Dwight Howard Jokes Around With Referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich - Grizzlies vs 76ers | April 4, 2021 

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Memphis Grizzlies vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game Highlights | April 4, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Mr. BIG 6 hours ago
Just goes to show that no matter what work environment you're in, there's always gonna be somebody tryna smash.
Tezz Parker
Tezz Parker 13 hours ago
She better not ever get divorced😂😂😂
dixonmixin10 17 hours ago
Does Dwight shooting his shot count as a field goal attempt?
Jacob Mago
Jacob Mago Day ago
Draymond would have gotten a technical by doing this to a female ref.
Raymond Cruz
Raymond Cruz Day ago
She's married.
AV Day ago
Dwight trying to make her his 23rd baby mama.😜 Girl RUN!!!
Leo Tabije
Leo Tabije 2 days ago
Aabutin yan ^_^
DZCM Coke 4 days ago
Dwight working his 'D'
Marc Aldrich Yuhengco
Luka's girl dude
El AZ 5 days ago
Hey .. That’s Lukas Lady ..
WildLynx 5 days ago
Luka be punching air now
Oki Doki Yow Yow
Oki Doki Yow Yow 6 days ago
NBA run a train on her.
Chris Avalos
Chris Avalos 6 days ago
Dwight: If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky.
Matticus Barticus
I understand.
prod. heezy
prod. heezy 7 days ago
Luka punching in the air rn
OAB Bolty
OAB Bolty 7 days ago
Lukas favorite ref
REF: I lbelong to Luka,sorry~~
Atomk 7 days ago
Check the ball.
akachuy 7 days ago
this ref is gonna get fired watch.
Merc Mer
Merc Mer 7 days ago
LUKA. No1. ⭐👍👏
Del G
Del G 8 days ago
It's cool that Mya Rudolph is in to basketball
BlaqTraeh 8 days ago
He's literally throwing his shot
Bushmonster12 8 days ago
Can't take a pro league with a female ref seriously.
J08 Shorts
J08 Shorts 8 days ago
Cēń yuuz wheel warin g shorfs
J08 Shorts
J08 Shorts 8 days ago
10 Decades ago
J08 Shorts
J08 Shorts 8 days ago
Çåń yaw yuus itbs slep
East Coast Flipper
nobody gonna talk about that thing on the top of his head? lmao
Ja Yu
Ja Yu 8 days ago
That smile is dangerous LOL
Cali Bear
Cali Bear 8 days ago
Simp tryin at jock the other dude.
Anyone has her only fans page
Rick S
Rick S 8 days ago
Just wait, one of these stupid players(because that's 99% of the players in the NBA today), trying to get their name or brand out in the media by flirting with her will take it too far and she will end up getting fired for it.
Timothy Duncan
Timothy Duncan 9 days ago
Meanwhile I had Joey Crawford in his prime. . .
Mc Lovin
Mc Lovin 9 days ago
Technical foul! One free throw for the other team
J V 9 days ago
Obviously this is becoming a problem with players trying to flirt with the female ref get rid of her while u can
Robb The Maestro
Robb The Maestro 9 days ago
Is She Like 6'4"?
Michael Magi
Michael Magi 9 days ago
shes tall
ZxileTV 9 days ago
Know TheLedge
Know TheLedge 9 days ago
Don't be surprised of this ref gets caught up in some sex scandal. Same reason why correctional officers in state prisons are having sex with lifers and getting pregnant.
J Escorpizo
J Escorpizo 9 days ago
Seems like players moved on from talking up Kardashians and Jenners
danyalwastaken 9 days ago
luka punching the air rn
Thu Sammons
Thu Sammons 9 days ago
vSharon Osbourne
Dylon Timothy Bryant Cortes
dwight tryna steal lukas girrllll
Nam Pham
Nam Pham 10 days ago
Dwight spreading trying to spread that seed as usual
Adrian Mejia
Adrian Mejia 10 days ago
Lol Howard literally trying to faul in love 😂😂😂😂😂
Ridhwan Afif
Ridhwan Afif 10 days ago
POV:u watched luka first and then this
jharapla sunitha
jharapla sunitha 10 days ago
Juan P Ovalle
Juan P Ovalle 10 days ago
This is why we can’t have nice things...
Victor Chua
Victor Chua 10 days ago
Dwight trying to be cute but he is not.
R S 10 days ago
I’ve never seen such a tight ponytail. You can see the shape of her skull lol
First name Last name
I hope luka is okay right now
JBizzy Gaming
JBizzy Gaming 10 days ago
Luka is typing...
Redwingsfan 10 days ago
Every player is probably in luv with this pretty ref!
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 10 days ago
So, that's the perks of being pretty Yas! >
Cheema0113 10 days ago
nba gonna ban female refs soon.
4plus4equalsmoo 11 days ago
Andre 11 days ago
this ref is more famous than WNBA players
humaneshadowx71 11 days ago
And luka destroyed them 😐 that's what they get for try flirt with his woman
Chris George
Chris George 11 days ago
The adjoining shade jointly plan because colon revealingly match past a deserted period. longing, mean second
Epic Arav
Epic Arav 11 days ago
Tonight is the night. Where Luka will drop 50 on the sixers.
snipermx malayaklan
The only nba referew i know as well as only ref that's being panned by camera from time to time.
GOODFELLA 11 days ago
She looks like the female version of Jeff Bezos
ANTHONY MORTEL 11 days ago
Ref ashley will be the cutest ref of all time he will be the next kendall jenner Team kendall vs team ref ashley
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 11 days ago
The broken door preferentially stay because karen analogously preach past a spiffy hardhat. deep, depressed position
Dafukn Apple
Dafukn Apple 11 days ago
Wait till one of them files sexual harassment Lmao no players gonna even look their way or object a foul😂😂😂😂😂
Charles Miles
Charles Miles 11 days ago
Dwight is trying to catch up to the all time scoring leader Wilt Chamberlain 😂💪🏾
Homicide Hunk
Homicide Hunk 11 days ago
That ref belongs on the street coz everybody can easily foul in love with her! LMAO!
ygrnflacko 11 days ago
Everybody tryna hit dat💀
jorgen Sen
jorgen Sen 11 days ago
Luka to Dwight: So that's how you gonna play it? Fine, it became personal with me!
Grave Master
Grave Master 11 days ago
She's not even good looking
internet kid
internet kid 11 days ago
Dwight asking for Luka's number
Yeah No
Yeah No 11 days ago
Why is he pretending he likes women?
john ayacko
john ayacko 11 days ago
draymond green is up next.
link sevənteen
link sevənteen 11 days ago
Bruh this ref is more famous than the whole roster of wnba
Aaron James
Aaron James 11 days ago
When the sexual harassment suits start they will remember to be distant and treat her like any other ref
lay unic
lay unic 10 days ago
Awh what happened to u bro ? U been accused of sexual harrassment a lot by "women" in ur hood ?! Now everytime u see women being friendly with man (like this ref)u think she going to report him to the police for sexual harrassment ?? I feel bad for u that u dont have good thoughts about women. Sorry about ur mother too she prolly made u hate women 🙏🏻
Christopher Comitini
just a matter of time before she gets knocked up by an NBA player
Sir Axel
Sir Axel 11 days ago
she tired of 5 inch Luka and want that 7 inch Dwight
Deshaun A. Virinia
Deshaun A. Virinia 11 days ago
Luka might about to drop 60 on sixer.!
Francis Robert Fontanilla
You ain't Luka stop it
Freddie Brock
Freddie Brock 11 days ago
Dwight trying to set up a play. Lol
Nyc 4lyfe
Nyc 4lyfe 11 days ago
She’s back at it again
sigma09 11 days ago
Jesus Rodiguez
Jesus Rodiguez 11 days ago
What the big deal she just a referee
DEAD GRATEFUL 11 days ago
I hate to say it but this is why we shouldn't have female refs Eventually there's gonna be too much flirting and it's gonna get to the point we're the girl won't call fouls for players she likes Then they'll be some scandal about players sleeping with the refs (which is weird to say cos you think of male refs) And they'll be a big fuss Comeback to this comment when it happens
Ask Jeeves
Ask Jeeves 11 days ago
She’s like one of those people that will advance quickly just because of her looks
4plus4equalsmoo 11 days ago
gee, what gave it away
Jamie 11 days ago
Everybody’s fav ref 😩
Halil Emre Mumcu
Halil Emre Mumcu 11 days ago
Herkes Ashley'e çalışıyor.
Merc Mer
Merc Mer 11 days ago
Batman 11 days ago
That referee is for THE STREETS
Jay 12 days ago
I see court orders n harassment claims in the NBA near future 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️
Zatkk 12 days ago
shee finee whats her name??
Sritan Devineni
Sritan Devineni 12 days ago
Luka is gonna dunk on Dwight from half court for that one
Brandon Ninja
Brandon Ninja 12 days ago
So, people can name her, but can't name any current WNBA players? 😕
carl 8 days ago
the nba is way bigger than the wnba, so yes.
2020 the Guitar Playing Rapper
you put a hot female ref on a court with professional basketball players and there's really only way way this could end 😂
Myles Ellison
Myles Ellison 12 days ago
I give it a couple more weeks before their is a harassment claim
Kelvin DollarS
Kelvin DollarS 12 days ago
doc rivers is always pissed off
countrycurt 12 days ago
All I can say is be careful. They will twist this into sexual harassment and ruin your life.
Jackson Park
Jackson Park 10 days ago
underrated comment no cap
Vundika Msowoya
Vundika Msowoya 12 days ago
The idiot shudve Asked for her number but i guess his just to "soft"
sweetsmog 12 days ago
yup we get it, she cute
mu'adh dattijo
mu'adh dattijo 12 days ago
She for the league
got some money
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got some money
Views 1.1M