LaMarcus Aldridge Checks in for His First Game as as Net vs Hornets | April 1, 2021 

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Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | April 1, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 39   
2x finals sweep flopper
Who here after retiring
Mike 1
Mike 1 8 days ago
was this the last game aldridge played? or some one lmk?
Atiq Atiq
Atiq Atiq 7 days ago
Last one was against lakers
Jayson City
Jayson City 8 days ago
Who here after hearing Lamarcus retired
Jayson City
Jayson City 8 days ago
@jason r. 🙏🙏
jason r.
jason r. 8 days ago
So sad for him man i thought this is the best season for him to win a championship after he joins the talented team of nets but its always health first rather than anything prayers for L.A 🙏
David 19 days ago
So durant won't play until playoffs
O 19 days ago
So what happens to DJ now ?? If LA plays center ??
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 20 days ago
LA in Brooklyn 😳
Beast Scale
Beast Scale 21 day ago
Crazy how Kyrie, Hayward, Rozier, and Wanamaker are all on one court together again. Crazy man
RyzenKurt Ritchie
Mayan King
Mayan King 20 days ago
What happens when they win it
Jesse James
Jesse James 21 day ago
Aldridge is a beast in the post and can hit 3s if they go big it can be DJ Aldridge at the 4 and KD at the 3 that’s some good length
Jesse James
Jesse James 19 days ago
@O 2nd unit
O 19 days ago
Where does Blake come in ?
khelangelo official
all star vs hornets
Youtuber Rozonexkt
As as net
Mr Millennium 26
Mr Millennium 26 21 day ago
The Spurs gave him up for a Season pass at Disney world
Jerod Farmer
Jerod Farmer 21 day ago
And everybody remember The Nets have so much talent so they don’t win the championship it’s a bust
Power House
Power House 21 day ago
I agree
Dante Griffin
Dante Griffin 21 day ago
La looking like a groupie im wit the nets now😇
Blxzard YT
Blxzard YT 20 days ago
Fake fan
killerlol-GAMING 21 day ago
3 all stars 4 hall of famers
Logan Black
Logan Black 21 day ago
Nets will lose in 1st round guarantee
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 21 day ago
I love how all you miserable haters are coming at my Brooklyn Nets ! Bring itttt
Aerzei 21 day ago
@Logan Black only thing funny is you
Logan Black
Logan Black 21 day ago
@Josh 3 LoL
Josh 3
Josh 3 21 day ago
ok bud. they're first in the east, have won 8 of their last 10, just made a huge addition in Aldridge, and STILL have the slim reaper waiting to suit up. good luck with that lol
Ra The Sun God
Ra The Sun God 21 day ago
Booooo! Most unlikeable team ever "assembled"
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 21 day ago
Okkkkkk now lol smh
Ra The Sun God
Ra The Sun God 21 day ago
@nolimitpedro _ I hate the Lakers too, but to answer your question is because Kyrie,KD, and Harden all have unlikeable personalities. They are a "cash grab" of an NBA team without any real identity. Almost like a sinister 6 to fight LeBron or something lmao.
nolimitpedro _
nolimitpedro _ 21 day ago
Y coz they not the Mickey Mouse lakers ?
MrTelephone0987 21 day ago
Checks in....hes in the starting line up 🤷🏾🤦🏾🤣
DaHeroSlayerr 21 day ago
Joe Harris have got to give Aldridge his number man 😅
Levi Ackermann
Levi Ackermann 21 day ago
I prefer not number 21 is the number of tim Duncan and rn la is kinda looking like Timmy d r
I'm gay but
I'm gay but 21 day ago
He said if Aldridge asks him for it he will give it to him.
Elian Yap
Elian Yap 21 day ago
0:55 kyrie with the handles
Jerod Farmer
Jerod Farmer 21 day ago
Man the starting lineup when everyone come back healthy PG Kyrie SG James Harden SF Kevin. Durant PF Blake Griffin Center Deandre Jordan
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 21 day ago
You had to ruin it I know you meant Lamarcus is the starting Center
AAA 21 day ago
Nate K facts lmao these dudes really think Blake and dj are both gonna start 🤣 dj ain’t even gonna play when they’re fully healthy
Jesse James
Jesse James 21 day ago
Naw Aldridge over DJ his post game will get everyone else open which is DANGEROUS
Cameron Sanders
Cameron Sanders 21 day ago
@Premo blake is not starting he will play 2nd unit or third string depending on what they need
Premo 21 day ago
James, Kyrie, Kevin, Blake, Lamarcus
As K
As K 21 day ago
DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
Watch how he is gonna to look like his old self again....
Drill 21 day ago
You called it. He almost got a double double.😂
TheyloveDre 21 day ago
as as??????????? Fix ur title
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 21 day ago
That title tho
Sports Man
Sports Man 21 day ago
I know lol
BKNY 21 day ago
NETS up by 21 as of now, make that 24 pts, scratch that, 27 pts
Devastinator 21 day ago
Devastinator 21 day ago
A.T X 21 day ago
Brooklyn got so much depth
Paul Allan Baccay
2021 NBA champion “Nets”...? Waaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!
Paul Allan Baccay
@Aj Mcphatter reserved KD & 4mer teamm8 Griffin, Jordan!
Aj Mcphatter
Aj Mcphatter 21 day ago
2030 yo the netssssss they suck bro 😂😂
Obi Toppin
Obi Toppin 21 day ago
Hello LaMarcus
Roc_Official 21 day ago
Obi 1
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome 21 day ago
Those Brooklyn jerseys are hideous
Yoda 21 day ago
I like them
Coo1io 21 day ago
Like one of my favorite players of all time tmac once said, you crazy bruhhh
Kaleb Robinson
Kaleb Robinson 21 day ago
we the first here wooo
aJFKexperience 21 day ago
LaMarcus Aldridge Checks in for His First Game as as Net vs Hornets | April 1, 2021
O Kareem
O Kareem 21 day ago
The fact that Jeff Green is their starting center
Rawr 123
Rawr 123 21 day ago
He's already used to it since he's the backup center on the rockets.
Jigen lll
Jigen lll 21 day ago
He be coming off the bench soon..
Ben Littlefield
Ben Littlefield 21 day ago
He boutta get injured Mark my word
itchonzzz 21 day ago
god, is that you ?
The Lee Dude
The Lee Dude 21 day ago
@Coo1io Fax LA ain't washed like people are saying
Coo1io 21 day ago
@The Lee Dude he looking real nice out there, this game is just over though good god, hornets gotta send out the bench already.
The Lee Dude
The Lee Dude 21 day ago
@Coo1io Fax
Coo1io 21 day ago
The nets ain’t the lakers 💀 they took time to make sure he was ready
Geo Hernandez
Geo Hernandez 21 day ago
heardi 21 day ago
Jimmy Butler gonna expose KD in the playoffs
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 21 day ago
What you smoking ?! KD is official he always scores at every level against any team you crazy. Butler nice but he ain’t stopping KD. Don’t worry about KD can you even stop Harden and Kyrie lol
Maya Tusk
Maya Tusk 21 day ago
@Ioane easily, just do what's best for you or end up like players who were too loyal to places that didn't care about surrounding such player with pieces to win a chip.
Ioane 21 day ago
@Maya Tusk but how u gonna pull an "if u can't beat em, join em"
Maya Tusk
Maya Tusk 21 day ago
@Ioane we're talking about a new generation of players forming superteams. Lol, this is my first time bringing it up. Y'all are in feels from KD accepting that he couldn't win with russ as the #1 guy and picked up Draymond's phone call.
Jorel How
Jorel How 21 day ago
U smokin crack bro??? No one stoppin kd only injuries will.
WILLIAM GREY 21 day ago
Brooklyn traitors
Alexander Bond
Alexander Bond 21 day ago
@Juan Carlos bruh shut up and get a life
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 21 day ago
Shut up how they traitors ? For trying to win and get better players ? That’s every teams goal. Problem is not all teams can do it but Brooklyn did haters!!!!!
heardi 21 day ago
@AM Dude im talking about kd joining warriors, exactly
AM Dude
AM Dude 21 day ago
@heardi kd joining the nets wasn’t a problem. That is equivalent of AD joining the lakers. If you are talking about kd joining GSW. Then I see your point.
Alexander Bond
Alexander Bond 21 day ago
@heardi ik he did the same but we were talking about now
Bicycle of Hydraulics
Bicycle of Hydraulics