Blake Griffin Postgame Interview - Nets vs Pistons | March 26, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season 

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Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons - Full Game Highlights | March 26, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Mar 26, 2021




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Comments 53   
Gdub 2333
Gdub 2333 17 days ago
What a bum
مأرب - العز والشموخ
He is a smart player and well spoken
Ricky Chau
Ricky Chau 24 days ago
His dunks are awful. Let’s stop gassing those mediocre dunks
Alain Mancilla
Alain Mancilla 25 days ago
Blake- "im winning AGAIN!!, I'm feeling great!" 🧀🧀
David 25 days ago
Snake is prolly not satisfied yet he want more stars it's never enough for a super team
Grainger Wilson
Grainger Wilson 25 days ago
I hope when KD comes back they’ll have Harden as the PG, Kyrie as the SG, KD as a SF, Blake as PF, and Jordan as C. We know KD can play small forward and joe Harris should be benched for Blake
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 25 days ago
2 Absolutely
Trevon Wright
Trevon Wright 26 days ago
Idiot turn to your right
Raul Bailon
Raul Bailon 26 days ago
Bron so jelly of the nets super team
Soroush Emdadi
Soroush Emdadi 26 days ago
Yo Blake how u feel about LaMarcus
Le Gee-em
Le Gee-em 26 days ago
Blake "finesse" Griffin 😂
Bill 8210
Bill 8210 26 days ago
Blake will play like am all star.
Zett76 26 days ago
Season is SO over...
Nicolas dinozzo
Nicolas dinozzo 26 days ago
What's to not love Blake!!!??? It's Impossible !!!! Congrats champion !!!!!
Kory Tang
Kory Tang 27 days ago
Blake was Kendall a good f ?
Larry Reynolds
Larry Reynolds 27 days ago
Rumor has it kyrie blessed his knees 😇
MrInfinitePresents 27 days ago
The Nets are the revenge team.
Lob Mob
Lob Mob 27 days ago
I swear this is like the 5th time Ive heard a nets player say they barely practice lol what's that about?? Imagine when they do..... SCARY HOURS‼️
Ryan Chin
Ryan Chin 27 days ago
man was playing chess when everyone else was playing checkers
DGMG Neco 27 days ago
Get that ring Blake
ProjectDystopia 27 days ago
Blake is trash for playing like trash in Detroit, I have more respect for Darko.
John Von
John Von 27 days ago
I see he still struggling a bit with the ball rotation and defensive role but that's ok atleast we get a W and he admits he a little rusty with his plays but he'll get through
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 27 days ago
Brooklyn Nets fans need to watch their mouth's about the Pistons. You haven't built no Hall Of Famers and haven't done shyt yet. Now sit back, shut your mouth's and try to enjoy what the NBA is trying to give you. Ole expansion ass team. lol
MalRulesAll 26 days ago
Somebody's mad 😅😅😅
James andrew
James andrew 27 days ago
Stay strong blake🙌
Rob Migilil
Rob Migilil 27 days ago
Blake 2k rating just went up to 72.
Rob Migilil
Rob Migilil 25 days ago
@R O 66 for sure. 🤣😂
R O 27 days ago
wait what was it before
Domonique Cartwright
This looks like every myPlayer season postgame
Von Villaruel
Von Villaruel 27 days ago
You were one of those good players
Ron F.
Ron F. 27 days ago
Irving, Harden, KD, Blake, DJ. If nets land Drummond and Lamarcus Aldridge.....
Lou ELastic
Lou ELastic 27 days ago
Drummond doesn't fit
Kiliko 27 days ago
Drummond? He’d genuinely make your team worse
Erick Behari
Erick Behari 27 days ago
wouldn't be fair 😁
Yung Gretx
Yung Gretx 27 days ago
Worst Player we ever had
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 27 days ago
Allen Iverson/Darko/Chuck Nevitt
aTROLLwithBlades 27 days ago
The pistons missed 7 freethows in the last 4 minutes! Shot less than 50% from freethow. Not very cash money
john doe
john doe 27 days ago
I really hope Kyrie KD Harden & Blake get like 20 games together in the regular season.
Joel Tongawan
Joel Tongawan 27 days ago
Canelo without translator
AMADOU BALDE 27 days ago
I feel like griffin does better with players that can set up offense like James harden and chris Paul.
Gee Cee
Gee Cee 24 days ago
Just simple common sense basketball not all pg's have that common sense gene in them to look for simple things such as mismatch knowing where your teammates love the ball, knowing who needs to get touches to get in a fire rythym, that's why dudes like harden and Westbrook can get soooo many easy assist quickly
Iiam Coughlin
Iiam Coughlin 25 days ago
It’s almost as if two of the best passers in the league help their teammates offensively 🤯
Tony Manhawkin
Tony Manhawkin 26 days ago
yeah no kidding lol
Broken96YT 27 days ago
@Abdi Aden Amare did one of his best season with the Knicks
Abdi Aden
Abdi Aden 27 days ago
Kinda like Amare Stoudemire was never the same without Nash.
Deafy Mapson
Deafy Mapson 27 days ago
This is like a 2k glitch😂😂
Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin 27 days ago
That guy sure is handsome
Eric Rivera
Eric Rivera 27 days ago
What’s us Blake glad you are on our team now
RomaleQsmuve 27 days ago
Wassup Blake Griffin
john doe
john doe 27 days ago
Pick & Rolls, Iso Post, & alley-oops should be the main focus..oh yeah spot up 3's don't hurt neither
Strange 7s
Strange 7s 27 days ago
For some reason he look abit like you bro
Don Tundra
Don Tundra 27 days ago
Imagine if the nets lose the finals?
X RATED 27 days ago
@G Manu 76ers is always be a Choker in playoffs , we don't know maybe celtics can beat them in Eastern Conference
G Manu
G Manu 27 days ago
@X RATED yah Heat still a great team, specially with their 3pt shooters. We saw what they can do last year in the playoffs
X RATED 27 days ago
@G Manu nah 76ers will go down to Bucks or Miami Heat.
G Manu
G Manu 27 days ago
In the east I think Sixers the only team that can beat them
Black Carbon
Black Carbon 27 days ago
Corn Ball
sebustian93 27 days ago
Blake will be a starter soon
Brandon Proctor
Brandon Proctor 27 days ago
Harris off the bench wit Jeff n Claxton would be just as nasty.
TheRealFolkBlues 27 days ago
@Toby Shapiro exactly
Jazchong2519 27 days ago
@X RATED Im not sure about this but this is looking good 💪
Toby Shapiro
Toby Shapiro 27 days ago
I know y’all aren’t paying attention if you’re not even mentioning Claxton in this conversation
X RATED 27 days ago
Soon starting Line up Kyrie KD Harden Harris Deandre 100% this is gonna happened
Santana Season
Santana Season 27 days ago
The man big cap 🤣
amirnizam1987 27 days ago
That alley oop finally happened!
Fernando Jose
Fernando Jose 26 days ago
Julian B
Julian B 27 days ago
17 off the bench😱 scary hours
i am a bot
i am a bot 26 days ago
@Julian B And if the would've kept Allen they would have some defense at least
i am a bot
i am a bot 26 days ago
@Julian B Yeah everybody in this squad is good, but some are not great if you know what I mean, but blake he is one of those great players and he should be in the starting line up tbh
Julian B
Julian B 26 days ago
@i am a bot no cap, they sleeping on Blake, idk why they would sleep on anybody on this squad but oh well. It’s still nets in 4🤷🏻‍♀️
i am a bot
i am a bot 27 days ago
@Chief Smoke A lot Nah maybe like 20 to 26 max
Chief Smoke A lot
Chief Smoke A lot 27 days ago
@i am a bot 19??????
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 27 days ago
Blake was just chilling in Detroit waiting for a contender to pick him up
sonofagun 26 days ago
@AMADOU BALDE nigga he really tried his best. had they season of his career, became all star, then the trash ass pistons organization traded andre drummond. What has he gon do??
Country Kirby
Country Kirby 27 days ago
Smart Man
Shawn Scott
Shawn Scott 27 days ago
😂 “fake ass” on bro that KD account Fu as hell😭😭💯💯
john doe
john doe 27 days ago
Long as Blake keep working on pick & rolls with Harden he going to be good out there.
RJ Edmund
RJ Edmund 27 days ago
Bonez001 27 days ago
Happy to see Blake balling again
Selly L
Selly L 27 days ago
He trying to find the camera is so hilarious
mouhamad Ali with the tray tray Boi!!!!
He finessed the pistons
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 26 days ago
@X RATED You been crying a very long time. And those aren't even your players you're trying to win with. You're borrowing other teams players to win a championship and after this year they're gone from your sorry franchise.
Lucas Sinclair
Lucas Sinclair 27 days ago
@X RATED i guess we'll see cuz anything can happen in the playoffs my g remember when Klay went down in the finals?
X RATED 27 days ago
@Lucas Sinclair u believe that kd is injured? HAHAHAHA he just resting bro cuz his team can still win without him so he can back in playoffs Healthy and strong And lebron or ad can't even rest cuz if they rest their team will struggle HAHhah
Lucas Sinclair
Lucas Sinclair 27 days ago
@X RATED i'm talking about Durant and Blake
Lucas Sinclair
Lucas Sinclair 27 days ago
@X RATED something wrong with ur calculations?
I 27 days ago
Really flexed on his former team
Shakeem Fenner
Shakeem Fenner 27 days ago
I heard kyrie healed Blake's leg
Patrick 26 days ago
His third leg
Jason Philbrick
Jason Philbrick 27 days ago
Also heard that lol
Time Traveling Old Man
Good Sushi
Good Sushi 27 days ago
True it's the sage
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 27 days ago
Trey Chapo
Trey Chapo 27 days ago
Smartest guy in the nba 😭 just play trash until you get traded to a contender
Fuzion Velez
Fuzion Velez 26 days ago
@Jaype no 75 percent
Josh Tanner
Josh Tanner 26 days ago
@Black Carbon and looser? His jeans are looser? He always been funny and into comedy. Commercials, tv shows, etc.
Black Carbon
Black Carbon 26 days ago
@Josh Tanner I meant goof ball
Josh Tanner
Josh Tanner 26 days ago
@Black Carbon good ball and looser....What in the world?
Black Carbon
Black Carbon 26 days ago
He is a goof ball and a looser, it’s not like he wasn’t with a contender with the clippers! He just wasn’t good enough and injury prone now he wants to be like KD and harden cece complaining band wagon
# K
# K 27 days ago
He’s just trolling and ring chasing now lol
b77r5 26 days ago
@Chief Smoke A lot Ky
Chief Smoke A lot
Chief Smoke A lot 27 days ago
@Calvin__Tarantino he’s got Kanter wtf !?!?
Calvin__Tarantino 27 days ago
@# K d rose never had a chance after his injury and Lillard just doesn't have enough help
Angst 27 days ago
@# K D rose been passed like a blunt 😔
# K
# K 27 days ago
@TACO BAJAJ Look at Derrick Rose Damian Lillard
Mikal Bridges
Mikal Bridges 27 days ago
my teammate
john doe
john doe 27 days ago
Joshua Lilly
Joshua Lilly 27 days ago
ok jim
Leo Navarro
Leo Navarro 27 days ago
44 points and you don’t speak ??!
The Omen
The Omen 27 days ago
@Jhawk5599 0 He literally got robbed. I wanna see Giannis against the 2018 warriors. Please give that because he lost to a 5 seed
Zyn 27 days ago
Patrick wilder
Patrick wilder 27 days ago
Blake really balling with the nets no cap 🖤💫
G G 27 days ago
he really finessed the whole NBA
leoo 26 days ago
Nah just the pistons😂
Chief Smoke A lot
Chief Smoke A lot 27 days ago
Ray Jameson
Ray Jameson 27 days ago
@Black Carbon its actually a song based on one of the nba greats.. penny hardaway... i was giving you kudos.! 😠👋
Black Carbon
Black Carbon 27 days ago
@Ray Jameson not funny
Ray Jameson
Ray Jameson 27 days ago
@Black Carbon you like Hardaway... you like the harda-way ... 🥴
Jhawk5599 0
Jhawk5599 0 27 days ago
I guess they found lamelos replacement
Angst 27 days ago
They probably gonna get bored of him in a week
Jit Florida
Jit Florida 27 days ago
facs lol