James Harden Showing Love to Stephen Silas & Rockets Bench Before the Game | March 31, 2021 

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Houston Rockets vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | March 31, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 55   
Ryan SMITH 19 days ago
Fake love
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 20 days ago
Kyrie ghost dribbling 🔥
For Free
For Free 22 days ago
I see a 🐐 Coach Weaver
TriLL 22 days ago
He will always get love from the H..go get that chip Harden
M S 22 days ago
Call Me Hood
Call Me Hood 22 days ago
Bro idk who to give the mvp too it’s either harden dropping 40 then it’s Kyrie dropping 40 they both been playing Good this year no cap
Brooklyn are a disgrace
BEEZus 22 days ago
Harden knew the cameras would be recording
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 22 days ago
@Daryll Yves Quines he playing to many minutes that nigga need to rest
Daryll Yves Quines
Daryll Yves Quines 22 days ago
Injured si idol harden. He goes out on the court and suffered ight hamstring tightness
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 22 days ago
Where Harden at why he not in the game right now ?
Forest Forest
Forest Forest 22 days ago
"My bad I never gave you a chance to coach me"
Jay Bro
Jay Bro 18 days ago
Forreal 😂😂
NeverrGaveUp 22 days ago
Black Boy D
Black Boy D 22 days ago
Tbh James Harden is Mvp ....
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 22 days ago
He prolly like y’all miss me yet
Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
Bro harden is the true #1 for that Brooklyn nets team idgaf what no body say bout it being kyrie n kd team its harden team he 💰 every game
Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
At this point we mine as well crown the nets all the other top teams players are injured an the rest of the league inconsistent an up n down
LilNASH 22 days ago
yeah quit on ur team and then say u miss them. Miss me with that
Rico McCard
Rico McCard 22 days ago
Kyrie with that handle 🤯🤯
Potential 22 days ago
Silas is amazing for not complaining about the situation that he’s in
Logan Black
Logan Black 19 days ago
@J Th Top 4 shooting guards All-time 1 Kobe Bryant 2 James Harden 3 Allen Iverson 4 Steph Curry
Logan Black
Logan Black 19 days ago
@J Th Top 4 small forwards all-time 1 Pippen 2 Bird 3 Durant 4 LeBron
J Th
J Th 19 days ago
@Logan Black we are talking about what they accomplished at the end of their year
J Th
J Th 19 days ago
@Logan Black cap, Hakeem carried Houston and Pipen wasn’t great, neither was Drexler at the end of his career.
Logan Black
Logan Black 19 days ago
@J Th Houston Rockets Top 4 All-time players 1 Pippen 2 Drexler 3 Hakeem 4 Harden
JAT Trill
JAT Trill 22 days ago
Meanwhile- Kyrie 👋🏾⛹🏾‍♂️😂
Akvileee GT
Akvileee GT 22 days ago
Bruh its sad that harden really want to move to other team bc he really wants to win the championship. probably after getting ring he will go to rockets again
Jesus Name
Jesus Name 20 days ago
@KennyGotBandz I think he will, he loves houston and he said it. He did so much for the community and stuff, once he gets 1 or 2 rings with the Nets he will go in to free agency and resign with us.
KennyGotBandz 22 days ago
He really wanted to win with houston, i wouldnt be surprised if harden returns to houston after a couple of rings 😂
Marquis Benton
Marquis Benton 22 days ago
Rockets win by 6
Jon Hardin
Jon Hardin 22 days ago
They painted t such a bad narrative on Harden and honestly he just balls out and show love. Mature guy.
Hoodie Boy
Hoodie Boy 22 days ago
is this ur home huh??
Taco Fall
Taco Fall 22 days ago
Esteban Gonzales
Esteban Gonzales 22 days ago
Fake love
yemi_ 22 days ago
Did Irving really push Porter to the side so he could continue dribbling? lmao
GSG. KD 22 days ago
@knicker u sus for saying that 😂
Gyasi Kushloudski
Gyasi Kushloudski 22 days ago
@knicker - lil girl
Michael Ramsey
Michael Ramsey 22 days ago
Let him focus and get out the way
Greatest Of Antonio Time Greatest Of Antonio Time
No he just putting out his arm acting like he crossed him up
knicker 22 days ago
Looks like he grabbed something there... 👀 Kyrie sus 😬😬
Edward Brink
Edward Brink 22 days ago
Never really thought much of Harden when he was on the Rockets, for some reason now on the Nets I'm really liking everything I see from him. Seems like a great player, a great leader and a class act.
Nosa Uzamere
Nosa Uzamere 22 days ago
The media made you dislike him
Joshiejandro23 22 days ago
0:09 Kyrie doing some intimidation tactics
NBA Highlight Central
I take huge inspiration from you guys as I am starting a highlight channel of my own! Keep up the great work!
Big Ugly
Big Ugly 22 days ago
Stop advertising bum
NEDSON 22 days ago
someone save stephen silas
Oliver White
Oliver White 22 days ago
The last handshake was golden. Who was he ?? We need that from the Pros🙏🏿🙌🏿👍🏿✊🏿
Timothy Asdent
Timothy Asdent 22 days ago
The living broccoli realistically cure because smell parenthetically shrug around a giddy weight. lowly, low bugle
notxcris 22 days ago
When is kd coming back
Devastinator 22 days ago
Kam Belser
Kam Belser 22 days ago
That’s love man. Appreciating the people that took care of him. That’s a real man
Digital Gravity
Digital Gravity 22 days ago
And Harden made Rockets relevant and a contender after their Yao Ming era but fans didn’t appreciate what Harden did smh
Kam Belser
Kam Belser 22 days ago
@TheMias24 I meant the entire organization dick cheese. He showed love to more than just the coach.
TheMias24 22 days ago
He didn't take care of him lol Harden wanted out before the season even started and barely played for him. But it was nice of Harden to show some love and appreciation.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 22 days ago
He shoulda got a mean Derrick Henry stiff arm to be honest
Waluigi 22 days ago
wrb1291 22 days ago
He did a 180 now that he's where he wants to be
nekaneka20 20
nekaneka20 20 22 days ago
He didn't do a 180. You just didnt watch harden and made assuming options off of higlights and media dude. Harden had Houston on his back for 10 years
Leody Rijo
Leody Rijo 22 days ago
Chris Barclay
Chris Barclay 22 days ago
Peter Quil
Peter Quil 22 days ago
I wish james harden stayed in Houston but he’s better with the nets
DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
I thought the title said he was showing love to Stephen Curry😂😂😂
Braylon Flowers
Braylon Flowers 22 days ago
@Victor Fernandez still havent banned me yet 😂😂😂 im still waiting
Victor Fernandez
Victor Fernandez 22 days ago
@Braylon Flowers if I see you informing again, I’m gonna have to expand a ban sentence on your other account also for life.
Victor Fernandez
Victor Fernandez 22 days ago
@Braylon Flowers plus I’m blaming you for making me lose confidence in how Brooklyn is performing. They were trailing for most of that game and all it’s cause of you that I almost lost confidence before they sparked the run.
Braylon Flowers
Braylon Flowers 22 days ago
@Victor Fernandez THEN DO IT
Victor Fernandez
Victor Fernandez 22 days ago
@Braylon Flowers I’ll get you banned from US-first for life without another account being created
Derrick Perry
Derrick Perry 22 days ago
Gtf outta here
Andres Quiroz
Andres Quiroz 22 days ago
who tf is that other commentator
Andres Quiroz
Andres Quiroz 22 days ago
@Devastinator oh
Devastinator 22 days ago
Sarah Kustok
Andres Quiroz
Andres Quiroz 22 days ago
poor stephen silas, they put him in a horrible situation and they gonna fire him anytime soon
Shan's Channel
Shan's Channel 21 day ago
@jashane stone nah they are tanking
jashane stone
jashane stone 21 day ago
That's a good analogy @Shan's Channel But that's why you don't know Sports. The coach always catches the "fire"..
Lxgacy 22 days ago
@Molten Order olynyk lowkey is a nice pickup for us he fits our offense really well cuz it’s spaced out and he got the green light and as of right now* he’s being way more consistent than oladipo, plus oladipo was on a bad contract and had no intentions of resigning so it was actually a smart trade
Raphael Englander
Raphael Englander 22 days ago
@BlixeonOnCD what? Did u see what they traded Harden for??
Mayur Patel
Mayur Patel 22 days ago
@BlixeonOnCD no they dont
Jeremy Collins Jr
Jeremy Collins Jr 22 days ago
Nice sportmanship.
Sebastian Vizcarra
Sebastian Vizcarra 22 days ago
Trinell Duke
Trinell Duke 22 days ago
The Nets are the best Team in the league.
MikeyMike_CD7 22 days ago
People forget playoffs are a different game
Swishnet 22 days ago
Won’t be in the playoffs.
Brion Butler
Brion Butler 22 days ago
Class act
Ayanle Jamale
Ayanle Jamale 22 days ago
Nice 2nd
Cameron Mansuri
Cameron Mansuri 22 days ago
WESTBEASTツΨඞ 22 days ago
No one is getting fooled by you James.
WESTBEASTツΨඞ 22 days ago
@Chxbuka bruh
Chxbuka 22 days ago
Ain't you just dap him up a few games ago?💀
WESTBEASTツΨඞ 22 days ago
@Vegeta Bule thats ironic
delstephen123 22 days ago
KawhiLowry-Gaming 22 days ago
Paul George
Paul George 22 days ago
I thought is was stephen curry not Stephen Silas
Syzics 22 days ago
Abbas Jaffrey
Abbas Jaffrey 22 days ago
NBAONEDAY 22 days ago
First! Lol 😂
NBAONEDAY 22 days ago
Yeah I used the filter and saw I was second! 😵😤
XPERTGAMER 22 days ago
Not first! lol 😂😂😂
delstephen123 22 days ago
Nice! First!. And first like plus comment and view!.
delstephen123 22 days ago
@WESTBEASTツΨඞ yep I am glad!.
WESTBEASTツΨඞ 22 days ago
Wow what an accomplishment
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