Are The Denver Nuggets Legit Contenders? | Through The Wire Podcast 

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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
MK3504 14 days ago
Congratulations but honestly, I don't see it. I guess this commentary is just not for me
Leboban Jokic
Leboban Jokic 15 days ago
The end of this show is funny as hell
ZuffyG 15 days ago
P them be going back and forth while Kenny just be smilin 🤣🤣
Cyrus Landingin
Cyrus Landingin 15 days ago
Derick has the most contagious laugh
Tristin K
Tristin K 15 days ago
Stay not talking about the hawks ☹️
Gianni Frangella
Gianni Frangella 16 days ago
Your argument for why Portland would beat Denver is they beat them 2 years ago? You don’t think Denver has improved since????
InfiniteCaliber 16 days ago
5-0 since the trade, 69 +/-. Nice
Jlobz_8 9 days ago
2 game losing streak and now without jamal. big ooof my guy 🤣🤣
Nethan Crew - OA
Nethan Crew - OA 16 days ago
Mike be talking like lavar ball ong
Dude Bruh
Dude Bruh 16 days ago
We late for Tuesday
MasenkOG 16 days ago
Mike bout to cry in the car lol
mrcorleone4 16 days ago
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas 16 days ago
@18:49 look at Kenny....he looked scared asf 😨😳🤣🤣🤣😂😂
buckets 2344
buckets 2344 16 days ago
Anyone else come back here wondering where tf the new episode is
Windie Boy
Windie Boy 16 days ago
"Celtics didn't make any moves" *Sad Evan Fournier noises*
Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson 16 days ago
bro wtf where is the pod
slimey 16 days ago
on they twitter account they said the pod dropping tomorrow cause of issues with they internet. xfinity fucked them over
Jacob Dowler
Jacob Dowler 16 days ago
factss i b waiting
Krrish Arora
Krrish Arora 17 days ago
Thanks for the shoutout Mike, you still think you and Dmills could beat P and Kenny in a 2v2? Y’all were talking crazy in one of P’s old videos
Adnan Said
Adnan Said 17 days ago
"In my mind we're all still in highschool for some reason" Facts
Braden Pierce
Braden Pierce 17 days ago
Dame has been better than kyrie for like 5 years bro 💀
Darius Lynard
Darius Lynard 17 days ago
Watching Derrick get killed for his multiple team fandom is a different type of comedy
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 17 days ago
just wanna show love to one of the best pods out right now big things for ttw comin soon😈❤️
Gregorio Leon
Gregorio Leon 17 days ago
6’10 would make a crazy pitcher. High ass release angle.
Femi Oye
Femi Oye 17 days ago
The lamentable stage suggestively carry because laborer inexplicably injure regarding a remarkable market. judicious, neat polish
KnightIs Hench
KnightIs Hench 17 days ago
I love how Mike doubles down when he knows he is straight up wrong
Aww Sin
Aww Sin 17 days ago
Why are some episodes only on US-first I can’t find this on Apple or Spotify:(
Linken Henson
Linken Henson 17 days ago
😂 listening to them talk about whos besr at what with hoops and i swear i could beat all of them 1v1 😂 i dont mean no disrespect tho all love 😂❤
Erik Taiga Hoeft
Erik Taiga Hoeft 17 days ago
How many Ish Smith teams can you name?
PorOrgJackson 17 days ago
Dmills stop. Your not takin the blazers over the nuggets when Terry Stotts as the coach. P, Two years ago the nuggets didn't have AG or MPJ, but the blazers didnt have Roco and Norm... I think there is an argument for both sides, but terry will get out coached by malone in the end.
QJ Smith
QJ Smith 17 days ago
Is Jalen Suggs creeping up on Cade Cunningham for the number one pick?
Y’all need to play king of the court. Then mike Vs Pierre. It’s getting hot outside in Chicago.y’all can hoop at an outside court
Reese Adkins
Reese Adkins 18 days ago
It’s crazy y’all went from a dark ass room in one of y’all’s house first episode talking about Vegas odds to one of the top nba pods salute to the grind
Kevin Dixon
Kevin Dixon 18 days ago
So wait, why wasn’t dame better than kyrie 4-5 years ago??
Xavious 18 days ago
Yo mike i got a question: If you could change one trade from this season which trade would you change and why? I’d have houston trade harden to philly for the ben simmons package bc that’s a better return for houston and keeps parity in the league instead of a nets super team (plus harden and embid are both having mvp seasons rn👀)
cooper rickard
cooper rickard 18 days ago
Been watching the pod for about 2 years now. Its awesome to see how far you guys have come and continue to grow. This podcast is so amazing because all four of your personalities are worked into it, Thank you for helping me grow my knowledge of basketball and culture.... Cant wait to see what the future holds for you boys
Erik morales
Erik morales 18 days ago
I wanna verse mike in a 1v1 so bad bc it’s the closest I’d ever be to verse a 90’s Jordan in my life
Kev Thimotee
Kev Thimotee 18 days ago
Who would yall rather have now: Myles Turner & Doug McDermott or Robert Williams & Evan Fournier?
Langs10 18 days ago
Throyghhh the wireeee
Brian Pangelinan
Brian Pangelinan 18 days ago
Mike and Darrick always tryna go at it 😂
B 18 days ago
Kenny doing that video with Kenny Beecham tryna score 100,000 points had the comments flooded with people talking about him having a kid. Now this pod we have him saying he’ll probably have a kid in 2 years. Kenny, you gotta name him either Kenny Beecham Jr, or at least have one of the legendary KOT4Q player names (part of one of their names) as a middle name or something lol.
TVN Sports
TVN Sports 18 days ago
Would love Through The Wire Merch ngl
DJ Hamilton
DJ Hamilton 18 days ago
Y'all the goats of podcast man, you guys inspire me fr fr
Rylan Miller
Rylan Miller 18 days ago
Tell P that Jalen Green will be the best player in the league in a matter of years. He’s the best player in this draft and has that IT factor
Bleed Green
Bleed Green 18 days ago
HOH can we get this on Spotify?
Fike M
Fike M 18 days ago
Just want to shout to the homie KB! Bulls pulled the dub over Nets!!!!! Lets go!!!!!
Polo Tulu
Polo Tulu 18 days ago
Mike funny as hell 🤣🤣
Polo Tulu
Polo Tulu 18 days ago
"So I dont be hoopin i just be ass out there" ~ Mike 🤣🤣🤣
Cooler’s Spaceship
“You wasn’t bad, but you wasn’t muthafuckin’ Kobe” -P
Cooler’s Spaceship
Bro Mike said he 3rd all time 3-pointers made at YMCA, dawg I’m crying 😭😭😭
Fish stick Killa
Fish stick Killa 17 days ago
Cooler’s Spaceship
Mike cappin hard at the end of the episode lol 😂😂 but i feel him because one of my friends play just like him
Austin Davis
Austin Davis 18 days ago
Mike really said y’all wasn’t with me at xsport 😂
Marley ColdBurr
Marley ColdBurr 18 days ago
The Utah Jazz are that 60+ win Hawks team from a few years ago. I think they are good but they when playoffs come they will probably be out in the 2nd round maybe WCF depending on seeding and matchups.
tickle shyts
tickle shyts 18 days ago
No more ifs for the nuggets. Reality is Mureay is better Jokic is better Porter is better. And the acquistion of Gordon. Only problem i see for the Nuggets mainly Jokic is the lack of foul calls by the punk ass refs
Isaac Arroyo
Isaac Arroyo 18 days ago
Mike died on that hill at the end 😂😂😂
Moses A
Moses A 18 days ago
no doubt see you guys being up there with the tnt show in 5-10 years, you guys just different lmao
Troy Williams
Troy Williams 18 days ago
09-10 Orlando was something serious too, Vince carter, Howard,rashard Lewis, Matt Barnes, jameer Nelson , jj redick,gortat,
Smittytheking1218 18 days ago
5-10 years these guys finna run a podcast network
Jordan Varian
Jordan Varian 18 days ago
mike be arguing just to argue lmao
Brett Fetro
Brett Fetro 18 days ago
That talk about y’all becoming fathers made me feel some type of way y’all are so cool
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor 18 days ago
Stg everyone at 57:56 either grabbed their phone for a call or jumped in the air thinking it was time to get up for school 😂
Caleb Barden
Caleb Barden 19 days ago
I need a Celtics fan on this pod
HahaLesbians 19 days ago
There is not a team in the West that can beat the Nuggets. They talk about the Suns exploiting Nuggets in the pick n roll, but that's what's been making the Nuggets so good, Jokic will never follow Ayton to the top of the key, Gordon will just switch to Ayton and Jokic will just float on Bridges. And I feel like Pierre slept on Jamal. Dude had 12 straight games this year with 22+ pts. And everyone is sleeping on MPJ. Dude is a second year player and just watch him play the game. I don't need to say more. Just go watch any full replay from the past month and a half and watch Mike the whole time. You'll see.
Prince_Twon9 19 days ago
Dame is not better than kyrie. There is a way to take dame out of a game if you trap him like the warriors were doin. I never see kyrie get tooking out cause of a trap
Pasquese NBA
Pasquese NBA 19 days ago
P can guarantee that he's gonna have a child in 5 years, but would you put money on it? 😂😂
Danny boy
Danny boy 19 days ago
House of highlights need to put a business expense to vaccinate these boys
Dantae May
Dantae May 19 days ago
I never met Mike in my life and i KNOW it was some bullshit when he said “i try to find the best shot possible”😂😂 I KNOW i wasn’t the only one that thought that. 😂😂😂
😐 19 days ago
Jovan 19 days ago
The last 20 minutes or so was straight up comedy fellas
Damien Cheung
Damien Cheung 19 days ago
Seen y'all hoop, Pierre aint all that, give me Dmills all day
Fish stick Killa
Fish stick Killa 17 days ago
Mason Martinez
Mason Martinez 19 days ago
one day y’all gotta make an epidode on just other sports besides basketball. like what y’all know about the other main sports.
my name House
my name House 19 days ago
Shout out to Mike at like 10:50 😂
José Castro
José Castro 19 days ago
I seriously believe that if they had the freedom to do whatever they want in their channel they’d explode
b 19 days ago
Nuggets are good, but Aaron Gordon isn’t nearly as good a defender as Jerami Grant, they’re still worse defensively than last year. Gordon is a decent one on one defender, but they absolutely will not be able to guard anyone remotely fast like dame or cj. The only thing that would mean they would win a Portland matchup would be that Portland has the worse defence in the league
John Elway
John Elway 19 days ago
Nuggets are good haha that comment just started out stupid...name a better starting 5 that’s actually healthy
3 AM Premiere
3 AM Premiere 19 days ago
Hear me out. These guys as one ESPN team then LOW, BSolz, Dom2k and Agent 0 as the other team. That would be fire
Windy City Nation
Windy City Nation 19 days ago
Why can't they be in the celebrity game
Wolfof 19 days ago
KY Prod.
KY Prod. 19 days ago
they acting as if they cant get a daughter lmao
Abdo Awwad
Abdo Awwad 19 days ago
Why you hating on volleyball mike?🤨🤨
Andrewpruitt2k 19 days ago
😂😂 rondo gon be telling PG “ u the best guy on the team kawhi ok and all” 😂
Alfie haigh
Alfie haigh 19 days ago
The achilles with the nuggets is always gonna be jamal Murrays inconsistency. But the Gordon trade definitely helps them a lot and if Murray can be consistently good, then yeah they're contenders
D. Jay
D. Jay 19 days ago
Straight up yall dirty for not gettin pierre to 100k, i say every episode we remind the comment section
Extreme 19 days ago
How they gonna put shai in the thumbnail and not talk about him
NineSixTV 19 days ago
Mike you're Kobe in my eyes!
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 19 days ago
“LeMickey my ahh” 😅😅🤣🤣 had me 😷😷😂😂
D. Jay
D. Jay 19 days ago
On my momma when Derrick said that i almost cried, i hope no one takes the bag to leave the other three, this chemistry unmatched as far as this market, i cant watch another basket show bc ill pass out, these guys are inspiration to anyone with a dream that you can do it your way
Ernie Nicholas
Ernie Nicholas 19 days ago
Hedo played one season for the Spurs when he was 24, averaging 9.2. 5 seasons after that he averaged 15.8
Extreme 19 days ago
Who else clicked because Shai is on the thumbnail
Mamba Matt
Mamba Matt 19 days ago
Mike is unintentionally hilarious
Aarav Rawal
Aarav Rawal 19 days ago
ayeee im the one who asked about the most average player lol kenny said my name wrong but i fw him so it’s cool
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez 19 days ago
Pierre's go-to is just listing player's points game by game lol
Ty Hield
Ty Hield 19 days ago
Kenny braid make it look like he got a unibrow 😭
Dreamland Hammond
Dreamland Hammond 19 days ago
dinner with Jay Z 😂😂😂😂😂💀
Christian Diaz
Christian Diaz 19 days ago
can’t believe mike didn’t guess kcp for most average player smh
J. Wade
J. Wade 19 days ago
A random player I liked a lot as a kid was Peja Stojakovic. I loved watching that Kings team.
Shaba Clank
Shaba Clank 19 days ago
Kenny should definitely consider a career in broadcasting or TV. He has the professionalism and Smile for success.
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 19 days ago
Bro I don’t know who Tyler is but this like the 5th time I’ve heard about Mike wanting to guard him they make that man Tyler sound like a cardboard box on the court 😂
Shabbygreens 19 days ago
johnny juzang give bro all the credit man
Dylan Van Willegen
Dylan Van Willegen 19 days ago
ANDDD WEEE BACKKKK LETS GOOO THROUGH THW WIREEEEE so hyped keep up the good work boys love it and love the content yall put out every week.
zaycharlez 19 days ago
Everyone is gonna be eating they words when Jamal averaging 30-35 in the playoffs 🤣🤣🤣 Jamal elevates his game 5x once playoffs come, watch
Zaito Velazquez
Zaito Velazquez 19 days ago
Why does the podcast sometimes just not go on apple
David Peralta
David Peralta 19 days ago
33:03 "LeMickey my ass" 😭
Donovan Ponder
Donovan Ponder 19 days ago
How could a Mt Rushmore of the Knicks NOT include John Starks, Patrick Ewing, and Latrelle Sprewell???
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