Kyle Korver Gets PRANKED on Inside the NBA | April 1, 2021 

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Apr 1, 2021




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Kent Hayden Parngao
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Gozilla 15 days ago
Kyle Korver at the Nets?
arjay mapayo
arjay mapayo 16 days ago
I miss you Kyle korver
lazysundayz 16 days ago
Who has the higher career prct kyle for 3s or shaq for FTs
William Courts
William Courts 17 days ago
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Can someone explain to me where the usual squad is? Shaq Charles Ernie and Kenny. Why are the replacing them with this subpar roster
D0cT0rFaTE 18 days ago
Ok Ron burgundy
Javi Rios
Javi Rios 18 days ago
Record for most consecutive games with a 3 right?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 18 days ago
Let’s prank the white guy. Reeeeeaaaal original.
hussein 18 days ago
kyle korver is a underrated legend don't @ me
daddy walker
daddy walker 18 days ago
We kno what u should be doing in retirement Kyle korver lol
Jason Cromey
Jason Cromey 18 days ago
Korver looking like he belongs on The Vampire Diaries
Eli Dakid
Eli Dakid 19 days ago
So what happened to regular crew I’m lost smh
RIVIM Active
RIVIM Active 19 days ago
bruhhh I miss Kyle so baddd
JayGriffin23 19 days ago
So the 05 Heat reunion is what Im excited about.
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 19 days ago
Korver Bird!
Petey Vieyra
Petey Vieyra 19 days ago
bro i love kyle korver
LeBeautiful 19 days ago
Ashton Kutcher getting pranked? whattt
Issac Bonga
Issac Bonga 17 days ago
The goat
Theo Achting
Theo Achting 19 days ago
I need Ernie back this guy is a chump
LMR LBI 19 days ago
So is Kyle retired?
balling is life
balling is life 19 days ago
ngl No homo Kyle korver is one beautiful man 🤐
Yo Go
Yo Go 19 days ago
Greatest shooter
Terry O
Terry O 19 days ago
Wth is Candace😥?
Ramon Bryant
Ramon Bryant 19 days ago
Wait. Cause I’m confused. Where’s Ernie, Charles, and Kenny?
Inferno Dragon
Inferno Dragon 20 days ago
Man this panel has no chemistry at all... What happened to the old cast.?? Rachel & RJ are more entertaining than this snoozefest...
Juan Mollowda
Juan Mollowda 20 days ago
Where the is Ernie and Barkley Oh yeah where is Kenny too
aaliyahy 20 days ago
I watched it 4 times and still didn’t get the “prank” 😂
Yes You Are Right But
I cant hear what he says at the end, I think thats where the joke is. I think the Team that he was supposed to be in favor for was not a Team he liked or something!! Not sure because the text was not for him anyway so....
Loki 18 days ago
@Fitness Gamer Bruh the tweet was 10 times funnier.
Fitness Gamer
Fitness Gamer 19 days ago
Same I don't get the joke
Jack Liu
Jack Liu 20 days ago
What happen to ernie, chuck and kenny??
JR 20 days ago
Korver will always be a legend to me. Help me take the bulls to the finals on nba2k11. I couldn’t miss threes when I controlled him
Jeremy Newton
Jeremy Newton 20 days ago
D wade got the Kemba Walker cut. Lol 😂
MEECH !! 20 days ago
This show is so ass and dry smh it strictly needs to be Shaq Chuck and Kenny/CWeb ..Candace and Dwade are horrible and need to go
Theodor Weiss
Theodor Weiss 20 days ago
Kyle Korver seems like such a genuine guy
Mando Ball
Mando Ball 20 days ago
I thought having Korver on the segment was a prank to the entire audience
Pedro Valentino
Pedro Valentino 20 days ago
He’s kinda boring and awkward to me.
David Gibson
David Gibson 20 days ago
Matthew Chea
Matthew Chea 20 days ago
Kyle Korver is legit!!!!!
Mykelo Tan
Mykelo Tan 20 days ago
Ashton Kutcher
Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton 20 days ago
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 20 days ago
Mila Kunis gotta grab her man
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach 20 days ago
Kyle gonna sign with the nets
Armani K
Armani K 20 days ago
Kyle Korver and JJ Reddick remind me of each other
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 20 days ago
Missed that corner 3 bitch
E M Williams
E M Williams 20 days ago
They used to say that Kyle korver was the best shooter in the nba. April fools!
Jamirimaj 20 days ago
he's mouthing "L....." before he turned on DWade and noticed that it is a prank hmmm 🤔
Andrei Ruiz
Andrei Ruiz 20 days ago
Go to Lakers Korver! Not the Nets pls!
Heraclitean 20 days ago
Over 400 pygmies could sleep inside the hollow of that desk.
Aj Socool
Aj Socool 20 days ago
Wth is this new group?
HC DaVe 20 days ago
d wade so cringe on TV
Kay Dee
Kay Dee 20 days ago
One of my favorite Hawks ever
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 20 days ago
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Beede Bawng
Beede Bawng 20 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks Kyle may have a smidgen of non-White blood in his genetics?
Gee Gee
Gee Gee 20 days ago
What did he say I couldn’t hear him
T Mac
T Mac 20 days ago
One player that doesn't have any haters. Respect for Kyle
ThatNerdIsCool 20 days ago
Ashton Kutcher finally got Punkd.
justice gutierrez
justice gutierrez 20 days ago
Wade bouta break em up😭
mike mailei
mike mailei 20 days ago
Glad to see Corver on the show.
Thurston Bibian
Thurston Bibian 20 days ago
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Scarface7581 20 days ago
Cool that huge lady’s not here tonight
Matthew Scheller
Matthew Scheller 21 day ago
I love this cuz I met Kyle
Kevinn Juelle
Kevinn Juelle 21 day ago
love to see Kyle Korver again hope he can stay on this show
Carbon Crowns
Carbon Crowns 21 day ago
For the longest time, Korver looked like a vampire to me...
Hence01 21 day ago
ha ha ha guys! you got me!
CaDymuZik 21 day ago
Kyle needs to be on somebody’s championship contender team this postseason. Fk the BS lol
MalRulesAll 21 day ago
Classic Tycoon
Classic Tycoon 21 day ago
They need a bigger desk
Norman McEvoy
Norman McEvoy 21 day ago
Kyle ‘Simple Jack’ Korver in the thumbnail lol
Cairo Weaver
Cairo Weaver 21 day ago
He’s my favorite player.
Theodore McLaughlin
I don't understand the prank? Was he supposed to call D-Wade a bad teammate?
Jaden DeBoy
Jaden DeBoy 21 day ago
Can you join the lakers ?
Bray 21 day ago
Connoriscool 21 day ago
Epic people
Woojae Park
Woojae Park 21 day ago
Lakers should sign him.
Truth makes you free.
Like Korver in there. He is a natural.
Dolores Condren
Dolores Condren 21 day ago
They pulled the same prank on Charles Barkley a few years ago. This show is just rehashing the same jokes and items. Just much less funny without Ernie, Kenny and Chuck.
J K 21 day ago
Ugly af fake laugh by Korver
Biodynamics Vienna
I ll give this a 9
Okay Coomer
Okay Coomer 21 day ago
Korver can go toe to toe with Klay.
deicide 21 day ago
76ers should sign him for a vet minimum. drafted by nets but he started there. fitting to end his career. might even have a chance to win a ring.
RetroTV1 21 day ago
He should be nba shooting jumpers rn lol lakers need him
PapiRy 21 day ago
Tom cruise looking like Ashton Kutcher
Micoh de Guzman
Micoh de Guzman 21 day ago
When were they teammates tho? With the Cavs?
Fyi_Ryan 21 day ago
What happened to Chuck Ernie and Kenny
Kallmean 21 day ago
Let him stay on the show instead of that former WNBA player
adingdingdiiing 21 day ago
Why isn't this dude making movies anymore?
DeeJay 21 day ago
Lol bruh
19 Stanley
19 Stanley 21 day ago
i give it 9.
Michael Bautista
Michael Bautista 21 day ago
pls replace Shaq.
chris stewart
chris stewart 21 day ago
kyle curver looks like a super villian
gunsmotleyqueen 21 day ago
Waiting for dirk to show up on one of these
gunsmotleyqueen 21 day ago
@DeeJay cause im a dirk fan
DeeJay 21 day ago
Lol why him?
ElliteMonkey Gamer
The Twitter roast I thought he was on somebody bench😂😂😂 nah that’s messed up but he can still shoot
Pheng Vue
Pheng Vue 21 day ago
It’s not the same without Kenny and Barkely
DeeJay 21 day ago
ikr 😥
Jim's Playground
Jim's Playground 21 day ago
Im looking forward to seeing more of Kyle as an analyst.
J SALADIN 21 day ago
Plexiglass? You guys are fcking weird for that.
Seahawkfan1108 21 day ago
Why isn't this man on an NBA team still?!?!?
The Karen From Hell
Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher almost look the same.
DeeJay 21 day ago
Twins separated at birth 😮
Kayla Knox
Kayla Knox 21 day ago
Where is Charles, Ernie and Kenny
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 21 day ago
d wade gave the prank a 9/10
Junior Balderas
Junior Balderas 21 day ago
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply 21 day ago
dwade ruined the punchline as usual
DaDon 1K
DaDon 1K 21 day ago
I don’t get it ??
TheGhostof Versailles
Kyle Korver an awesome fit