Baylor Bears vs Gonzaga Bulldogs - Game Highlights - The Final | April 5, 2021 | NCAA March Madness 

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Baylor Bears vs Gonzaga Bulldogs - Game Highlights - The Final | April 5, 2021 | NCAA March Madness
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Apr 5, 2021




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J cherry
J cherry 7 days ago
basketball has become just a 3pt contest 👎🏼....i gutta go back and watch games from the 90s and early 00s to get my basketball fix.
Darrell Freeman
Darrell Freeman 8 days ago
A GREAT Team effort always win
Zeke Dhshdhf
Zeke Dhshdhf 13 days ago
My friend is a ganzaga fan and he said the refs were bad😂 they weren’t these refs were the best I’ve seen
Jack Samora
Jack Samora 14 days ago
Tom Brady felt that one
GeoD 14 days ago
"get the lingerie on the deck, call the janitor".. lmao.
Scott Worley
Scott Worley 14 days ago
Dean Smith and UNC couldn't win the big one it seemed. They were in the final four ( 20 times most all time ) and championship game every few years and finally won in 1982 then 93. It will come gonzaga especially with coach like Mark few.
Sten Debris
Sten Debris 14 days ago
missed an opportunity to make the vid 2:54 seconds long smh
Avery W
Avery W 14 days ago
Gonzaga always gets a lot of hype but at the end of the day they never get it done
Michael Sebourn
Michael Sebourn 14 days ago
arkansas fan im proud of you baylor
Ben Harris
Ben Harris 14 days ago
I wonder if those Baylor guys were on something....
Clint McPhee
Clint McPhee 15 days ago
Baylor cheated! They had 7 players on the floor almost the whole game! LMAO
Respect My Nerdz
Respect My Nerdz 15 days ago
Baylor whooped on Gonzaga Like a college vs a jv team Baylor balled
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 15 days ago
The sad thing is, the media is still in love and keep showing the UCLA Gonzaga game, and there's hardly any mention of the Baylor bears even winning. That's a damn shame, Baylor came in punched Gonzaga in the mouth and Gonzaga did absolutely nothing.
Stephen Atwater
Stephen Atwater 15 days ago
Baylor manhandled gonzaga
KENNETH TAYLOR 15 days ago
What happens when the prep school boys go up against the homies
Avion Murrell
Avion Murrell 15 days ago
i know this is off topic but look up this youtuber if yall like type beat and play this vidoe at the same time as you watch it the beat goes well with the video hahahahah its called (FREE) Tay Keith x Key Glock x Young Dolph Type Beat 2021 - "Double" | ft. Big Scarr x Bandplay and the youtuber name is Milly
Lil Home State Est. 2014
1:45 this one play alone proves that Baylor was going to destroy Gonzaga from start to finish Baylor was built like grown men about to enter the NBA Gonzaga was built like normal college basketball players in their first few years Gonzaga had the most overrated basketball hype of any basketball team ever enter the tournament somewhere RG3 is happy
Steve Katz
Steve Katz 16 days ago
This was the biggest let down of any Championship games ever in the History of this game. This was touted as the Dream Game of the Century but turned out to be one of the worst Championship game Ever! The one thing I do not regret is that I chose to NOT Watch this Game and for me it was not a waste of my time, having to listen to all those WOKE Commercials and a game that just dragged on with no excitement at all! WHAT a JOKE!
Marchia Velliano
Marchia Velliano 16 days ago
I followed NCAA for the first time in my life hoping NCAA is to be different but it is the same siht as NBA. UCLA got robbed the win by the 90 degree flop. Horrible officiating even to my eyes. Again the games are controlled. Just like NBA finals. Why are we even watching this sport?
Robert Blackston
Robert Blackston 16 days ago
Gonzaga will never win a National Championship in basketball, unless they switch to a Power 5 Conference! The level of competition they face in their current conference will never prepare them to be national champs, lol!
Donnie N
Donnie N 16 days ago
Karma is a bitch! That should have been UCLA at the finals but no, the refs had Zags in their bracket!
Avion Murrell
Avion Murrell 16 days ago
2:29 i play football but does anyboy here know how to do that move
Lil Home State Est. 2014
The tip drill
Avion Murrell
Avion Murrell 16 days ago
bro gonzaga was baylor's bitch in this game bro all i kept hearing was chak chak chal chak bruh 3 after three gawd dawmmm
James Specht
James Specht 16 days ago
Man Baylor was on fire
Squishy_Dounut 16 days ago
Might have been one of the worst celebrations at least at the beginning
ShutUpLige 16 days ago
so depressing what has become of college hoops. this plandemic has ruined a lot of good stuff. as long as you people support it as is it'll never get back to what it should be
Evolve816 16 days ago
The take away from this game is that Baylor is more poised (they take their time when setting shots and can read the defense better) and they have better confident shooters and some great guards. For the People saying that the ZAGS are trash and won't be back to the Final Four???? Ya'll been saying that for over a decade now and yet their program gets their team back there time and time again (you don't know basketball).
tee Grey
tee Grey 16 days ago
baylor brings new meaning to the phase shooting the lights out.those guys were awesome.
Dominic Meyer
Dominic Meyer 16 days ago
I’m not a Baylor fan but they defeated a VICIOUS Gonzaga team who was 1 game away from completing the first undefeated season in over 30 years. Congrats to the Baylor team for the victory
debsam77 16 days ago
The ZAGS just got handled.
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin
Baylor bullied them boys
StumpyComedyAct 16 days ago
Wakanda Forever!
Skyler aditya
Skyler aditya 16 days ago
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24Wasabii 16 days ago
At least they didn’t put “Jalen Suggs crying” in the title
Freddie Brock
Freddie Brock 16 days ago
Baylor wasn't playing no games
Reuben Alvear
Reuben Alvear 16 days ago
Hats off to the Baylor motherfrikkin' Bears!! Dang, what a team. I grew up 4 hours south of Waco, TX. Alas, for 30 years I've been an Arkansas Razorbacks fan ;-) My beloved Hogs gave it all they had in the Elite 8. Yet, Baylor was simply better. The Bears have great shot makers, excellent shot creators & tenacious d. Davion Mitchell's first step is so electric that it's unfair. Time and time again he won the 1-on-1 battles v ARK defenders that I could only marvel at DM and tip my cap. From what I can tell BAY coach Scott Drew appears to be a pretty deserving individual.
Ranaldo Thomas
Ranaldo Thomas 16 days ago
It was real hatred on some of those Baylor plays lol.. it was beef
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 16 days ago
Well Damn
Johnson Roberto
Johnson Roberto 16 days ago
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Magical Wolf
Magical Wolf 16 days ago
All my family Said Gonzaga would win but I disagree and I was right
Terry Dixon
Terry Dixon 16 days ago
My neice alma mater, the Baylor Bears congrats. Texas is in the house.
BrooklynEwms32 16 days ago
Sent Timmy's 🌽nee Weak ass home Crying 😭
Kevin Molsby
Kevin Molsby 16 days ago
Baylor basically beat the brakes off the entire Final Four. This was a dominant performance. They probably called UCLA and told them they can get this smoke too.
dixonmixin10 16 days ago
Gonzaga: 100 different 1 seeds 0 national titles
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez 16 days ago
Congratulations to Baylor from USC country. I'm not surprised they lost, I'm just surprised how they looked. I guess the Bruins showed how to play them and Baylor perfected it the formula.🏀
Chris nah
Chris nah 16 days ago
Baylor should have been undefeated going into this game. If it wasn't for their covid layoff.
Mr G
Mr G 16 days ago
Baylor is so overrated.
NBA SEASON 2016 16 days ago
Yabe Nathan
Yabe Nathan 17 days ago
From Gonzaga miracle to Gonzaga Maccacure
Dashawn Hewlett
Dashawn Hewlett 17 days ago
Peace and Positivity
Watch Earthlings documentary to see the suffering animals go through for meat, dairy, eggs. Think about the animals.
no name
no name 17 days ago
bad time to lose your first game of the season Zags. That's what you want in a final tho #1 vs #1 Congrats to both teams.
Matt Watters
Matt Watters 17 days ago
So tired of Gonzaga. Overrated because of a weak conference. They get 5 star recruits every year because they know they are automatically going to the tournament because of their weak conference. Put them in a real conference and its a whole other story.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 17 days ago
Loved seeing show off Timme get his pile hole shut
Cam C
Cam C 17 days ago
You know what Gonzaga deserve to be there. After watching the UCLA game I was convinced without a couple key blown calls by the ref and we would/should have seen UCLA vs Baylor. But they capitalized on opportunities and honestly thats what the game is about.
Nothmar Noriel
Nothmar Noriel 17 days ago
L .
Fred 17 days ago
did Baylor ever trail?
david wise
david wise 16 days ago
Never trailed.
Focused All Day
Focused All Day 17 days ago
Baylor is a physical team and they all look like dogs on defense. I'd hate to face them too haha
Ishmael 17 days ago
Man, this wasn't even close! Congrats to Baylor for beating the beast in College Basketball.
Jordan A
Jordan A 17 days ago
If a team shoots that well there's nothing you can do. If they could play a best of 3 series guaranteed it goes to 3
david wise
david wise 16 days ago
Baylor would win all 3 hands down.
MeekTyrant 17 days ago
Not a surprise at all. If you watched Baylor throughout the Tournament, you could see how dominate, aggressive, and confident they were against their opponents. There wasn’t a team that came into the same conversation that had the intensity of Baylor, and they showed once again they didn’t care who they were going to play, they were going to dominate.
lakersrdbest 17 days ago
Don't you hate it when the semifinals is better than the actual finals....😑
Columbia City
Columbia City 17 days ago
Gonzaga needs some dawgs, they very fundamental. But athleticism, grit and heart Mark FEW has to come to the hood or inner city. Seattle area Tacoma has to build relationships with those high school coaches. Only guys that wasnt scared was Timme and Suggs. Kispert is a good piece but not as your worst defender on court being the 3rd best offensive option
Jeani Parker
Jeani Parker 17 days ago
For 15 years GU makes the playoffs to never finish. You are only as good as the coaching! Few never finishes. He has the talent right in front of him!
Without fans these are way less entertaining
Andrea Bratcher
Andrea Bratcher 17 days ago
Maybe the 'experts' shouldn't have picked a team that went to OT against an 11 seed and won on a lucky half court shot to win over a team who led the nation in 3pt shooting, plays tenacious D and blew out a 2 seed....JS lol
Andrea Bratcher
Andrea Bratcher 16 days ago
@Gary Augustus not going to argue with you on my comment on on what an expert is. Your definition doesn't apply and you can reply but I'm blocking you so it probably won't show up
Gary Augustus
Gary Augustus 17 days ago
@Andrea Bratcher ...Even so, whatever their current or former status or title, as long as they're in the public eye with their opionions and getting paid for it, my definition still applies...
Andrea Bratcher
Andrea Bratcher 17 days ago
@Gary Augustus I was referring to Charles, Kenny and Clark all former Pros
Gary Augustus
Gary Augustus 17 days ago
They're not experts, they're entertainers....talk-show hosts and hostesses who whimsically imagine scenarios via speculation, to stimulate the interests of the uninitiated in an attempt to attract viewers and listeners for their corporate employers. That's it...that's all of it.
Words of Wizdom
Words of Wizdom 17 days ago
Skip and shannon weren't kidding. Them Baylor boys look like men compared to the zags
dannygitmo 17 days ago
Mark Few showed as much spirit and enthusiasm as a sloth.
Jack Reilly
Jack Reilly 17 days ago
The white dude hitting the griddy at the end😭😭😭
AndrewLifts 17 days ago
"Get the lingerie and call the janitor" . WHAT LOL 😆
Colby Mehmen
Colby Mehmen 17 days ago
He said the same things during the UCLA game, I'm glad someone else caught it. What is that lol?
Carter 17 days ago
Give Baylor credit. They played super well
Thomas Opdahl
Thomas Opdahl 17 days ago
that drive at 1:35 was a thing of beauty. He floated the last 30 feet, only seeming to touch the ground enough to adjust direction.
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez 17 days ago
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson 17 days ago
I'm sorry Baylor Fans The Ritual Sacrifice of *86* year old Elgin Baylor on 322 is Skull nd Bones on March 22 3/22 is the Reason why you won . When I seen the 86-70 Score wanted to throw up. I was a Bama Football Fan until I found Gematria. I'm sorry to say these Sports Death Rituals are Real and you can tell yourself your team fairly won the game but it is a lie and Rigged **Gematria Effect News 22**
Jeani Parker
Jeani Parker 17 days ago
Few let his team down!! He should have known there would be double guarding. Dogs came out of the locker looking tired. 🤣
Aaron Hugz
Aaron Hugz 17 days ago
That double in and out was UGLY!!!🤢🤢🤢
LeRoy Vijarro
LeRoy Vijarro 17 days ago
Steven Siggers
Steven Siggers 17 days ago
Gonzaga hadn't played a tough team all year, they suck at championship games anyway, always come up short lol
treyxyz 17 days ago
0 hype.
Dunc 17 days ago
2:22 “and oneeee, let’s gooo! you can’t fwm!”
Lixifly 16 days ago
best highlight
TRUTH LIE 17 days ago
Baylor was way to big and athletic for them!
Adam Grant
Adam Grant 17 days ago
Zags door opened when the plan for putting Baylor in foul trouble took place.....but failed to execute! How bad is defense nowadays when players do what was always taught not to do.........penetrate from the top. Aaron Cook should have played more. Better defender to thwart penetration
John Negrete
John Negrete 17 days ago
Nice to see slow headband player was unable to flex like he did throughout the tournament. He did so in front of a USC player but not last night. I was hoping Baylor would have flexed when they swatted his shots away but they probably would have received a technical. It was men playing against boys last night....
Raul Romero
Raul Romero 17 days ago
I wish they showed more defensive highlights
Sid Farkas
Sid Farkas 17 days ago
For anyone who thinks this doesn’t delegitimize Gonzaga’s perfect regular season, you are in denial. Their last 19 games against non ranked opponents. Only beat ranked opponents really early in a Covid year. Only had the go through USC, UCLA and Creighton in the tourney. You knew it wouldn’t end well for them when the couldn’t put away the Bruins If they would have been competitive in this game, I might have had a different opinion One of the least competitive championship games ever. What is Suggs grabbing a guy when he already has one foul 3 minutes into the game?
Fenzy 1
Fenzy 1 17 days ago
Let's go baylor
Lalasong 17 days ago
Hell Yeah! Texas Pride!
IV Tones
IV Tones 17 days ago
Jesus Loves You
Future Pga star
Future Pga star 17 days ago
I had Baylor winning my bracket and I won my bracket
Melissa Bailey
Melissa Bailey 17 days ago
Disregard the final score. The game was never even THAT close. Baylor dominated from start to finish.
Helghan 17 days ago
Payback for ucla
Benjamin Castleman
Benjamin Castleman 17 days ago
Pure Domination by Texas! Good game Baylor!🏀
CP3 Fanpage
CP3 Fanpage 17 days ago
I can’t be the only one that saw D. Mitchell wearing number 45 and thought it was Donavon Mitchell
stonerdrums 17 days ago
Why did James Hetfield quit Metallica to play for Gonzaga..
The COACH 17 days ago
Baylor was shooting lights out end of story Congratulations to The Baylor Bears Texas stand up !
Plato Elahi
Plato Elahi 17 days ago
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From Grind 2 Glory
From Grind 2 Glory 17 days ago
Never in my life thought Baylor and championship would be used in the same sentence. I don’t know any of their players names, but I’m happy they got their first!!
Breanna Deal
Breanna Deal 17 days ago
To be fair, the Baylor women's team has won 3 national titles, so "Baylor" and "championship" have been used in the same sentence before. Fittingly, the women's team won their very first title 16 years ago yesterday...also in Indianapolis.
Braden West
Braden West 17 days ago
I thought Gonzaga was good
T W 16 days ago
I wonder if that is what John Stockton is saying?
Handsome Croy
Handsome Croy 17 days ago
Bro can you make a longer highlight vid lol
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got some money
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