James Harden Talks MVP Chants, Postgame Interview - Timberwolves vs Nets | March 29, 2021 

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Minnesota Timberwolves vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | March 29, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 63   
Miles Wren
Miles Wren 22 days ago
“Some of the best fans in the world”😭🚀
Debra Newton
Debra Newton 22 days ago
Harden is a bad dude! Give him the MVP!! Wait to kd, come back they will be the three headed monsters! Kd, Kyrie & harden, look out when the three of them of the floor together, it's going to be show to see. Front row seat for me. Lol!😆🏀
Cullen Brown
Cullen Brown 23 days ago
MVP .. James has been putting the Nets Franchise on his shoulders & hasn’t missed no Game. He even played when he didn’t wanna be in Houston.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 23 days ago
His promise to his mom that he’ll be a superstar was very wholesome
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey 23 days ago
How does dame go through the cycle of being underrated then becoming overrated just to then become underrated once again?
Michael Ramsey
Michael Ramsey 23 days ago
MVP. Sorry Bron🤷🏽‍♂️ New King In Town
Jedd Seredni
Jedd Seredni 23 days ago
MVP I been saying he the best player on the Nets
Larry Charisma
Larry Charisma 23 days ago
Fear the beard MVP
Chef Rammy
Chef Rammy 24 days ago
boss top j
boss top j 24 days ago
Harden is dummy nice but he is not the MVP of league. This dude couldn’t even play for the rockets bruh through a whole temper tamper in Houston. Houston teammates says he was an asshole. He ranked his value to go to a contending team with kyrie and KD and yall giving him praise. Lmao backwards ass ppl why couldn’t he perform with the Houston cast.
Pollette Baker
Pollette Baker 24 days ago
I’ve been a fan of James Harden since his college days. Glade to see him having fun and loving the team he’s on. Big beast making it do what it do! Go get that ring Harden!
S H 24 days ago
He could have a 60 14 and 11 game and they still wouldn't give him the MVP bc of "how he left Houston " , the media is something else man
Mach0mar 23 days ago
Dude can literally finish the season averaging 30 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds and finish as the number 1 seed in the East but they will still say he can’t get it because of “how he left Houston” or “He has KD and Kyrie” or “Joker who is the 10 seed is balling and carrying the load” I mean they have already established a criteria and narrative to go against harden once again like they have done many times before and will lead to him not getting it. Don’t even hold your breath man 🤦🏻‍♂️
Fadeaway The
Fadeaway The 24 days ago
Jokic vs Harden battle. This will be interesting. I vote for harden
Informal English
Informal English 23 days ago
Giannis and lillard have entered the chat
Rago- officiel
Rago- officiel 24 days ago
Harden MVP
Joanne Rogers
Joanne Rogers 24 days ago
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Tony McKinney
Tony McKinney 24 days ago
Harden is serious as cancer. He aint playing no games this year.
DVH_Voltz 24 days ago
James MVP Harden!!
Norman Egar
Norman Egar 24 days ago
My basketball God!!!
K.V Tsang
K.V Tsang 24 days ago
Secret Flyer
Secret Flyer 24 days ago
MVP🙏🙏 most definitely
Kevontae Thomas
Kevontae Thomas 19 days ago
Always been my mvp
User 24 days ago
Nets are unbeatable now......
Ben K
Ben K 24 days ago
RaulVivas11 24 days ago
TopNotchEmpire 24 days ago
Truly_WAKANDA 24 days ago
Been a die hard harden fan since 2016 has been my fav player since 2016 and most importantly he def deserves mvp
Villapain 24 days ago
Awesome seeing myself at the end cheering for harden Mvp mvp
Magicstockton 24 days ago
Since when Beardman have tri’s like that?
Magicstockton 24 days ago
All of that weight in his face is gone.
dee dollars
dee dollars 24 days ago
Isaac Set
Isaac Set 24 days ago
I’m sorry but if people think jokic is mvp you could go dream about it. If harden isn’t mvp the nba is messed up
Domach Khai
Domach Khai 24 days ago
MVP. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Andrew DeHerrera
Andrew DeHerrera 24 days ago
Janes harden can’t be MVP with Durant and Kyrie on his team don’t be mad when it’s Jokic
Informal English
Informal English 23 days ago
Nets first seed , denver 5 seed
Jamal pass me the draco
u mean with kyrie and durant missing over 40 games combined
CsG.Dante 24 days ago
Annette Torres
Annette Torres 24 days ago
Harden hate the t wolves
Red Thunder
Red Thunder 24 days ago
This dude is incapable of winning MVP after spending the start of season being fat and bad on a different team
Yoyo_ Art
Yoyo_ Art 24 days ago
Mvp ....
awesomeness122 24 days ago
Jokic def deserves mvp but damn harden just such an amazing player averaging 35+ point triple double
Informal English
Informal English 23 days ago
Jokic and lillard are tied in 5 seed
Dannyshetler23 24 days ago
harden mvp for sure
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons 24 days ago
Harden mvp
Hoodie Boy
Hoodie Boy 24 days ago
harden looks thinner lol
Kevontae Thomas
Kevontae Thomas 19 days ago
He a pg now
awesomeness122 24 days ago
Thts what happens when u play every game everyother day runnin up n down the court as a pg
eballah4rm700 24 days ago
They just called 42 dugg “lil Kim”🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Mike Lawry
Mike Lawry 24 days ago
Lil Kim performed at half time
YoungBoy Ray
YoungBoy Ray 24 days ago
I’m a nets fan
iSun 23 days ago
legend 24 days ago
easily da MVP
MTingy 24 days ago
Sovi 24 days ago
The nets are semi stacked , Blake isn’t even a scoring player anymore ,
Jonas Evans
Jonas Evans 24 days ago
Everyone who reads this is very dumb
Solomon's Tech
Solomon's Tech 24 days ago
He is the MVP bruh real talk
Duk333 24 days ago
Khalil 2025
Khalil 2025 24 days ago
When they let fans in at near full capacity, i feel Brooklyn is slowly gonna become one of the toughest Arenas to win the game in the future
Chef Rammy
Chef Rammy 24 days ago
Facts bro gonna be crazyyyy
Villapain 24 days ago
Its gone be a mad house
Christian Wood
Christian Wood 24 days ago
Hes the real MVP no big white boi
BKNY 24 days ago
Best player on the NETS, 2021 NBA MVP
J J 23 days ago
Hd is better before he got there they had kd and they didn't look to good 😦
Wait!What? Huh.
Wait!What? Huh. 24 days ago
Don’t know basketball( the wolves??? Kid Kai is the MVP
Barclay Pierre élève
@Terrell Evans it doesn't really matter, both of them are mvp caliber players, both of them are bonafide team carrying superstars.
Terrell Evans
Terrell Evans 24 days ago
@Ggdrr Cgg guy jhf kd is still better he just hasnt played. Harden is the best player right now while kd out. So right now its still Kd>Harden
Ggdrr Cgg guy jhf
Ggdrr Cgg guy jhf 24 days ago
@Terrell Evans as of right now harden>kd career wise kd
Duke C
Duke C 24 days ago
Need a star that can party and be there to play the next game at MVP level? James Harden is your guy.
Tech 24 days ago
Harden is the MVP I dont give af
Kevontae Thomas
Kevontae Thomas 19 days ago
swexyfn 23 days ago
@Informal English MVP = Most valuable player
Informal English
Informal English 23 days ago
@Matt0409 jokic is about to play in the tournament , he should worry about not falling to the seven seed instead 😂 harden is almost sitting in the first seed , MVP is not for players in 6 seed
Lil Rish
Lil Rish 24 days ago
Cool now tell him To leave
Matt0409 24 days ago
Jokic says hello.
Robert English
Robert English 24 days ago
You no mvp if you go to a super team.
Cameron Knights
Cameron Knights 24 days ago
@Usama Riaz Ansari Not when you’re coaching jordan/pippen and Kobe/shaq Y’all give him way too much credit
Usama Riaz Ansari
Usama Riaz Ansari 24 days ago
@Cameron Knights yes, coach matters and bulls had the goat. Rodman was also averaging 17 rebounds a game which you so effortlessly dismissed.
Cameron Knights
Cameron Knights 24 days ago
@Usama Riaz Ansari Did u just use a coach to make a super team😂😂 And Rodman at the time was 35 and averaged 5 points
Usama Riaz Ansari
Usama Riaz Ansari 24 days ago
@Cameron Knights coached by phil jackson, the goat of coaches and rodman was the best rebounder on the planet at the time all star or not.
Cameron Knights
Cameron Knights 24 days ago
@Usama Riaz Ansari U can’t have a super team without at least 3 all stars, Rodman was no all star. And tf did u bring up bron for
Lakers in 6 💜💛💍
kenne Onuzulike
kenne Onuzulike 24 days ago
@bobby smurda facts
bobby smurda
bobby smurda 24 days ago
Lakers in not even getting to the finals
kenne Onuzulike
kenne Onuzulike 24 days ago
The Omen
The Omen 24 days ago
Media: JoKIc iS tHe mVp Nuggets: *are a 5 seed*
Nyan P
Nyan P 23 days ago
@Jamal pass me the draco I never said kyrie alone makes it a stacked team. I merely said harden hasnt done it alone like everyone claims as harden has only been alone for 6 games. Hes had kyrie the rest of the time. And kyrie is a 28 ppg player so is better than anyone other than embiid on the 76ers so not sure what your point is.
Jamal pass me the draco
@Nyan P kyrie dont make it a stacked team thats like the 76ers sthu
Nyan P
Nyan P 24 days ago
@Tony McKinney what do you mean what
Tony McKinney
Tony McKinney 24 days ago
@Nyan P What ?
Nyan P
Nyan P 24 days ago
@Jamal pass me the draco do your research. Kyrie has only missed 6 games with harden. Harden has only played without both kyrie and kd 6 times of which their record is 4-2. Hes played with kyrie over 20 games. Hes played with both kd and kyrie about 5 games.
Bot 24 days ago
Hes playing with a stacked team averaging a trip dub almost every game no doubt hes the MVP
Big Nutty
Big Nutty 24 days ago
@Home Malone DJ washed bro, the 2 former all stars are still shells of their former selves
Jamal pass me the draco
kd missed like 34 games and kyrie like 16 and lebron has wwon a mvp on a stacked team
Beast Scale
Beast Scale 24 days ago
@Home Malone No they aren't. Blake, Aldridge, and Brown are unproven players at this time cause of various reasons such as Age, health, or 3rd string guy. Joe Harris has too many games where he doesn't get more than 7 points. DeAndre Jordan has his lapses on the defensive end. Without Harden and Kyrie's abilities in being scorers and top notch facilitators, this Nets team doesn't look as good as they do. Especially this win streak Harden and Kyrie has been putting up lately.
Troy Moore
Troy Moore 24 days ago
@Home Malone it's on paper because it's mainly just been Harden playing.
Home Malone
Home Malone 24 days ago
@Sovi Nets have 2 MVP level talents. 1 All Star Starter. 2 former all stars who just got healthy. One of the best three point shooters in the league. With Bruce Brown, Deandre Jordan and a soon to return Spencer Dinwiddie. But they not stacked, only on paper right?😂
Ots bjay
Ots bjay 24 days ago
For me jokic still mvp but harden right there
Born With Golden Spoon
Leaving houston was the best thing for him
HoodyKD 24 days ago
@Ebubechukwu Okeke who cares
Jonas Evans
Jonas Evans 24 days ago
ItsMeMario 24 days ago
What was he suppose to do
Ebubechukwu Okeke
Ebubechukwu Okeke 24 days ago
He didn't do it the correct way tho, that's the problem.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 24 days ago
Go Suns. Phoenix 85° M V P ! ! !
DrRJack 24 days ago
The less than 50 IQ 8 year olds MVP choice
DrRJack 24 days ago
@Bbg 33 I’m not huge on Bron. Jokic is literally redefining what it is to be a center.
bobby smurda
bobby smurda 24 days ago
@Dorianic Im not talking about franchise im talking about basketball history. Hes on pace to be the first player to ever average 25/10/8 on 55% fg in a season
Dorianic 24 days ago
@bobby smurda i mean harden is too for the nets franchise
C-Notes 24 days ago
@bobby smurda facts
bobby smurda
bobby smurda 24 days ago
Jokic is MVP hes putting up historic numbers
Mikal Bridges
Mikal Bridges 24 days ago
I am the mvp
All About the Ny #1
Yes sir
chase on 60fps
chase on 60fps 24 days ago
No I am
Scott H
Scott H 24 days ago
im sorry james, you are MVP but you are not dababy. anyways wasnt lil baby the one at the game?
The Omen
The Omen 24 days ago
Sports Man
Sports Man 24 days ago
Jamal pass me the draco
@DrRJack jokshit not mvp record matters wthu with '' Team success doesn’t matter '' how u gonna be the most valuable player but have a bad team the joker is nice but harden better
The Omen
The Omen 24 days ago
DrRJack 24 days ago
@The OmenTeam success doesn’t matter when you buy yourself a trophy like the nets are.
The Lee Dude
The Lee Dude 24 days ago
@Splashout Na
bobby smurda
bobby smurda 24 days ago
@Splashout correct