Norman Powell Accidentally Lines up on The Wrong Side of The Jump Ball vs Raptors | March 28, 2021 

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Mar 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Alisha Krishanthan
Alisha Krishanthan 13 days ago
Forever a raptor 🇨🇦 ❤️
Kev H
Kev H 22 days ago
Why did they trade norman man 😔
BrooklYN 22 days ago
AbNormal Powell
I am Jags
I am Jags 22 days ago
We miss you Norm.
Trey 23k
Trey 23k 23 days ago
Dat remind me of Javale McGee big time
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Craig Sherrington
Craig Sherrington 23 days ago
Seems insignificant but damn that hurt
Hammad A
Hammad A 23 days ago
Wasn't Gary Trent Jr on the wrong side too?
Jatinder Lal
Jatinder Lal 23 days ago
WE MISS YOU AS WELL NORM!!!!!! You will always be loved in Toronto champ!!!!!!!!!
Giovanni Fosella
Giovanni Fosella 23 days ago
But i dont get who got the better player
Jairon Ali
Jairon Ali 23 days ago
He will forever be a rap
Lina t
Lina t 23 days ago
Why is this really sad to me???
Corey Rees
Corey Rees 23 days ago
Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no “right or wrong” side to lineup on a tip off no? The non jumpers can lineup anywhere they like outside the circle no?
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 24 days ago
Salingstuff80 24 days ago
He was doing to damn much
John Lennon
John Lennon 24 days ago
My man really misses Toronto
Bryon 24 days ago
Who cares no one watches woke sports anyways . been playing ball all these years and still cant get it right hmmmmm ?
Obaid Amin
Obaid Amin 24 days ago
Norman Powell is a lovable player, love his grit.
Alex Spartichino
Alex Spartichino 24 days ago
Does this really warrant a video? 😂
Michael Shih
Michael Shih 24 days ago
They should've kept Powell and traded Lowry.
Dom See
Dom See 24 days ago
I think he was high, smoke a blunt before the tip off nice one norman
Stare Down
Stare Down 24 days ago
How is it supposed to be funny when i feel hurt deep inside. Marc, serge, norman, thanks for the memories
Basketball Challenge
Güzel :)))
Random Person
Random Person 24 days ago
that hurts
Karate Chap
Karate Chap 24 days ago
I didn't even know you couldn't do that
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 24 days ago
47Hundo 24 days ago
I know this posed to be funny but feel bad otc😭 its a business tho
Iris Dunn
Iris Dunn 24 days ago
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rupy brar
rupy brar 24 days ago
Mario GV
Mario GV 24 days ago
killa bubbs25
killa bubbs25 24 days ago
As a long time raptor fan I am Soo disappointed we got rid of norm. Other players need to go before norm
TAPIA III 24 days ago
He was shook
jasjx jdsnfs
jasjx jdsnfs 24 days ago
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Jeremy De Ausen
Jeremy De Ausen 24 days ago
Yo what shoes was norm wearing they sick
Nikexel 24 days ago
This genuinely makes me feel sad, damn. I know the NBA is a business but at the end of the day, those players are humans with their own emotions and feelings; wish for the best of both sides!
Not JoshBrolin
Not JoshBrolin 24 days ago
gelo d' xplorer
gelo d' xplorer 24 days ago
Whn you saw your close friends and now as your opponents 😕
JimAmbrose 24 days ago
0:03 look at her eyes
Seavey Hoops
Seavey Hoops 24 days ago
It’s sad that this gets more views than the real highlight videos smh
Joshua Jean-Baptiste
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NadeeW 25 days ago
Norm you will always be a Raptor in our hearts. So ironic that while cheering our Raps on in my heart I really wanted you to win. It must be so hard to be right back where you were less than a week in with a different team and competing against your old team. No wonder this happened. Love you Storming Norm!!!!! We miss you..wish you best of luck w the Blazers.
BIG HEART BIG CAPS 25 days ago
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher 25 days ago
lilstump55 25 days ago
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life
Carlos Concepcion-Taylor
Still a raptors at heart ♥️
John Michael
John Michael 25 days ago
missing Trent rn
Nope Son
Nope Son 25 days ago
Is that punjabi writing or wat??
Cheesyrider 25 days ago
Can't believe all the players gone from the championship team
D 95
D 95 23 days ago
They aren't still have Lowry, FVV, Siakam, OG, McCaw.
7 ra
7 ra 25 days ago
hey guys why the trade for hood and trent for powell??
You Trick
You Trick 25 days ago
Big man who can defend well is lacking for raptors powell is spark of the bench,
theworld begoinup
theworld begoinup 25 days ago
Seeing Norman Powell in another team is like seeing ur ex that wit another man 😭😂
La Flame
La Flame 25 days ago
I remember when Westbrook go against KD..😌😌
100Grand4eva 25 days ago
It's so wierd not seeing him on the raptors.
lxve ming
lxve ming 25 days ago
What is the point of this video
Nadi Twotimes
Nadi Twotimes 25 days ago
aljay tv
aljay tv 25 days ago
bat puro ads lumalabas agad
Jy'Mir Smith
Jy'Mir Smith 25 days ago
thats sad yall out here laughing that man miss toronto
Someting New
Someting New 25 days ago
Welcome to Oregon
Sound Ink
Sound Ink 25 days ago
Reminds me of Shaolin Soccer
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs 25 days ago
Gary Trent Jr missing Damian Lillard and is upset with the trade because he was just getting comfortable on his game 😭 with the Blazers. Not a blazers fan but they should have traded somebody else and kept Gary Trent Jr for shooting power for playoffs time.
Dave Brayan Dagondon
Nurkić is Back 💪
Petter Tran
Petter Tran 25 days ago
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Brandon 25 days ago
Norman Powell wasn’t just a player, man was like family🦖🇨🇦
thaOTAKU 25 days ago
I miss norman
Ray Olaer
Ray Olaer 25 days ago
Commentator: Ohh !! Powell with a huge block on Dame ! And Trent Jr with the putback ! Tie game !!
anthony agueda
anthony agueda 25 days ago
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Cluez31 25 days ago
I have to say, I believe Toronto has the best fans, they genuinely love their players even after they leave Toronto. I can't tell you how many comments I see on videos like ... "If Kawhi stayed.."... "Kawhi should come back..." ... blah blah and this 2 years out of him leaving...
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 25 days ago
Jasnoor J
Jasnoor J 25 days ago
This hurt a little. Much love to Norman
Noman Noman
Noman Noman 25 days ago
Homeboy had to see what it feels like to be in a shity craptors one more time LOL
Daniel Is Garbage
Daniel Is Garbage 25 days ago
cool you're funny asf man I would totally support a potential comedy career. 🤡
Bryce Melanson
Bryce Melanson 25 days ago
We will forever miss you norm 🇨🇦 loves you they let too many good ones go I know it’s all a business but fans should have atleast some say
Tshaba Tjemolane
Tshaba Tjemolane 25 days ago
Hahaha! 🇿🇦
Orlando Wright
Orlando Wright 25 days ago
Reminds me of when Jose Calderon accidentally walked into the Raptors tunnel. Blazers got a good one in Norm
DJ Aura
DJ Aura 25 days ago
this made me a lil sad
Ninjatech 4
Ninjatech 4 25 days ago
Ended up being kind of sad
Zini Mustafovski
Zini Mustafovski 25 days ago
too long...Raps is getting addictive.
Deih Smart
Deih Smart 25 days ago
That Guy
That Guy 25 days ago
Would of been funnier if during the first time out he went to the raptors bench 😂😂
Chris Ryder
Chris Ryder 25 days ago
I miss Gary Trent Jr
J 25 days ago
I feel sorry for Garry Trent Jr. dude is a monster in both offense and defense
wrayven 24 days ago
@Tuatara Taniwha Because Trent Jr peaked in the bubble. He simply hasn't been as good this year, and the Blazers probably weren't going to re-sign him in the offseason. If Powell opts out, then the Blazers will also hold a larger cap slot with Powell's contract vs Hood & Trent combined. Powell also gives Blazers a better shot going forward this season. I am from Portland, and like Gary Trent Jr as a player, but also get why the team dealt him. Anfernee Simons also has more upside plus the team is probably more interested in trying to keep Zach Collins over Gary Trent Jr.
Tuatara Taniwha
Tuatara Taniwha 25 days ago
yeh he getting so good i wonder why they didnt want to keep him
Danindu Marasinghe
Danindu Marasinghe 25 days ago
THE HIPPO 25 days ago
So JR Smith also played for the Warriors using Cavs uniform 🤣😂
Blassie P
Blassie P 25 days ago
My guy that's he was A Rap still lol.
jalheel jalhe
jalheel jalhe 25 days ago
The same happened to Lewis Hamilton when he left MacLaren to Mercedes, he accidentally made his first pit stop into his former team garage. That is amazing !
Calvin Kindell
Calvin Kindell 25 days ago
That's normal ain't it Norman😂😂😂
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally 25 days ago
Raptors make the best players for other teams in the league!
Denny StylezZ
Denny StylezZ 22 days ago
No its the Spurs 100%
Stare Down
Stare Down 24 days ago
Nah. Minnesota timberwolves
Wesley A.
Wesley A. 24 days ago
@Coomer D stfu
mithun mitz
mithun mitz 24 days ago
@living Mybestlife they did.. Before CJ got injured he was leading the blazers, not dame.. He won't get media attention like dame.
living Mybestlife
living Mybestlife 25 days ago
@mithun mitz bro shadow they need to step up and play on par
d chamb
d chamb 25 days ago
These guys build brotherhoods and more times than none its bigger than the game..salute
Mr Zeke
Mr Zeke 25 days ago
Kinda sad that Gary is in Toronto, I thought he really fit with Portland. :(
Brandon 25 days ago
Hope the best.
peter paul
peter paul 25 days ago
This hurts
Ezra Przytyk
Ezra Przytyk 25 days ago
Norm Powell averaged 24ppg on 53 fg% and 45% from 3 in his 30ish starts for the raps this season. Don't waste him blazers
Jordan Dwiggins
Jordan Dwiggins 25 days ago
As a Portland native, the Raptors are one of my favorite teams outside of the Blazers, if not just my favorite. Watching Norman Powell was already something I enjoyed doing but now that he’s on my team I can enjoy it even more. Raptors organization knows how to develop their players, much respect to them.
alex sanchez
alex sanchez 25 days ago
No offence to Powell but was I the only one that laughed when he did that.
Al mac
Al mac 25 days ago
He should show up at the Raptors huddle and pretend to be still part of the team. Just show up and say so what is the plan?
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 25 days ago
Horrible trade
JellyKelly 25 days ago
I miss him.
Jack Liu
Jack Liu 25 days ago
Why these teams that swap trades always play against each other like 3 days after the trade? Seems to be happening a lot.