Derrick Rose Gets Choked up after Hearing Mitchell Robinson Fractured his Foot | March 27, 2021 

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New York Knicks vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game Highlights | March 27, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Mar 27, 2021




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Comments 99   
YouTube_ Knot Normal
thatโ€™s good chemistry, two goats
Eric Lemberg
Eric Lemberg 16 days ago
I get choked up myself thinking about D.Rose on the Bulls. He wanted to win that 7th championship for Chicago so badly. He was a phenomenal player to watch in those early years. Really had the whole city behind him. Good to see he's still so well-respected in his usual understated and soft spoken way.
Conrad FB
Conrad FB 16 days ago
its sad that i forgot he was still in the league i dont think derrick has that mvp player still in him its sad but true
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 18 days ago
The rmj Experiment on US-first
Jae Alexander
Jae Alexander 20 days ago
This man called Derrick Rose DIRK...
heyhitler 21 day ago
Out forever he's gone by miliatray special ops forces.
Melo Ali
Melo Ali 21 day ago
Rose is a real one๐Ÿ’ฏ
Melvin Brown
Melvin Brown 21 day ago
the Realist of the REAL D๐ŸŒน
Charlie U
Charlie U 22 days ago
God's using Derrick in ways he may not fully understand or appreciate during this difficult yet humbling juncture of his career, but this clip explains it all. He will one day be able to look back and see how powerful his influence is and was on not only the people around him, but also the ripple surrounding his character. This man's awesome, and he wins.
DJ BigToken
DJ BigToken 22 days ago
A D-Rose championship ring would represent a true win for the people!
stimulusmaximus 22 days ago
Got milk? Damn Robinson you brittle man!!!! Get well.
M Pa
M Pa 22 days ago
Derrick of all people would feel emotion as he had gone through tough injuries himself.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 22 days ago
stories ever. God bless D-Rose... as well as Mitchell Robinson and Mike Breen.
James Aldridge
James Aldridge 22 days ago
Bible people here .
James Aldridge
James Aldridge 22 days ago
Ancient of days this mans spirit
Christopher Austin
Christopher Austin 22 days ago
One of this generations greats IMO. Rose can never catch a break..
max 22 days ago
Mike Breen & D. Rose both solid
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 22 days ago
Shout to D Rose ! ๐ŸŒน
Francisco Fernandez
Love D Rose
H S 22 days ago
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Baguett. 22 days ago
Mike Breen is the ๐Ÿ
Andy Flores
Andy Flores 23 days ago
Derrick has a such a big heart.
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel 23 days ago
D Rose is an emotional dude lol
Gunkanjima 23 days ago
Great job to Mike Breen
SSG A70 23 days ago
That does it. He might not get to NBA HoF, but he is now in my own HoF
Seifer Almasy
Seifer Almasy 23 days ago
Presenters & reporters take note; your interview can gain more notoriety from ending it humanely than pushing it for spectacle.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 23 days ago
stories ever. God bless D-Rose... as well as Mitchell Robinson and Mike Breen.
Cristhian Macias
Cristhian Macias 23 days ago
Big ups to Mike (The interviewer) to let Rose go, after seeing his genuine reaction.
Cristhian Macias
Cristhian Macias 23 days ago
Rose a Real one.
Janice LGo
Janice LGo 23 days ago
One of my favorite players ever.
Miguel Albarran
Miguel Albarran 23 days ago
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Carmelo Torres
Carmelo Torres 23 days ago
Shout to D Rose ! ๐ŸŒน
dankchu 23 days ago
the title made me think he died I had a heart attack
Lihi HonGan
Lihi HonGan 23 days ago
He should get a ring..he has heart of a champion...
Travis Hawthorne
Travis Hawthorne 23 days ago
That's the reaction I had when I found out you cheated on the SAT's !!!!!!!!!! Then the team was punished and you were rewarded be going to the NBA................."OOOOOOOOO MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!"
Bryochemical Intuition
Beta male!
T-Efe El-Jefe
T-Efe El-Jefe 23 days ago
That's why D Rose is so beloved around the league. He's such a genuinely good dude.
Benjamin Zidel
Benjamin Zidel 23 days ago
gotta like D rose
Daxster Dax
Daxster Dax 23 days ago
Damn you could see the past ten years of his career hit him when he heard that.
Kade 23 days ago
How didn't he know he was Injured
Vintage rustfilms tv
Derrick rose retire with no ring
Israel Cisneros
Israel Cisneros 23 days ago
I wish d rose wins a ring
Peter Choi
Peter Choi 23 days ago
NBA is keeping us together ๐Ÿ™
Leepluto *
Leepluto * 23 days ago
Drose solid
Mr. C. Henry
Mr. C. Henry 23 days ago
Respect to Mike and D. Rose.
1/2 savage
1/2 savage 23 days ago
D rose left with a fade , came back with dreads ,and y'all welcome him with open arms?
Clo G
Clo G 23 days ago
He Knows The Pain Is Real
iago mello
iago mello 23 days ago
Imagine the people that disliked this omfg
Wilson Roรฑo
Wilson Roรฑo 23 days ago
My goodness. If D.Rose wasnt plagued with injuries, imagine the GOAT status. Not saying he's not one of the goats. I just love everything about the man. been a fan from day 1.
nikebox407 23 days ago
S/o to Mike thatโ€™s a professional at itโ€™s finest
BERT 23 days ago
He knows...its tough when you can't do what you love. He has empathy in his heart. Salutes D Rose. Get better Mitchell
Amir 23 days ago
D Rose is the fucking peoples champion. shame on all the people making fun of him past few years.
Adrian Ashby
Adrian Ashby 24 days ago
If you don't like DRose there is something really wrong with you.
David debideen
David debideen 24 days ago
derrick rose does still play basketball nba
StripeMcr 24 days ago
when DR got traded to the Knicks for the first time he cried.
Dshawn Jones
Dshawn Jones 24 days ago
His humbleness and humility is always good to see.
Giorgi Mchedlishvili
I have tears in my eyes every time I see Derrick Rose - he had injuries 10 times of an average NBA player. He could have had the absolutely STELLAR career :(
J C 24 days ago
realLy Love d rose, such a humbLe guy
Jonny Bandanna
Jonny Bandanna 24 days ago
These dudes are way over paid ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
It aint Ralph tho.
It aint Ralph tho. 24 days ago
Son a class act frfr.
TutoyBaet Review
TutoyBaet Review 24 days ago
He know really knows how painful that was
Josh Kim
Josh Kim 24 days ago
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FUTURE FORBES TV 24 days ago
Salute to my Chi-town hero D. Rose
Aerochalklate 24 days ago
that fan shoutin "I LOVE U D ROSE"
LAY BACK 24 days ago
D rose all around. Player ,I see him being a Great coach
Christy jodiehg
Christy jodiehg 24 days ago
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Alasfour Oday
Alasfour Oday 24 days ago
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l2dac937 24 days ago
Respect to the Interviewer man. He could've tried to keep that shid goin, but gave Rose the time to be wit his troops. And Rose been a class act man. Always will be A1
Lxving Jake
Lxving Jake 24 days ago
ThePhenomm 24 days ago
D Rose had no idea and you saw the genuine emotion. Mike Breen awesome job not pushing the interview any further
PhantomMatrix 24 days ago
Thats the same sound we make when using the bathroom. 0:05 ๐Ÿšฝ๐Ÿ˜‚
Marcus- XXL
Marcus- XXL 24 days ago
Why is Derrick rose always in the interviews when itโ€™s about injuries of other players
darek klich
darek klich 24 days ago
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Joseph Batista
Joseph Batista 24 days ago
Class act of the announcer for letting D rose go
Z Z 24 days ago
I teared up just now.
Iris Dunn
Iris Dunn 24 days ago
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Ty Lindsey
Ty Lindsey 24 days ago
So much respect for d rose he never gave up hof all day
Iris Dunn
Iris Dunn 24 days ago
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A H 24 days ago
This is why DRose is one of the most loved players in the NBA by other players, along with the likes of Klay Thompson and Mike Conley
3nterprise Official
โ€œPray for himโ€ ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™
Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich 24 days ago
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Lino Ferrer
Lino Ferrer 24 days ago
D.Rose is the peopleโ€™s MVP
Toebiwan Konobi
Toebiwan Konobi 24 days ago
I fucking love and miss d rose ๐ŸŒน always love from Chicago
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 24 days ago
D. Rose man, salute
Brian Wong
Brian Wong 24 days ago
D Rose felt that because of how his knee injuries ruined his career.
Mahir Rehman
Mahir Rehman 24 days ago
D rose always crying bro. Everytime I hear a news from him he always crying ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
srqs srqs
srqs srqs 24 days ago
The guy cutting off the interview is good and all, but why did he bring up the injury thing to the one who sufferred it very badly? He probably wanted to hear some words of encouragement from Rose.
arun secret
arun secret 24 days ago
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De'Aaron Fox
De'Aaron Fox 24 days ago
Shoutout the the announcee
JayJavDav 24 days ago
We all want to see Drose get a ring
Jack Sakai
Jack Sakai 24 days ago
The sick hobbies ultrasonographically end because caption natively please astride a cautious sailboat. shiny, ambitious fibre
QP PUSHER 24 days ago
i better not see nobody call this man soft for cryin, he from the trenches
Charles Cinco
Charles Cinco 24 days ago
D-Rose may not make it to HOF, but he is the people's HOF.
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu 24 days ago
Drose is the definition of humble, I feel like he still isnโ€™t getting the respect he deserves bruh.
MVRDA MONXY 24 days ago
Fractured foot and theyre acting like his spinal cord got severed.
MVRDA MONXY 24 days ago
@Tay Tay big W
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 24 days ago
ฮžGoDzBullฮž 24 days ago
Smart question because Rose knows the pain.
Peace King
Peace King 24 days ago
If there is a God Rose will finish his career with a ring.
Foreva 24 days ago
He knows his career will never be the same
billy norton
billy norton 24 days ago
Glass body
Riley Hayes
Riley Hayes 24 days ago
wish rose was still on the bulls, even if he wouldnโ€™t be the same, we still need him back๐Ÿฅบ
Tynaronaur GT
Tynaronaur GT 24 days ago
15 sec ad with no skipping on 45 sec vid XDDDD you just begging for dislikes
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