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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Chase Glaize
Chase Glaize 8 days ago
the bears fan is mary!!💀💀
RSF Jay 15 days ago
“And my hand could do the job and I ain’t talking masterbate” lil tjay pop out
Afdhal Niz
Afdhal Niz 16 days ago
The instinctive gymnast pragmatically heal because driver metrically snore circa a fortunate linda. irritating, handsomely witch
Speedy City
Speedy City 17 days ago
Yo if this man Pierre don’t stop disrespecting Kyle Lowry
puppy beagle
puppy beagle 17 days ago
"when you little scamps get together, you're worse than a sewing circle"
LJ Chibueze
LJ Chibueze 17 days ago
The facial expression P be making when someone say something out of line lol 😂😂
BVLLSEYE 20 days ago
Kenny is an elite co-host frfr
Joshua Jaramillo
Joshua Jaramillo 20 days ago
yeo why p cut Dmills ass so much LMAO
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 20 days ago
The maddening voyage aboaly remember because shoemaker consistently obey at a fixed shirt. fine, descriptive garlic
Trevor Ellis-Guice
Trevor Ellis-Guice 20 days ago
I can see the Bulls offering Dennis a bag if they don’t get Lonzo
Bowden Lyon
Bowden Lyon 21 day ago
This pisses me off like TBH do Theses dudes even know the league talk cause clearly we got sum rec ballers like some of y’all don’t know the game just saying
Ly 21 day ago
mike had me weak w the spirit bomb comment
Mark Chops
Mark Chops 21 day ago
The utter pea nouzilly tickle because result relevantly jog through a silent debtor. far-flung, moaning susan
Good stuff, y’all really help me pass the time when I do things like sweep my pool🧹🏊‍♂️
my name House
my name House 22 days ago
Lmao whish we got 3 episodes a week
Painter Productions
For thunder id say “thunder only happens when it’s raining” from dreams by stevie nicks
KingOfMars90 22 days ago
Defensive anchor? Andre Drummond??...... bro..... nah
Painter Productions
For groove I’d say “but just because a record has a groove, don’t make it in the groove” from sir duke by Stevie wonder
Doro The Llama
Doro The Llama 22 days ago
Ayee Y’all fr put me on FLEX 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥been listening to him all week
Noah Retarides
Noah Retarides 22 days ago
I’m telling you Spotify better than Apple Music
Tristan Mapp
Tristan Mapp 22 days ago
Real og will remember Mike saying "You put butter in it" while they were talking about making a grill cheese sandwich😂
elijah pfeifer
elijah pfeifer 22 days ago
“Do you have a office shirt on right now??” 😭😭😭😭
JB Estidama
JB Estidama 22 days ago
This podcast has no context. its casuals.
Charod Pettaway
Charod Pettaway 22 days ago
1:03:05 I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought about 8 mile
Manche Crew
Manche Crew 22 days ago
Aye DJ Augustine is in Houston because its close to home. Grew up 30 minutes outside Houston. He prolly ending his career here, or just wanted to play close to family.
Maxwell Splash
Maxwell Splash 22 days ago
I knew it was Royce
Ftl Rig
Ftl Rig 22 days ago
2k predicted this
Vibes 4
Vibes 4 22 days ago
Jennings did not workout the bucks it was Brandon knight
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 22 days ago
Shoutout from Ireland love listening to this week in week out
Chaddrick Jenkins
Chaddrick Jenkins 22 days ago
John shot 53% Feb 6
Marcus Roldan
Marcus Roldan 22 days ago
Lakers only considered flipping Schroder bc they knew he was gonna decline the extension and if he leaves in they are already hard capped and will not be able to bring in another player worth his value.
Sh4d0w 22 days ago
I see why P isnt buying spotify he already knows all the songs lmao
rene trossman
rene trossman 22 days ago
Does DMills respond to the skanky ones too?
Gurepic 22 days ago
You don’t need Spotify premium to make playlists and add to playlists so P could use the free version of Spotify and still contribute to y’all playlist
buckets 2344
buckets 2344 23 days ago
I’ve never laughed at someone more then D Mills when he does anything 😭😭😭😭
Windy City Nation
Windy City Nation 23 days ago
We from chicago if we not it's a problem because u staying in the house 24/7
Dantae May
Dantae May 23 days ago
“You can catch flies wit honey, but you get more honeys bein-catc-being fly.” - Mantra Mike
Simas 23 days ago
Where the hell is Kenny?
Shabbygreens 23 days ago
my whole family got the whole vaccine & it isn’t that deep as people portray it to be they were sick for a day and been normal since then, everyone needs to get the vaccine bro!!
Mathew Reid
Mathew Reid 23 days ago
Pierres disrespect to lowry shows he talks outta his ass, mr know it all just acts like hes always right. He always disses Derricks opinion to feel more dominant. But pierre is just as unconfident as derrick , tryna act tough and confident when he always crossing his arms and pulling his shirt down to not seem fat. U fat like dmills but at least he working on it. He cares about too much about everyone opinion and thats why he always gotta explain himself so much. Confidence is quiet u bitch
K Matt
K Matt 23 days ago
Y’all don’t know nun bout that pleasure p lol
Alessandro Malpeli
Alessandro Malpeli 23 days ago
Yall should create a game for P. Guess which college he went to (rapper edition). watching u guys all the way from the Uk.
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 23 days ago
Mike said “Welcome to through the wire” like his mom whooped him with a belt before the pod started 😂
TheBasket-222 23 days ago
Hey i liked the 222
Jordan Varian
Jordan Varian 23 days ago
lmao every time mike gets interrupted he looks so mad. 😃➡️😐
Olajide Olatunji
Olajide Olatunji 23 days ago
Your telling me all of you have watched last chance u and haven’t brought up the resemblance between Mike and KJ Allen
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson 23 days ago
kenny you can talk about the bulls as much as you want
TheNinjaHertl 23 days ago
Wouldnt be a TTW episode without P attacking Dmills within the first 2 minutes
Joshua Richards
Joshua Richards 23 days ago
Kenny’s troll comment to KD gonna be: “If KD really wants to be the best player ever, he should go bald and come play for the Bulls. Otherwise, he will never reach the career feats of the goat and Bulls legend, Taj Gibson.”
ali 23 days ago
he talking about at least he know he trash😂😂
Alex Fraley
Alex Fraley 23 days ago
Darrick has to figure out which The Office shirt to wear with those new balances
Lukas Handanos
Lukas Handanos 23 days ago
Cmon y’all just let my man dmills eat
David Prevost
David Prevost 23 days ago
The grove is in the ❤. Thunder roads.
JXC ? 23 days ago
It seems know one understand the situation pj tucker trade smh. The rockets turned this year second into a late first and swapped the bucks 22 into 23 first round unprotected pick which if the bucks was ever gonna be bad it would be later when there players are all 2 years older.
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab 23 days ago
so weird without Kenny doing the "Welcome to Through the Wire"
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis 23 days ago
You know it’s gonna be a great episode when you die laughing 30 seconds in. Thank you Dmilly222
C J 23 days ago
49:55 😂😂😂
PANCURA 23 days ago
Oh I just had a Gatorade 😂
David Prevost
David Prevost 23 days ago
My favorite podcast of the week. And mostly not even for the basketball talk. The after show is always the best part lmfao.
Y’all should bring back ttw player of the week
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 23 days ago
Yo when KB did that rhyme from 8mile I was in tears 😂
Kai Jaeden
Kai Jaeden 23 days ago
This dude mike is a phony all american
DaVante 23 days ago
Aye bro boyfriend number 2 had me wanting to be a side 😭
Between Da Lines
Between Da Lines 23 days ago
49:35 KENNY STOP DISRESPECTING MY CAVS CAUSE WE JUST FUCKED YALL UP WITHOUT OUR BEST PLAYER SO PLEASE CHILL ON MY CAVS. I know we ass but you dont have to keep saying it like we ASS ASS we just a lil ass like the Bulls.
Maks Hryszko
Maks Hryszko 23 days ago
When Pierre doing the Westbrook impersonation I was dying Cus he kept going for like 20 seconds lmao
Jack Hrad
Jack Hrad 23 days ago
LeBron Ad and Drummond aint no big 3 they a big 2 1/2 😂
Jack Hrad
Jack Hrad 23 days ago
You guys should consider having a ttw live podcast on twitch and you can ask chat live questions
Jack Hrad
Jack Hrad 23 days ago
Let's goooo I was shook when I heard my name thanks for answering my question
Ben Moore
Ben Moore 23 days ago
Dmills is the king of exaggerating. My man had Terry rozier as a top 10 point guard off of like 3 games
Fabian Matos
Fabian Matos 23 days ago
When are u guys gonna do the buy D Mills an outfit with a certain budget so he can stop wearing dem bootcut jeans 😂
Krrish Arora
Krrish Arora 23 days ago
Kenny got me out here cheering for Mike Smith like he’s my own homie
Donald Brown
Donald Brown 23 days ago
52:40 P’s reaction to Kenny saying Stephen A. Smith🤣😂😂😂
aline angela
aline angela 23 days ago
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Donald Brown
Donald Brown 23 days ago
Peyton 23 days ago
Peyton 23 days ago
As a Celtics fan I’m upset Theis is gone but we weren’t gonna be able to pay him so I’m happy he went somewhere that seems like it’s going on the right direction
Bazzareblue YT
Bazzareblue YT 23 days ago
It sucks to be a magic fan right now
Erick J
Erick J 23 days ago
Ayye ayye ayye, D Rose and Drummond did the pick and roll well.
Nick O’Halloran
Nick O’Halloran 23 days ago
Dmills222 is the most unintentionally hilarious person i’ve ever seen
Callan Beckham
Callan Beckham 2 days ago
@Janina Cheesman wow! It took about 20 mins but it worked!
Janina Cheesman
Janina Cheesman 2 days ago
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instaportal. Just google for it if you care
Parsiya 23 days ago
they talked about the nets 5th starter and didn’t even talk about claxton
Hrishi Alase
Hrishi Alase 23 days ago
Realised today that DMills looks like baby Fletcher Cox :/
b 23 days ago
Ain’t even gonna lie, without his wife working in the original Amazon store and becoming the then startup’s accountant, delivery driver and making expansion deals, Jeff Bezos would not be a very rich man today. Amazon likely legitimately would not exist
Rap God Reloaded
Rap God Reloaded 23 days ago
Amazon is named after the Amazon River.
J Zz
J Zz 23 days ago
I hope to hear about my mans luke kornet. Next dirk ?? Kat with decent defense ????
kendrick Belga
kendrick Belga 23 days ago
45:54 lmao
Demar Williams
Demar Williams 23 days ago
Dmilly222 the funniest on the show and you can’t change my mind
The Cutt Barbershop
Damn y’all was about to talk about Toronto and just didn’t haha. We down ridiculously bad rn fr I was tryna hear Pierre say “y’all Toronto fans always on something!” All love tho the pod lit as always.
Reek TV
Reek TV 23 days ago
Another special appearance by Bobby 😂😂😂
kendrick Belga
kendrick Belga 23 days ago
Never have I listened to a podcast that's 1 hr long. except for these fantastic 4
Memey Dan
Memey Dan 23 days ago
DMills an undercover lightskin
Ryusei Mori
Ryusei Mori 23 days ago
whos a better defender? jae'sean tate or patrick williams ?
D 348
D 348 23 days ago
Mike said a "spirit bomb" of betting 😂😂😭😭💀💀
Logan Finch
Logan Finch 23 days ago
“what’s the name of that son?” “apple bottom jeans” im crying 🤣
Lance Nichols
Lance Nichols 23 days ago
Shoutout to those who watch beginning to end.. we really do! This podcast has me cracking up and really the only one I would post a comment on. Keep up that legendary work
Small Jewish boy
Small Jewish boy 23 days ago
A lot of players might be waiting to see if the Netflix deal happens and the cap boosts
Josh Gole
Josh Gole 23 days ago
Network tv has nothing on the after show
ERT1013 23 days ago
Intro had me dead lmaooo
Donald Brown
Donald Brown 23 days ago
Jo Corpus
Jo Corpus 23 days ago
one day we’re gonna have mike opening the pod and Dmilly doin P part
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis 23 days ago
I couldn’t stop watching P eat those grapes. Stay Healthy!
Oshodi Sherifdeen
Oshodi Sherifdeen 23 days ago
Me and p thought the same thing. Am so groovy🔥