college player🤣🤣🤣💪🏾
jasjx jdsnfs
jasjx jdsnfs 24 days ago
The long lily pivotally peck because chronometer definitely heap about a lying zoo. violent, calculating mitten
Chris R
Chris R 25 days ago
Cry baby
Captain Keyes
Captain Keyes 25 days ago
That echo is fuckin annoying
Tj England
Tj England 25 days ago
Aaron Gordon is the best representation of a 2k voice
Daniel Blan
Daniel Blan 25 days ago
Jamal, MPJ, Jokic, Aaron gordon, Bol bol 😳. That's a killer starting five
LeFraud James
LeFraud James 25 days ago
Bol and Zeke are going get a world class education this year and they are going help the Denver Bigs because they are not slouches they going go up against at practice, both Zeke and Bol can ball but Denver front court is best in NBA hands down. Jokic MPJumper AG Millsap Green McGee Nasty front court
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov 25 days ago
Pray that this teams whoops the Lakers and Clippers.
Donecia Isaac
Donecia Isaac 25 days ago
When you've had your own parent already stuff can't hurt you. You got a next.
Vladimir Klizschko
Vladimir Klizschko 25 days ago
Denver Got one. For real
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 25 days ago
Great kid and great trade... He still was robbed of the Dunk trophy as well!
Cory Addison
Cory Addison 25 days ago
I’m not gonna hold my bias ness I am a magic fan But I will be secretly rooting for the nuggets and the bulls this year The Celtics not too much lol
SiriuxST 25 days ago
He look very happy 😊
igi pop
igi pop 25 days ago
omg that serbian team mentality great coach great staff no drama enviroment..i think more players who want to play basketball will look towards Denver..not big market but they try to do it right way..wierd thing in money glory fame driven NBA
plxstic 25 days ago
Must be fun playing with Jokic he knows how to get ANYONE points
Narokx 25 days ago
He just changed the whole playoff picture. Happy fo dude
Big Ounce
Big Ounce 25 days ago
Dude so ugly
Aaron Presley
Aaron Presley 25 days ago
I’m enjoying this trade and bc AG looks sincerely happy
Lemini VFX
Lemini VFX 25 days ago
Aaron Gordan is loving the fact he can smoke legally now, that's why he left Orlando lets be real now. 😂
Treb Espinosa
Treb Espinosa 25 days ago
his Jersy # 50 tells us about his 2 DUNK CONTEST saying that those bias judges should scored 50 in his final dunks against Zach L and D.Jones Jr..😂😂😂😂
thoes dielen
thoes dielen 25 days ago
Denver is like miami in the west nobody wants to face them in the playoffs!
Jonathan Fang
Jonathan Fang 25 days ago
“Jokic’s IQ is through the roof” - Nikola Vucevic is punching the air in Chicago
Giovanni Fosella
Giovanni Fosella 22 days ago
@Qaranthir same with Greece!
Qaranthir 22 days ago
@Giovanni Fosella Una Faccia, Una Razza Brother! Love Italy and always will.
William Geary
William Geary 23 days ago
@Kiyan Pocket how? Dennis harrel ad bron kuz and Andre? Thats like 2 times as good as last year
Giovanni Fosella
Giovanni Fosella 23 days ago
@Qaranthir well said brother. Una faccia, una razza
Billboe Bagginns
Billboe Bagginns 24 days ago
@Kiyan Pocket my bad, I was comparing them at full health, but you’re definitely right, how lebron and AD come back from their injuries is going to have a huge impact on their playoff run
Farz Salehian
Farz Salehian 25 days ago
mans gonna return in the 2022 dunk contest after practicing over bol bol
K K 25 days ago
Losing Grant was big. Gordon isn't as good of a defender as Grant.
Kill54bunnies 24 days ago
OK casual 🤦‍♂️
Nenad Vasic
Nenad Vasic 25 days ago
Bolji je
Robert Mckeon
Robert Mckeon 25 days ago
Love AG coming to the nuggets! Fans are psyched in Breckinridge Colorado!!!!
Rynitoh 25 days ago
i love this trade bro, exciting team
ForeverImmortal 77
ForeverImmortal 77 25 days ago
Don’t look now, but Denver might mess around and beat LA in a 7-game series
Kevin 25 days ago
I'm calling nuggets to win it all
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 25 days ago
Clippers better avoid facing Denver again... At all costs! 😱
Soundtallica in Chains
AG's gonna give Kovid Klaw and Pandemic P a hard time! His wing defense is a big pickup for the Nuggets.
James Medina
James Medina 25 days ago
Such a great guy ♥️ 🏀 welcome home ✝️
Jordan Magley
Jordan Magley 25 days ago
Im so pumped! Lets go AG and NUGGETS
Lleyton Allen RARA
Lleyton Allen RARA 25 days ago
9/10 "Here we go Again"
cory prange
cory prange 25 days ago
Good for Aaron Gordon and the nuggets. I've wanted him to play for a more competitive team and really see if his game elevates.
Tiffany Lockett
Tiffany Lockett 25 days ago
😁 Ear-to-Ear.
NOCAP BILL 25 days ago
Welcome to Denver Aaron Gordon
Terry Hesticles
Terry Hesticles 25 days ago
Cleveland should've aggressively pursued this dude. It's not like they don't have the cap space....
Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov 25 days ago
He wanted to play for a winner right now.
What The
What The 25 days ago
If you wana grab a pic with Aaron just hangout at the dispensaries. He’ll show up eventually.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 25 days ago
No cap lol
What The
What The 25 days ago
Weed is recreational in Denver. I know Aaron is loving that. 🥴
Grey Fox
Grey Fox 25 days ago
still sad about Gery Harris, but he is a great addition
Kill54bunnies 24 days ago
Screw Gary Harris, the nuggets need a true 4th option.
Reynard Joseph
Reynard Joseph 25 days ago
Dude sounds like Nba 2k Che
Srg Da god
Srg Da god 25 days ago
I expect his fg% to sky rocket, he’s a 44 percent shooter but in Denver he’s gonna get so many dunks and open 3’s
BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever 25 days ago
I can listen to him talk for hours and I wouldn’t mind it... Such a smart and humble dude💯🙏
Ace Eys
Ace Eys 25 days ago
I want to see clippers vs nuggets in first round.
J.S.GFLY28 -28
J.S.GFLY28 -28 25 days ago
Number 50 makes him look washed
Marko Juvan
Marko Juvan 25 days ago
Willing to do whatever it takes to win plus he has a skillset that suits this team perfectly. Great trade by the Nuggets.
awesomeness122 25 days ago
Aaron Gordon look like he got plugged by tegridy farms
FunkyJosiah 25 days ago
Denver’s going to be scary in the future , Murray , MPJ rising , Jokic , Gordon
Bobby Lowe
Bobby Lowe 25 days ago
This dude got robbed twice at the dunk contest. Way underrated. Really good player who was overlooked in Orlando.
Grease Monkey Jedi
Grease Monkey Jedi 25 days ago
Nobody squanders talent like orlando... good for him to get a chance with a contender.
mikelew415 25 days ago
Bay Areas Finest 🔥🤘🏽✅💪🏽💯
Bryan Abalona
Bryan Abalona 25 days ago
gordon is going to play well around jokic.
Ali Toroganan
Ali Toroganan 24 days ago
only if he can knock down those jumpers
UNA SIB 25 days ago
you know yunu
you know yunu 25 days ago
i would die if i had to do an interview and everything you say echos around the whole arena
matthew padilla
matthew padilla 25 days ago
This team is FUN to watch
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs 25 days ago
Utah Jazz Need To Pick Up Another Big for the Playoffs Time Because Lakers, Nets, and Denver just gotten tough sheeesh
B Garcia
B Garcia 24 days ago
Denver in 7
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs 25 days ago
@Moises Ryan Aquino Rudy is great, favors is good but slow, we need another big who can match other big strengths
Moises Ryan Aquino
Moises Ryan Aquino 25 days ago
I think they dont need it that much they can compete with this lineup for a title
Marsuan Carree
Marsuan Carree 25 days ago
Nets in 6
ninjedi 25 days ago
they not beating the nets
wow85 25 days ago
@cyberslash11 nah they gonna get the son the father and the holy ghost to fill three roster spots
cyberslash11 25 days ago
Look out the Nets will sign Jesus next
Spurs TiliDie
Spurs TiliDie 25 days ago
The Nets not coming out the East lol
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 25 days ago
What a respectful young man! GOOD LUCK!
Jordan Prescott
Jordan Prescott 25 days ago
Why does Aaron Gordon sound like Jr
Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris 25 days ago
Tobias Harris>>>
Michael Porter Jr.
Michael Porter Jr. 25 days ago
P_C_ 7
P_C_ 7 25 days ago
If he thrived with vucevic then he will do even better wit jokic bcuz jokic is 3x better than vucevic
Cory Addison
Cory Addison 25 days ago
@Dunning Kruger LMAAOOO
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger 25 days ago
Your math is reckless, but I like it.
nba_highlights 10
nba_highlights 10 25 days ago
That’s crazy wolves in 4
Mike Alexander
Mike Alexander 25 days ago
Denver looking SCARY, no cap 😳
tyree nice
tyree nice 23 days ago
@Porter Hopson yeah
Porter Hopson
Porter Hopson 23 days ago
@tyree nice do you think they can beat the 76ers tonight
tyree nice
tyree nice 24 days ago
@Porter Hopson Yeah
Porter Hopson
Porter Hopson 24 days ago
My nuggets are doing very good
tyree nice
tyree nice 25 days ago
@Error-192837465 _________________ Shut up that team ass
Tom Cordova
Tom Cordova 25 days ago
AG, Jockic, MPJ, Murry, Barton great starting 5. Nuggets are deep. Javel will add needed defense on bigs. This is strong Den team. Exciting times ahead!
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 25 days ago
He said the right thing!!! If your shots are not falling impact the game on the Defensive End. Much Respect, All those who play Basketball 🏀 know this is a Diamond in the Ruff. Good Addition to the Denver Nuggets. From a Basketball Fan 💯💯💯 and a Street Baller...From Da Bronx, New York 2021
Bobby Van
Bobby Van 24 days ago
That’s my game too. If I ain’t scoring my goal is to lock down on our opponents best scorer! Lock down D . Rebounds steals blocks lol
Ur Fine
Ur Fine 25 days ago
Respect big dawg 💯💪
Elijah Chosson
Elijah Chosson 25 days ago
Damn you representing rn
marri's world
marri's world 25 days ago
His number is nasty ash
Anonymous 25 days ago
His number is 50?? Should be a 9
Mark Valdez
Mark Valdez 23 days ago
@MikeFraud Rings salty magic fan????
What The
What The 25 days ago
Should be 420.
Freddy longbow
Freddy longbow 25 days ago
@MikeFraud Rings you couldn't even jump a foot off the ground. And we all know your lady would leave you for mr.50 you bum
T 25 days ago
@RHERN 206 captain obvious over here
RHERN 206 25 days ago
@Rorschachs Back hes saying 9 because of Dwayne wade dummy ._.
Kj Jr
Kj Jr 25 days ago
Crazy both LaVine and Gordon good and aren't just dunkers
Chili Oil
Chili Oil 25 days ago
@ssj4goku18825theepic yeah no disrespect towards him or whatever tho he been scoring more esp when steph's out
@Chili Oil wiggins playing all nba defence this time
Olu Opeyemi
Olu Opeyemi 25 days ago
Same thing happened with Vince carter. They just get pinned as "dunkers" when they literally have a whole bag of other tricks lmao
Chili Oil
Chili Oil 25 days ago
fax id take them over wiggins (the projected next kobe🤣) any day of the week. no disrespect to wiggins tho expectations were just rly high for him but he’s a good role player tho
Kobe Wan Kenobi
Kobe Wan Kenobi 25 days ago
*So, Aaron, how’s it feel being on a playoff contending team?*
Ride_Or_Die 25 days ago
@Lucas Nogueira ah looks like ag didn't play one year tho
Lucas Nogueira
Lucas Nogueira 25 days ago
@Ride_Or_Die twice dude in the last 2 years got eliminated by the raptors and by the bucks I think it was 4x1 both times
MrStealUrBasket 25 days ago
@Ride_Or_Die twice, 7th seed in 2018-19 and 8th last years 2019-20
Ride_Or_Die 25 days ago
@Lucas Nogueira only once has he made the playoffs...
Pretty sure my guy meant how’s it feel to play on a championship contending team
Jelani Wood
Jelani Wood 25 days ago
Word, been saying for years somebody should rescue this guy from Orlando. He's been underrated forever and desreves a shot at a Ring.
ササミヤ 25 days ago
@Error-192837465 _________________ L
ササミヤ 25 days ago
@Fred Rijos L
Fred Rijos
Fred Rijos 25 days ago
@Ezekiel Prometheus who said he wasn’t a good defender? Im just saying he was in a trash team.
Fred Rijos
Fred Rijos 25 days ago
@Ezekiel Prometheus who said he wasn’t a good defender? Im just saying he was in a trash team.
Ezekiel Prometheus
Ezekiel Prometheus 25 days ago
@Fred Rijos a bunch of teams wanted him and the nuggets gave a lot for him and it’s not like he was in a trash team but sure whatever you say...if you watched his debut you’d se his immediate impact on defense.
Xerath 25 days ago
This team lookin scary no cap
Richard The
Richard The 25 days ago
AG taking mile high city to another level😂
Young GOONS 25 days ago
Ong they got him right when he flew in
Ebran Ragman
Ebran Ragman 25 days ago
Joker and Gordon watch out for them In 2 years
s_tool 25 days ago
The next 2 years bruh if we don't win it all this year its next year
Lmao more like 2 months bro
DREW MILLER 25 days ago
Need to watch out for them right now. They could legit win the west...
RealerThanReal 25 days ago
Denver the team of light skins
Chase Richter
Chase Richter 23 days ago
@Uncle J lmao yin and yang
Uncle J
Uncle J 23 days ago
@Javien Elmore Bol Bol cancels out jokic
Nickolas Gaspar
Nickolas Gaspar 24 days ago
@fiko hugh yes, it's a useless remark by scorpionking.
fiko hugh
fiko hugh 24 days ago
@RealerThanReal that doesn’t validate anything tho. 😂
RealerThanReal 24 days ago
@fiko hugh I am a light skin
ha ha
ha ha 25 days ago
AG looks very happy inside
MrExcessum 24 days ago
He is a good kid, you can tell he lives and breathes basketball. Those type of people are genetic freaks, natural born winners. They will never be happy if they are not in a winning team. He found the greatest team possible for his qualities as a player. A smart, selfless, winning team, with almost unlimited potential. If the core4 stays together for at least 2 years, and healthy, I dont see one reason, and team that can stop them from getting a NBA title.
Guard_ Me
Guard_ Me 25 days ago
Ant No cap
Ant No cap 25 days ago
plxstic 25 days ago
happy for him
Aj Sanders
Aj Sanders 25 days ago
You must got X-ray glasses
Kelvin Cepeda
Kelvin Cepeda 25 days ago
My boy Aaron Judge balling, had a grand slam 😂 Yes I laughed at my own joke
ThreePointCrypto 25 days ago
Kelvin Cepeda
Kelvin Cepeda 25 days ago
@DnD Zyy yup
DnD Zyy
DnD Zyy 25 days ago
that was a joke?
Michael Porter Jr.
Michael Porter Jr. 25 days ago
yoooo I can see that
Kelvin Cepeda
Kelvin Cepeda 25 days ago
Michael Porter Jr.
Michael Porter Jr. 25 days ago
That’s my light skin brother💯😤
really haterz
really haterz 25 days ago
Daniel Pinon
Daniel Pinon 25 days ago
He definitely be looking like he’s a mile high 😂
Yung J
Yung J 25 days ago
Don’t be surprised if the Nuggets come out the West they look good good now👀
really haterz
really haterz 25 days ago
@RaiXVortex nuggets are beating the lakers in the playoffs this year
really haterz
really haterz 25 days ago
@Scratch Me Utah fan I bet
RaiXVortex 25 days ago
yall just forgetting about the lakers huh lmao
Scratch Me
Scratch Me 25 days ago
@really haterz lmao 🤡
really haterz
really haterz 25 days ago
@Braden Smith we’ll see lmao. Utah been out the first round once in 3 years 🤣don’t forget the 3-1
DEEBUCKZ23 25 days ago
What The
What The 25 days ago
AG420 especially now.
Elijah M
Elijah M 25 days ago
SUPER excited to have him here 🤩
Apple Juice
Apple Juice 25 days ago
Not first.
Alabaster Pringles
Alabaster Pringles 25 days ago
In the thumbnail Aaron Gordon looking like he already off that Colorado Green 😂😂
William Geary
William Geary 23 days ago
Yo starting to look like beasily
Mark Valdez
Mark Valdez 23 days ago
@John Doe hell yeah, that's right
Mark Valdez
Mark Valdez 23 days ago
@theory izer we some the best up here!!!
Cory Addison
Cory Addison 25 days ago
Jim bob Fisher
Jim bob Fisher 25 days ago
@Black Mamba they aren’t testing for it anymore.
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