LaMarcus Aldridge Talks NETS DEBUT, Postgame Interview - Hornets vs Nets | April 1, 2021 

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Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | April 1, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 76   
Lorenzo Torre
Lorenzo Torre 7 days ago
Earvin Johnson
Earvin Johnson 7 days ago
who here after he retired
RICHARDFLORES2100 20 days ago
Pop didn’t let him play his style. His way of playing and what he likes. That’s why he didn’t want to play. I loved pop. But I hope he retires soon. He is now ruining my spurs. And it’s sad.
prison mike
prison mike 20 days ago
imagine telling someone in 2015 that the best big man in a team of griffin, jordan and aldridge will be a 2nd year player named claxton lmfao. (just look up the stats, the dude IS BY FAR the best defensive big they have and his offense fits hardens playstyle very nicely)
Hence01 20 days ago
Something about Aldridge running...watching that keeps me going in life.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 20 days ago
papers stacked
Mike 2400
Mike 2400 20 days ago
He's going to get so many open looks with this squad. Nets and Nuggets are looking scary. Can't wait for the playoffs.
Yimchi 21 day ago
2:00 last question, had about 20 you know(s) in about 10 seconds. I just wanted everyone to know, you know.
Spoogle 21 day ago
So happy for this dude! To bad Zaza ruined his chances in 17 but now LA got a chance with the Nets!!!
B.C. IS GOD 21 day ago
I’m a Spurs fan from Brooklyn I don’t have much to complain about here I’m used to seeing him like this
m4Rk 21 day ago
Stackeist team ever... And what if they become bust this covid year...
Marshall Kohlhaas
Yes Mr. Aldridge I cant stand Aquarius's either! (Popovich).They are smart and in intriguing but rub most Cancer's the wrong way... difficult for an Aquarius to give a Cancer what he needs. and Visa Versa... like a Libra and Cancer, they just don't see eye to eye
Freak Luke Official
Back to the basket game is crazy he really did admire the “Big fundamental “ Tim Duncan
Florida Mercenary
Man I hope we see Heat vs Nets playoffs. I think Heat can take it to 7 and even win it
MrLynksys1000 21 day ago
You know what, I do know what you're saying LA
Dennis Bautista
Dennis Bautista 21 day ago
Go nets
DrRazzleDazzle 21 day ago
JC 0317
JC 0317 21 day ago
LeMarcus LeAldridge Getting his first Ring
Nikola Prahov
Nikola Prahov 21 day ago
you know....you know you know.......you know you know
Onboarddatracks 21 day ago
Dude said I can see the smile on your face
Teddy R
Teddy R 21 day ago
Its fun to see the Nets destroy their opponents. And they can still get better. Watch out.
Miami Vibes
Miami Vibes 21 day ago
Why the he'll he look like Darth vader
Ty B
Ty B 21 day ago
The Real Scary Hours is about to begin
niceu 21 day ago
damn you reminded me again about brandon roy
k hereko babu??
k hereko babu?? 21 day ago
you know
jose Dolly
jose Dolly 21 day ago
just give the Ring to NETS..,no competition here...
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 21 day ago
Why even listen to what he's saying. You already know you know?
Jesse James
Jesse James 21 day ago
And these (Lebron Fans) think Drummond was a better pick than Aldridge 😆😂💀💀
Anonymous Tofu
Anonymous Tofu 21 day ago
@DunkMan 11 yeah but I doubt Drummond is going to stay after he becomes a free agent. He’s looking for a max deal he just signed in LA to try to get a ring. Lamarcus Aldridge might retire if he ends up with a ring tbh.
DunkMan 11
DunkMan 11 21 day ago
Drummond is younger but I'd say overall both pick ups for both the Lakers and the Nets were good
Marshall Christopher
They thought he was Kareem 🤣🤣🤣
Patty W
Patty W 21 day ago
Hope those guys have more confidence and good show at every games.
brittani Cunningham
Look at LaMarcus aldrige so inspirital
DPR Productions
DPR Productions 21 day ago
One thing is for sure: LA is the undisputed KING of throwing multiple "You Know"s in every sentence.... 4, 7, then 11 times for a total of 22 "You Know"'s in his 3 responses here. Try counting them and see. It's something you can't "Un-hear" once you notice it. I ❤️U LA, but please get some coaching on verbal crutch defense! 😆 PS: Grats on a nice game!
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 21 day ago
LaMarcus is about to get his first ring
Shaun Frederick
Shaun Frederick 21 day ago
"i got as much money as I could for as long as I can", now I cant get as much money so I may as well get a ring."
Hanzie 21 day ago
LA turned down the Lakers twice already
NeverrGaveUp 21 day ago
Old man got revived
Raoul D’Souza
Raoul D’Souza 21 day ago
Kept saying he happy to be himself now, Coach Pop didn’t allow that?
Zaza Pacheapshot
Zaza Pacheapshot 21 day ago
Well pop already admitted that he over-coached aldridge at one point. Another thing is that, after pau gasol left the spurs, they didn't have any starting center at the time. So as the tallest man on the team, aldridge was forced to play 5 instead of playing naturally as a 4. It didn't work out well for both aldridge and the spurs.
colbushi 21 day ago
He was getting older, not the same player when he joined the Spurs. What makes the Nets a great team is Kyrie and KD's personality to let any of their players be themselves. If they like the 3, everyone has a chance to shoot it. That's how he was able to win championships with GSW, he was himself and let other be themselves, no ego involve.
Kenney Oakwood
Kenney Oakwood 21 day ago
Lamarcus "You Know" Aldridge ✅ the channel
Mike 2400
Mike 2400 20 days ago
@Andrei Colesio lol i thought it was 35, i lost count along the way 😂
Andrei Colesio
Andrei Colesio 21 day ago
"you know" count: 25
Yasmoney 21 day ago
First time I ever heard this mans talk
oronde bethel
oronde bethel 21 day ago
I just don’t see the nets losing with this damn line up 💯
Raul Mata
Raul Mata 21 day ago
Coward 🤡
Gaming Fnatics
Gaming Fnatics 21 day ago
Kyrie irving always plays iso ball wtf!
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma 21 day ago
Chance Black
Chance Black 21 day ago
Lamarcus said communicating on defense 👍💯 Nets brought in a vet personality on both sides of the ball.. The offense is just fine It's defense now.. but look how many open shots!!💍
ATSENG 21 day ago
u knoww
moises 21 day ago
Not even a single bum on their entire team. If they don't won the chip that is the biggest choke job.
Alan Ruan
Alan Ruan 21 day ago
Lmfao this dude knows he on a rigged ass team. They deadass got 7 players that’s used to avg 25+ points a game. He gonna be on cruise control
colbushi 21 day ago
Only Harden is injury free. Rest of stars getting older or with multiple injuries. Harden has been and will be key to win the chanpionship.
Itz_Martinez 2
Itz_Martinez 2 21 day ago
Darren Lam
Darren Lam 21 day ago
Say goodbye to DeAndre Jordan’s minutes with LA and Clax being the best Center duo rn
Arcz Angel
Arcz Angel 21 day ago
Nope 👎 de Andre is more athletic than aldridge and griffin
Christopher Minors
facts lmao Steve Nash really said “I’m bouta end this mans whole career”
Christopher Minors
@senoir butta 😂
Anonymous Tofu
Anonymous Tofu 21 day ago
Man Jordan prolly happy with less minutes. Bro gets a front row seat every night on the way to a ring.
senoir butta
senoir butta 21 day ago
jordan dont care he there for the 💍
NewEraNoah 21 day ago
Being myself...meaning a 4th or 5th option because he can’t be a main guy smh he was sad af on my spurs
WolfpackFriday 21 day ago
Looks like the villains are beating the heroes once again 😂
B G 20 days ago
@ohhh yeahhh in that context it makes a lot of sense , I got blinded by wanting to defend his greatness as a ball player . He def was cast more of a villain than super hero but not as bad or noteabale of a villain as AI or Reggie etc , you’re right
ohhh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh 20 days ago
@B G Pippen was not considered a superheroe he was always in the shadow pippen was scrutinized when he was winning 50+ wins on the bulls without Jordan or when he was with the rockets and blazers, if anything pippen is more of a villain then a superheroe.
B G 20 days ago
@ohhh yeahhh damn put wayde , ewing and nash on the bench over Pippen?
ohhh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh 21 day ago
To be fair the villains in the NBA are better if not even to the super heroes in NBA history. The villains vs super heroes Villains PG Steph curry Sg Kobe bryant Sf Larry Bird Pf.Wilt chamberlain C. Kareem Abdul jabbar Bench Pg. Allen iverson/ Isiah Thomas Sg. Reggie Miller Sf. Ron Artest/ Kevin Durant Pf Kevin garnet/ Denis Rodman C Lambier/ Bill Russell Super heroes Pg. Magic Johnson Sg. Jordan Jordan Sf. Lebron James Pf. Hakeem olajuwon C. Shaquille O'Neal BENCH Pg. Steve Nash/Jerry West Sg. Dwayne Wade Sf. Dr. J Pf. Willis Reed/Dirk Nowitzki C. Dikembe Mutombo/ Patrick Ewing The 2000s and 80s and 70s had the most villains out of any other era in the history of the NBA
KingDin TV
KingDin TV 21 day ago
And the nets didn’t even have Griffin, KD HARDEN DINWIDDIE OR JORDAN💀💀💀💀. I swear to god this team is stacked
KingDin TV
KingDin TV 20 days ago
@Uchiha Itachi i see them going 16-0 in the playoffs yo
KingDin TV
KingDin TV 20 days ago
@Lava thanks for understanding bro
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 21 day ago
@Josef Cruz heard they tried to trade him for oubre but warriors didn’t need someone who’s injured this year, if it was any other time they probably would’ve taken it
Josef Cruz
Josef Cruz 21 day ago
I forgot dinwiddie was still in the team 😂😂
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 21 day ago
gotta give credit to the team. They improvised with no defense no bench, solved chemistry issues real quick. Nash deserves credit and these players playing well together, now they got the pieces, theyre even more deadly
eduar ed
eduar ed 21 day ago
I always said is a mistake goin to the spurs...spurs don't let be u...popovic think his system is for everyone is not
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs 21 day ago
Bro said 'you know' over 100 times
1 xRomantic
1 xRomantic 21 day ago
He a basketball player not a public speaker
Christopher Minors
Matt M
Matt M 21 day ago
Marv Albert be like "WE'RE HERE WITH GASOL MARKRIDGE WITH THE New Jersey NETS -- MARK, HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT TONIGHT'S (starts coughing) DECISIVE VICTORY against The Supersonics?"
jrheeeee 21 day ago
Yeh unfortunately... Marv Albert is getting old... gettin all these names wrong now...
Ellys Bwasisi
Ellys Bwasisi 21 day ago
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas 21 day ago
Nets got all these players, just to beat Draymond
Nets World
Nets World 21 day ago
when draymond said we don't need u! lmao
XOTIOD 21 day ago
@Dorianic yes clearly he will avg around 80 blocks and 80 rebs bcz they will make 80 attempts dop will block everyone
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas 21 day ago
@Raymond Qiu it’s a joke bruh
Raymond Qiu
Raymond Qiu 21 day ago
Bruh calm down nobody trying just beat Draymond, they trying to be the best team they can
Dorianic 21 day ago
@XOTIOD clearly he is the best defender in history he gonna shut down all of them
Devastinator 21 day ago
Up Next TV
Up Next TV 21 day ago
10-15pts from LA & you’re sitting comfy. Nets really cheating
Ellys Bwasisi
Ellys Bwasisi 21 day ago
im saying 💀
WizManBallin 21 day ago
Bruh, all those people complained about DeAndre Jordan...like the Nets didn't have a trick up their sleeve. LA a cheat code for the title!
Real Talk
Real Talk 21 day ago
0:27 "I know you doing good, I can see the smile on your face" 😷
Christopher Minors
Engenharia e Finanças
Was it Webber?
The Goat
The Goat 21 day ago
Best team off all time
Free AK
Free AK 21 day ago
@The Goat stop it
The Goat
The Goat 21 day ago
@J Taylor can’t keep up
J Taylor
J Taylor 21 day ago
91 bulls
The Goat
The Goat 21 day ago
@Shane Parks well your going to find out if these guys stay healthy every season
Shane Parks
Shane Parks 21 day ago
@The Goat ok on paper the steve nash lakers with kobe shaq karl malone and gary payton was great too but they fell short thats why i dont like to crown these teams prematurely!
Jay Kim
Jay Kim 21 day ago
We really need a you know counter from Lamarcus
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 21 day ago
"I can see the smile on your face"
Ma Teluk
Ma Teluk 21 day ago
On his eyes duh
Abdullahi Nur
Abdullahi Nur 21 day ago
How Chris see the smile on his face when he wearing a mask 😂
cmontalvo194 21 day ago
m4Rk 21 day ago
Hahaha funny
Instills Digital
Instills Digital 21 day ago
*A wild doorknob appeared*
Name Surname
Name Surname 21 day ago
Cuz he's on the nets
Nielsen Alfiler
Nielsen Alfiler 21 day ago
He's talking about earlier
Mahomes Winning 12 Rings Please Cry #SBChamp
Perfect, LeBum is finished.
Shauntay B
Shauntay B 21 day ago
@DN facts! LeGoat > Jordan
DN 21 day ago
At least, you acknowledges that's the type of team LeBron needs to face to be sure he loses. The nets built their roster for LeBron and his crew, not for anyone else.
MWT 2.0
MWT 2.0 21 day ago
@kevinseveneleven Okay, the reason why I say 4 is because maybe they lose 2 games in total in their conference, and whoever comes out of the West has the potential to push for a Game 6 against them. BUT THATS A MAX OF 4 LOSSES! They can go 16-0 if every guy plays every game, and doesn't get hurt.
MWT 2.0
MWT 2.0 21 day ago
@Jose Rios who tf you calling Skip, LeShannon "Bronsexual" Sharpe?
Jose Rios
Jose Rios 21 day ago
@MWT 2.0 stop it skip
Jai Khaira
Jai Khaira 21 day ago
better debut than fournier
Savage 101
Savage 101 21 day ago
Nets got 8 players who can score 30 on any given night 😂😂😂
Cash Comm
Cash Comm 20 days ago
@Heso Melo Not 30 points but in the playoffs you only need one of those turn back the hands of time kinda games from each person.
pure_goat_ 20 days ago
@Ugnep2000 The chances anyone besides Kd, Harden and Kyrie score 30 are extremely low especially come playoff time.
Maurice 21 day ago
@Ugnep2000 Bruce brown never scored 30 in his career lmaoo now its on a given night??
Science Mathematics
@Jax That's extra cheese !!! Hey your pretty
Tsunami E
Tsunami E 21 day ago
There’s literally only 3.... “on any given night” nobody else averages even 16 besides the big 3. I think Joe Harris is the 4th best scorer and his season high is 28.
Beast Scale
Beast Scale 21 day ago
Jeff Green with 21? Uh oh according to Bron Stans logic that makes the Nets a Big 5 or 6 or 7.....
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 21 day ago
Decent debut ngl
FredointheCut 33
FredointheCut 33 21 day ago
Well he didnt score much cuz he didnt need too. Green and Johnson were getting buckets all day
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat 21 day ago
@Obvious Troll That Baited You no cap
Tech 21 day ago
@Obvious Troll That Baited You he got injured before the ink on his contract dried up 😭
Obvious Troll That Baited You
way better than Andre Bummond
HoopsRegion 21 day ago
He's Probably the only player that plays defence on the Nets
Champions League
Champions League 21 day ago
Look at LaMarcus man
Kickzy 21 day ago
so early the video doesnt have a thumbnail
Patrick Laurenz Posadas
Aldridge had a nice debut
Bot 21 day ago
He did nets a solid unlike Drummond on his debut 😂😂😂
Barclay Pierre élève
@Anonymous Tofu I've never been there so i can't comment but my dad have a decade ago I'll ask him
Anonymous Tofu
Anonymous Tofu 21 day ago
@Barclay Pierre élève yeah the income tax is ridiculous and sure Cali is turning into garbage but it’s still better than that dirty dumpster fire of a city called Detroit
Barclay Pierre élève
@jellskunk ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ is it tho? the income tax in cali is ridiculous
jellskunk ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
being in la rather than detroit is his championship ring 😂
jellskunk ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
“joined to get a ring before dame.”
Obvious Troll That Baited You
better than Drummond in my book
Raging Tomato
Raging Tomato 21 day ago
@Chiino been watching dummond since pistons and cavs and all I can say is he is not a star nor a good player. Rebounds? he gets his own rebound from his own miss dude. He's 47% fg% for a center(second worst btw) there's a reason why cavs moved on from him having a not so old age.
Chiino 21 day ago
@I DONT COMMENT UNLESS YOUR DUMB I’m not a lakers I’m a warriors fan and it’s that’s a legit excuse
@Chiino Here come the excuses you Lakers fans love to dish out, "iT wAs HiS FiRsT gAmE" miss me with that bs. You don't watch his games, his iq is butt cheeks, I'll be back when Aldridge out boards his weak ahh LMAO
Chiino 21 day ago
@I DONT COMMENT UNLESS YOUR DUMB first of all it was his first game with a new team he had a toe injury and was having a rough night and 15 minutes is half of what he usually gets. He also shoots 54 percent for his entire career so idk what bad efficiency your talking about
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat 21 day ago
@Chiino just like Aldridge
Sephiroth766 21 day ago
Look at this, DJ doesn't play and the Nets play much better. Do us all a favor Nash and never let DJ see the court ever again
I'm gay but
I'm gay but 21 day ago
@juanio hell nah just don’t play him at all. Let clax and LMA split the center minutes
juanio 21 day ago
Dj will have less of a role in playoffs
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