Kyrie Irving Apologizes to Nets Fans, Postgame Interview - Knicks vs Nets | April 5, 2021 

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New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | April 5, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Apr 5, 2021




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Abdikarim Hirey
Masha'Allah Alhamdulillah proud of my Muslim brother Kyrie Irving.ALLAHU AKBAR. RAMADAN MUBARAK.
-b-hc -
-b-hc - 2 days ago
0:40 Kyrie greatful to Allah. 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍🕌🕌🕌🕋🕋🕋
GOLAZO 3 days ago
Fahad Dimaro
Fahad Dimaro 3 days ago
Asim Khan
Asim Khan 3 days ago
Allah hu akbar
James Buckner
James Buckner 3 days ago
Alhamdulillah! May Allah continue to guide you Kyrie Inshallah
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 3 days ago
I M 3 days ago
Nets have no fans... lol
Abd 4 days ago
Yusef Arline
Yusef Arline 4 days ago
Ameen brother
سابرينا 5 days ago
Alhamdullilah for Islam
el chappo
el chappo 6 days ago
Kyrie gave LeBron his first ring
Javiii. 7 days ago
Lavache Beadsman
Lavache Beadsman 8 days ago
Does he... think subways go to New Jersey?
GGG Mac 8 days ago
free headd
free headd 8 days ago
Jesus loves you
Abdillah Ammar Faiq
Masha Allah Kyrie is the most Halal Men of 2021
G H 9 days ago
Welcome to Islam brother
Moath Abuzeina
Moath Abuzeina 9 days ago
Love kyrie Thank you Allah
jason escudero
jason escudero 10 days ago
Si LeBron na susunod mag balik Islam InshaAllah! ☝️💪
Ibrahim Duran
Ibrahim Duran 10 days ago
He praise Allah. Only one God😇
Leon Johnson
Leon Johnson 11 days ago
Apologized to air
j jones
j jones 12 days ago
Kyrie mvp
D Harr
D Harr 13 days ago
Pete Allen
Pete Allen 13 days ago
A player that sounded excited about his job! Not this miserable, trying to be cool attitude.
오르마이토 13 days ago
Not to undermine Kyrie’s ability, but if getting double teamed down the stretch lead him to a turnover, imagine how hard it must be for curry who gets triple teamed basically every game.
Kennyy03 13 days ago
He a beast man he clutches everytime so he always good in ma book
A.J. Sherbinow
A.J. Sherbinow 13 days ago
Guys I think youtube is breaking... Who the hell is Nagi-Kun?
Raj 13 days ago
Dude feels pretentious.
Bill Redenbocker
Bill Redenbocker 13 days ago
Kyrie Irving is a walking meme
Burgun DYE
Burgun DYE 14 days ago
Look at kyrie truly inspirational
danish singh
danish singh 14 days ago
Allahmdullilah may allah keep kyrie to the straight path 🙏🏾
ibrahim said ahmed
SSNOVABOY BOY 14 days ago
Daja Byrd
Daja Byrd 14 days ago
He’s growing up and you can really tell just wish we had more Kyrie Irving and Lebron 😂👌🏾
Sega Game Cast
Sega Game Cast 14 days ago
ay random question ..... what kind of headphones are those - the sound is immaculate.
Dallas Marshall
Dallas Marshall 14 days ago
NIGGA!! Adam Silver needs to apologize to the knicks for this team being a fucking thing!
Big Glock Horizontal
Did he say Grateful to Allah" @ 0:40?
Fighting Witchcraft 24/7 Ministries
Jesus Christ is God our Savior Jesus Christ
She_Luv_Green 14 days ago
Imagine thinking that your dumb how can you think a human is god
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 14 days ago
I don't know but Kyrie looks thin as the months passes by and I feel sad emotions from him. Does he have some kind of problem that don't want to talk about ? I'm not a huge fan but this feels weird. It looks like he's hiding something from us.
josh springsteen
josh springsteen 14 days ago
He seems so humble, Harden has been playing selfless, and Durant is back so it think it over for the east and maybe all of the nba.
Davidian Bros Productions
Ray 14 days ago
The Mamba way
The Future
The Future 15 days ago
Why don’t you apologize to the Celtic Fans?? You lied to them.
Ahmed 15 days ago
To those who said he is not a leader. Smdh. Dummies
LJTHESECOND TV 15 days ago
Kyrie is toxic as hell. Anything he says is toxic. The nets entire team is toxic aside from harden. Especially punk ass Blake
D H 15 days ago
Cannon Butts
Cannon Butts 15 days ago
You know they really gave their soul away when they say “man from above” people always say “god” it’s not hard saying that
Qua Camp
Qua Camp 12 days ago
Said Allah dummy
NoAutoGripp 15 days ago
kyrie shoutin out jersey thats so tuff
Devean Buchanan
Devean Buchanan 15 days ago
Kyrie with the Kobe band? Scary
Miguel Camacho
Miguel Camacho 15 days ago
Kyrie needs to be in the MVP convo
M.A 15 days ago
Did he say Allah?
NPR Wikeepa
NPR Wikeepa 15 days ago
Swear Kyrie that dude who creepy close with his sister
Onetakefrms5 15 days ago
If you hear “Yeaa kyrie”, towards the end that was me 😭
Joseph H.
Joseph H. 15 days ago
Kyrie is my favorite player I'm basketball.
Tony Ucar
Tony Ucar 15 days ago
What a bum.
Ali Bar
Ali Bar 15 days ago
Did Kyrie say ALLAH
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 15 days ago
Apologize for flat Earth retardation
Mutasim M
Mutasim M 15 days ago
Yessir kyrie
Ace Cheso
Ace Cheso 15 days ago
Kyrie sounds like he found himself he sounds heaps confident it’s good
Bryson Reed
Bryson Reed 15 days ago
Jesus is the only God
KingRaul 15 days ago
Allah = God *grabs popcorn*
Immortal Kombat
Immortal Kombat 15 days ago
He’s an effortless public speaker.
Bakeel Omian
Bakeel Omian 15 days ago
May allah guide u kyire Irving
A Love
A Love 15 days ago
Celtic fans: "He doesn't mean it"
RT 15 days ago
Kyrie is bipolar. Hes thanking God now and apologizing to fans? He was casting out evil with incense and not giving af about the fans just a few weeks ago lol
Raj Sakaria
Raj Sakaria 16 days ago
Kyrie starting to look like Uncle Drew.
WAYOFLIFESQ 16 days ago
I love that Kyrie thanked Allah! He knows what it is! Not falling victim to that false propaganda against islam! Keep it up Kyrie!!
UJC 16 hours ago
Jesus!!!!! allah , mohammed are satan himself!
Faze Mystic
Faze Mystic Day ago
Mohammad Ali Pacasum
tribeofjuda 3 days ago
@Ali Abrahem Only time will tell. Let's see where he's at in his spiritual journey in about a year from now. Most people fail to mention that in the very same tweet on March 5, 2021where he mentions praises to God (Allah), he also gives a big shout out to Neter, Wakhan Thanka, et al. He appears to be your typical young man on his own spiritual quest to better know God, which is a beautiful thing. But let's not get ahead of ourselves with our own spiritual preferences. Give him the space and liberty which he needs and truly deserves as a young person. Otherwise we may not like him as much next year should he decide to go another direction as he did from this time last year when his preference was Mother Earth and Buddha. I'm sure that you still see the Buddha tattoo still emblazoned on his right shoulder every game, right? Just relax. God don't need us to defend who He is through Kyrie Irving, He's God all by Himself. He will defend Himself in the end.
Fowsia Muse
Fowsia Muse 3 days ago
@Ali Abrahem true
Dontail 16 days ago
The amount of times this nigga kyrie touch that headset
Mashiach Adonai
Mashiach Adonai 16 days ago
"Oh! you are muslim Now! " ... I aint mad at ya!
G Wang
G Wang 16 days ago
Praise to allah he say
Sonojah 16 days ago
Any black person that is a Muslim is sadly VERY misguided. Muhammed hated just about everything black.
FyleMK 16 days ago
Good to see Kyrie doing better physical and seems to be mentally too, can't always tell though but I hope that's the case
Evan James
Evan James 16 days ago
There is a point with repeated behavior where apologies don’t mean anything anymore. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻💩💩💩
James Lewis
James Lewis 16 days ago
Did he apologize to Cavs and Boston fans 🤔🤭
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 16 days ago
Josh Bush
Josh Bush 16 days ago
We gone get in dawg fights some nights but we have the will power to over come any obstacle in the NBA...
Beecho EEZ
Beecho EEZ 16 days ago
Kyrie goated don’t care wat no one says
Worls Stalbord
Worls Stalbord 16 days ago
Brooklyn mentality
eidetic XR
eidetic XR 16 days ago
god bless allah bless be bababooey
Smokey Poop
Smokey Poop 16 days ago
1:20 respect ✊🏽
Kingston Ross
Kingston Ross 16 days ago
Yessir 🔥🔥🏀
pascalrouen 16 days ago
Allah is dead. Have you ever heard him respond? No. However, Jesus is alive, and He is Lord. There is no other. Ask Allah to do something, then ask Jesus to do something - and watch which one responds. Jesus is the only way, the only truth, and the only life. There is no other.
Nimbus Kid 息子
Look how many Muslims respect your religion. Why can’t you show at least some love to us during Ramadan?
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally 16 days ago
Jesus Christ is Lord!
Dota Guide
Dota Guide 10 days ago
You cant call him Lord because hes a messenger he said it himself. You cant find anything in the bible that stated that he is God himself. May your mind be enlighten
Dennis Opoku
Dennis Opoku 15 days ago
@Mohamud Hwhether it changed or not its not the point I had an experience with Jesus; you didn't. I don't know how an "altered" Bible gives you access to cast out demons.
Mohamud H
Mohamud H 15 days ago
@Dennis Opoku yes i respect that but the quran has never changed over the years but the bible has
Dennis Opoku
Dennis Opoku 15 days ago
@Mohamud H Ok so I had always called myself a Christian because I grew up in a Christian household but I didn't truly know Jesus. I would go to church on Sunday and then do whatever I wanted. I was checking people out, lying, swearing, etc. So my family took a trip to New Jersey in 2019 during the summer. It was for a Church event. That's when I truly saw Jesus' power. Literal demons were casted out, prophecies were given over the lives of people, including me, and we heard God speak through someone on the last day! So we went back home and I started seeking God and I've been growing in his favor. I went back to school and started preaching to my friends and I was persecuted. When quarantine hit, I had time to seek God more. I started having more experiences. Some of my friends have a relationship with Jesus now because if the work that he started in me. I'm 15. I got saved when I was 13. If Jesus isn't real then I don't know how I managed to stop checking girls out. Furthermore if Jesus didn't die on the cross, we're all dammed to go to Hell.
Mohamud H
Mohamud H 15 days ago
whatever allah is lord
m e
m e 16 days ago
Who can hate this man
Hereafter Is Now
Hereafter Is Now 16 days ago
I just became a fan of Kyrie's again for Who he gave Praise to ~
Black 16 days ago
0:41 APDTA!
Belarion A.D.
Belarion A.D. 16 days ago
Kyries a Muslim?!
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta 16 days ago
Nets don't have any fans lmao
Ty Jeff
Ty Jeff 16 days ago
kyrie a real one
Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland 16 days ago
That turnover made me so anxious
Gary Kentigian
Gary Kentigian 16 days ago
So this f****** a****** can praise Allah during a broadcast but Tim Tebow kneeling... that's a problem
Mo Nas
Mo Nas 16 days ago
"Great always to allah" god
Feet Soles Galore
Feet Soles Galore 16 days ago
The only athlete not afraid to say "all praise due to Alla"
Cody Reacts
Cody Reacts 16 days ago
A Great Man! 💯
Thomas Matthews
Thomas Matthews 16 days ago
I swear the media won’t utter a single word from this post game interview from Kyrie... probably because it doesn’t push the narrative of him being a cancer to his team 🤫
Brodric Johnson
Brodric Johnson 16 days ago
Amen! All glory to God.
Deucee 16 days ago
Kyrie got the same mannerisms as Kobe RIP BEAN
conch .
conch . 16 days ago
David Amuka
David Amuka 16 days ago
Repent.and turn to God
Steven Tannert
Steven Tannert 16 days ago
For Kyrie not celebrating Christian holidays he sure does thank God a lot...
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 16 days ago
Lots of these holidays Christians celebrate aren’t even accurate tbh
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