Gary Trent Jr. Talks Game-Winner, Postgame Interview - Wizards vs Raptors | April 5, 2021 

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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 55   
Bloxxerboy 2 days ago
Masai made a great choice
Stoner Gee420
Stoner Gee420 16 days ago
Miss you in ptown g hope you doing good on your side , rip city all day💯👌❤️
Codee Vicente
Codee Vicente 16 days ago
Kohdii 16 days ago
Keep him this offseason
maria pekson
maria pekson 16 days ago
I always believe in GT even when he was with the Portland team!
Hallward Hallward
Hallward Hallward 16 days ago
Horrible acting bluff.
Flashback Jack
Flashback Jack 16 days ago
Wait until he feels the spirit of Jurassic Park. No turning back at that point.
Nghia Truong
Nghia Truong 16 days ago
Kawhis game winner buzzer will forever top over Gary trents stupid game winner
HeyHowsMyDriving 16 days ago
Will he sign?
Jay Banzz
Jay Banzz 17 days ago
Portland said they traded him so he get more money so can’t be mad at that but man this dude is LEGIT !!
mousellad 17 days ago
If GTJ signs it will be him OG and Flynn is the future of this team because they are much younger than Siakam and VV because GTJ is only 22 years old, OG is 23 years old and Flynn is 22 years old. Well, Siakam is 27 years old and VV is 27 years old. By the time both GTJ, OG and Flynn hit Siakam and VV age, Siakam and VV will be over 30 years old. In other words, right now Siakam and VV are already the young veterans in this team and GTJ, OG is a sophomore and Flynn is a rookie player for the Raptors. No offence Siakam and VV you are not the future of this team because they are much older than those players I mentioned. Also, usually much younger players have more potential and a higher ceiling. Peace!
Wei Kao
Wei Kao 17 days ago
This means that Siakam won't have to be forced to take the last shot for the Raptors -- phew, what a relief!
TruTGN 17 days ago
I love Stanley’s reaction🤣 also Gary is such a calm guy I love it
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 17 days ago
Niddin Sriharan
Niddin Sriharan 17 days ago
masai is a genius
grunermrk 17 days ago
Didn't even have a good game but hit the shot that mattered.
Oliver Ahrendt
Oliver Ahrendt 17 days ago
Wow! A close win! Thanks to Trent. Good job, man!
Alec Sonata
Alec Sonata 17 days ago
Gary Trent and Fred VanVleet are going to be a dangerous backcourt in the years to come
thegagz 17 days ago
adingdingdiiing 17 days ago
He's like an American Patty Mills. 😅
Gasoline 17 days ago
As a Portland fan, seeing Gary do so well in Toronto is amazing. FUTURE STAR
Bridges On Bikes
Bridges On Bikes 12 days ago
Blazer fan here as well. Dude was passing the eye test for a while in Portland but it was tough being behind both Dame and CJ. So glad to see him moving up in Toronto. Very excited about Powell as well. Excellent trade.
rickmayabolis 17 days ago
Great to see the trade is great for both teams
elazatin 17 days ago
still shocked portland traded him :(
Stilez 17 days ago
That boy cold!! 🥶🥶🥶
Alex Doe
Alex Doe 17 days ago
We have a potential Batman here for the supporting cast of Robins. GO RAPS! But keep tanking this season.
TDE 17 days ago
Dame taught him well
Kyle Gravel
Kyle Gravel 17 days ago
We need a franchise player. I see that more in him then anybody else on our team. I know Fred wants to be that guy but he might have to take a backseat. Respectfully
J Léger
J Léger 17 days ago
Facts. JR, OG n Flynn are the future.
Blaze Ballers
Blaze Ballers 17 days ago
guys your goin crazy on the game winner. I'm goin crazy on the ankle breaker, that was sweet
donny blondy
donny blondy 17 days ago
any chance Gary jr may be the second coming of "Kawhi " and lead the raptors back to the promise land in a couple of years?
NoseBlind 17 days ago
Gary and OG are like the next Kyle and Demar tbh
Chihuahua Gyna
Chihuahua Gyna 17 days ago
Trent time baby! Time to showcase your talent. we will greatly miss you.
Geordany Noel
Geordany Noel 17 days ago
Karma for flopping Neto
Michael Buczko
Michael Buczko 17 days ago
Heck of a shot but someone get this man a bottle of water
Wey Cool
Wey Cool 17 days ago
I like his shots.. very smooth and quick release. Gary's got great potentials.
Phenomenon101 17 days ago
Gary Trent "I'm the Captain Now" Jr. featuring Pascal "That Should have been Me" Siakam
Olivier 17 days ago
Talking too early soon you'll be hating on him goofy
Jon 17 days ago
Hahaha, did he just name OG to the second unit? Savage! Great win for the Raptors, great game for Flynn, Bembry & Trent!
NBA Burn
NBA Burn 17 days ago
Dame thought this man well. Goodluck in toronto
GalaxyTraveler 17 days ago
That's what i thought too.... bringing some of that game closing skills from Portland :)
Ismael Hernandez
Ismael Hernandez 17 days ago
Man this kid is only 22 you can tell he is going to be their real deal
Ismael Hernandez
Ismael Hernandez 16 days ago
@Marsha Julessa yes he is only 22
J Money2335
J Money2335 17 days ago
@jimbolen been y’all got a good one with Norman Powell too, he can take a bunch of pressure off Dame and CJ scoring wise
jimbolen been
jimbolen been 17 days ago
@donny blondy from a blazers fan, Gary can defend like a monster. Maybe not the IQ or consistency of Kawhi at this point, but that can develop over time. He's a bulldog. You guys got a good one.
Marsha Julessa
Marsha Julessa 17 days ago
Really? That young damn!
donny blondy
donny blondy 17 days ago
yes if he can play defense, he,ll make us forget about the one who got away, Kawhi
Love Talien
Love Talien 17 days ago
I’m so happy for him
C G 17 days ago
Was this off a steal? Or did he get a rebound off a missed shot?
C G 16 days ago
@oridniv thanks, i finally watched a clip off the missed shot. I was hoping it was off the steal ha
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 17 days ago
off a tip off
oridniv 17 days ago
The latter.
Jeremy Humes
Jeremy Humes 17 days ago
He pushed off
Silver Striker Playz
Silver Striker Playz
No he didnt 😂
Evil Dos
Evil Dos 17 days ago
Raptors are very lucky to have Gary Trent Jr.
Sivajan Sivarajah
Sivajan Sivarajah 16 days ago
Not luck but still tbh 🤔🤔🤔
Isaa' spirit
Isaa' spirit 17 days ago
Genius move by the Toronto president again
Alexander Pomeroy
Alexander Pomeroy 17 days ago
That is a cool awesome
Jann Vincent Regalado
Trent to Siakam - Look at me I’m the captain now
Iso RxOxP
Iso RxOxP 16 days ago
@Austin Neveau Lmfao... Stop this... before the Trade Siakam was the go to option in the clutch and now it's GT not even 10 games in at 22 years old. He'll without a doubt be a better player than Pascal by next year. That's even already debatable now since Siakam is much more of a limited player than GT is.
J Léger
J Léger 17 days ago
@Austin Neveau I’ll tell you who I trust with 2sec left on the clock.
J-876 King
J-876 King 17 days ago
@Jr Koka it ain't hating if there's proof to call him out on missing all those game winners
GoodFellA 009
GoodFellA 009 17 days ago
Siakam doesn't pass to Trent
Jr Koka
Jr Koka 17 days ago
Not like pascal is averaging a career high in rebounds and assists lol stop hating
Arpeggi Lee
Arpeggi Lee 17 days ago
Can’t believe he’s only 22yo!!! (1999) 🤯
Michael c
Michael c 17 days ago
Bruh man's almost born in 2000
David Pavia
David Pavia 17 days ago
Bro needed more opportunities the raptor offers
J Prince
J Prince 17 days ago
Neto fucked up with flopping
K Y 17 days ago
Gary Trent Jr > Herro
Jason Zhong
Jason Zhong 17 days ago
Herro could never!
jakep1979 17 days ago
Gary Trent Jr is officially going to be Raptor for a long time no ifs or buts about it!!
Humzah Khan
Humzah Khan 16 days ago
No ifs no buts no coconuts 🌴🥥
Gio Epic Gamer
Gio Epic Gamer 16 days ago
@HeyHowsMyDriving yes
HeyHowsMyDriving 16 days ago
Will he stay?
Rob Grady
Rob Grady 17 days ago
@Jesse Mac Hes an RFA and keeps talking about staying to see the fans next season, I feel pretty confident about him staying
Jesse Mac
Jesse Mac 17 days ago
Bobby Webster controls all the Ifs, ands, and buts. Let's hope he don't follow his dad a leave.... Cause hes on the border of being a star.
Daily Content and Entertainment
My boy will definitely get his bag this summer
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming 17 days ago
He’s 22 don’t worry he can still wait for bag. He should work to be leader and strive to get at top in nba
ziv penso
ziv penso 17 days ago
I can't believe we let nobody raol neto to throw the game why did he shut that stupid ass layup whyyyyy
Pascal Siakam
Pascal Siakam 17 days ago
@Kyle Lowry lol
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry 17 days ago
@Pascal Siakam i was talking to the dude who made the comment, not you lol
Pascal Siakam
Pascal Siakam 17 days ago
@Kyle Lowry my bad he a bucket no cap
Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry 17 days ago
Don’t disrespect Raul neto
Pascal Siakam
Pascal Siakam 17 days ago
Cry about it your wizards are ass beal westbrook and nobody's 😂
XxNameTheNinjaxX 17 days ago
Trade was worth it. Future all star 🌟
Rob Grady
Rob Grady 16 days ago
@Aditya Sharma Dude is a certified bucket
Harman Baddesha
Harman Baddesha 17 days ago
@Philippe .Diolazo he not an allstar but a good player only
Philippe .Diolazo
Philippe .Diolazo 17 days ago
i agree man.
Halimo Shuriye
Halimo Shuriye 17 days ago
@Harman Baddesha u have a Westbrook pfp🤣 just mad he shitted on ur team
Harman Baddesha
Harman Baddesha 17 days ago
@Cpj 06 i know he a good player but the league too talented and he a guard
Johannes Mendoza
Johannes Mendoza 17 days ago
Casual raptor fans saying they undoubtedly lost the trade lol
Kyle Gravel
Kyle Gravel 17 days ago
@Kj Burke He’s on a rookie deal, he will be a restricted free agent and all we gotta do is match the offer. He’s heading into his prime years and he is a bucket. I love Norm but bro SIT DOWN
Sarah Waters
Sarah Waters 17 days ago
@shotbboy they are not playing at home and have been out sick a lot plus those dam refs, it's like they hate us, especially that woman, just horrible...
michael kruger
michael kruger 17 days ago
As a raps fan I do research before assuming he sucks. We have fake fans. I knew Gary trent was good.
Sarah Waters
Sarah Waters 17 days ago
Not me he's my second favorite player in the league, I was dancing around all day when I heard we got him, mind you I liked Powell and was disappointed he left. But we got a great player it's not a loss for us...
shotbboy 17 days ago
@6ixer I'm not saying they're bad players. These guys won a chip I get it. But this year they just haven't got it, don't put it all on Baynes lol
Obvious Troll That Baited You
Pushed off. Doesn’t count.
Tamatoa C:
Tamatoa C: 17 days ago
He pulled a Leflop James. Byeeee!!!!
Amy Bickford
Amy Bickford 17 days ago
Bruh terrible flop👶👶👶👶👶👶👶
Ded Flanders
Ded Flanders 17 days ago
Nice try obvious troll that is baiting me.
ziv penso
ziv penso 17 days ago
Yo I
Yo I 17 days ago
Nice try blowing a 20 point lead
faytuhl 17 days ago
goat channel
Scp 049 The plague doctor
Gary trent is playing good on the raptors
Aarthithan Sivacheliyan
@Jesse Mac can’t argue with that but I still very much respect norm
Jesse Mac
Jesse Mac 17 days ago
@Black Carbon just the highest +/- in NBA history. And a game winner now... 🤷🏻‍♂️. The first game was his worst, and that's cause his offensive numbers to the average fan... Look what he did tonite, as our pg cause Lowry and fvv hurt... He look like he thought there was a better option that last shot tonite? Nah not once, the newest raptor took it up, against decent defense, shook the defender and sunk that bucket. Even OG got hype so 🤷🏻‍♂️. He's a better Powell at 22, try and argue that lmao
Black Carbon
Black Carbon 17 days ago
He has a couple good games
Jon Cantrell Vlogs
Jon Cantrell Vlogs 17 days ago
He’s underrated
Jesse Mac
Jesse Mac 17 days ago
He played good in Portland. It's why the traded went how it did. CJ missed how long and he stepped up and played, and they maintained a good record... Without nurk also... Trent Jr been good, most raptors fan just see the games our team plays though... It's like when DeMar got traded for kawhi, most "raptors fans" didn't understand the return until playoffs lmao. Gtj just isn't kawhi, and norm is arguably more well rounded then DeMar was, since defense was something he couldn't do till coach pop. 3 years, if we draft well and have a good free agency, we'll be a top team again. We need to lock Trent jr up longer though, otherwise we lost norm for a rental on a year we aren't winning much of anything, let alone a contender, and got hood for next season. Rodney is good too though he just needs to stay healthy and in Toronto that shouldnt be an issue
Chris Barclay
Chris Barclay 17 days ago
Amy Bickford
Amy Bickford 17 days ago
Mahomes Winning 12 Rings Please Cry #SBChamp
Must be depressing being a Westbrick fan, blowing a 20 point lead while being below .500 in the worst conference of all time
ziv penso
ziv penso 17 days ago
He missed 3 shots and then hit a 3