Sacramento Kings vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Full Game Highlights | April 5, 2021 | NBA Season 

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Sacramento Kings vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Full Game Highlights | April 5, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 39   
jason Valdez
jason Valdez 17 days ago
Fire Luc immediately, get rid of Buddy and his contract!! Get a Real 7' center!! Fox and Haliburton career wasted!! Tired of losing 🤯😡
A1y 17 days ago
glad to see KAT smiling
Syed Umaid
Syed Umaid 17 days ago
Next season result is dependent on the GYM instructors for the wolves. Naz & J-Mac needs to put on at least 10-15 lbs of muscle and they can become an unstoppable force on both ends. KAT and D-Lo needs reconditioning in the GYM and so does ANT. Man on paper, this team is a play-off contender but only If......
u_72 r_77
u_72 r_77 17 days ago
Twolves will be dangerous
Supremity 17 days ago
Litterally 90% of people hate on the wolves but honestly they arent that bad. Let everyone be healthy and have a month at least to build chemistry and they could make the playoffs no doubt
Kirk Mitchell
Kirk Mitchell 17 days ago
I can't wait for next season dlo, Kat and softmore edwards
shodai kitetsu
shodai kitetsu 17 days ago
Lol, basketball god hate wolves one of them somehow will be missed i bet
Kassem Khalifeh
Kassem Khalifeh 17 days ago
We are not weak we just need the full team to play together
Eoin haughey
Eoin haughey 17 days ago
Wolves are 3 -0 when kat and D'lo play together...
Quintin Reckard
Quintin Reckard 14 days ago
@Jordan Judson yea sad
Jordan Judson
Jordan Judson 14 days ago
5-2 now
Quintin Reckard
Quintin Reckard 17 days ago
5-1 total counting last season
Sushsvd Dbsusyg
Sushsvd Dbsusyg 17 days ago
The unarmed vulture dfly fry because wind therapeutically return notwithstanding a stale scorpion. glamorous, productive calculator
Fatih 17 days ago
McLaughlin... underrated
Ginga 17 days ago
The lineup they ran in the 4th with Beasley instead of Rubio will be unstoppable, d-lo, edwards, beasley, reid, and kat.
E T 17 days ago
that would be decent offensively but we'd be giving all our points away defensively
Kubbano 17 days ago
Mc Daniel's instead of Reid
Naufal Hayan Alfiandes
OG Mar
OG Mar 17 days ago
Dlo back yerssir
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma 17 days ago
Finley 17 days ago
Jaden McDaniels is a great fit next to KAT
Quintin Reckard
Quintin Reckard 17 days ago
same with Naz
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 17 days ago
Now we can see how this wolves team can play. And I'm sure the warriors are loving any competitiveness they show😭
Adnan Dahir
Adnan Dahir 17 days ago
@Quintin Reckard yea plus ant and beasly they are gonna be a problem in the leauge
Quintin Reckard
Quintin Reckard 17 days ago
@Adnan Dahir as a fan we just want to see KAT and Dlo keep winning as a duo. in there 6 games they are 5-1
Adnan Dahir
Adnan Dahir 17 days ago
Lol this ain’t even their full potential I just hope they tank tbh
J Breeze
J Breeze 17 days ago
This new coach we have is going to be a game changer
Curtis Baker
Curtis Baker 17 days ago
DLo back in MIN??!! Good to see!
Aria Bima
Aria Bima 17 days ago
miss dlo maan!! good to have him back
Sergio Paramo
Sergio Paramo 17 days ago
Do the Twolves really have Dlo comin off the bench??!!!?
Christian Dure
Christian Dure 17 days ago
He just had surgery to remove a loose body in his knee and sat out for 2 months(26 games), so he's on a minute restriction
Joshua Lor
Joshua Lor 17 days ago
They didn’t want him to being playing tons of minutes after coming off of a surgery
Nephyr 17 days ago
Is HoH sponsered by manscape?
Russell Chen
Russell Chen 17 days ago
Dlo and KAT together
Mediocre Cousins
Mediocre Cousins 17 days ago
Tied with Rockets with 13 wins . Don’t want to finish last in the West
Cerino Gold
Cerino Gold 17 days ago
All these dudes in here talking about Dlo needing to leave, or talking about Towns needing to leave, y'all realize they haven't had a healthy full season together right? Why would these 2 close friends leave after finally getting on a team together?
OnawaYT 16 days ago
@Syed Umaid I’m hoping too. Watched every game this year and all the players look motivated under Finch. He’s getting potential out of everyone. I hope it works out too
Syed Umaid
Syed Umaid 16 days ago
@OnawaYT I hope it plays out as you predicts.. fingers crossed
OnawaYT 16 days ago
@Syed Umaid If u watched the game. Dlo played SG and played well off ball. He actually played decent defense and stayed in front of the players. I’ve been saying this for awhile, but I honestly think Finch can bring Net Dlo out. Kats best at perimeter defense too btw. Finch wants to put him at the 4
Syed Umaid
Syed Umaid 17 days ago
Actually, the issue with current roster that when ppl look at is STOPS that we can't get from either KAT or D-Lo. Now if you have to pick between D-Lo and KAT, of course KAT is a keeper and for this reason people want D-Lo traded. However this scenario may change with ANT, J-Mac etc. adding their two-way play. TBH they need a full off-season together with the new coach to instill his game plan.
Sigal Legend
Sigal Legend 17 days ago
Fax gotta be patient
Trinston Of300
Trinston Of300 17 days ago
Go wolves
Leon Liang
Leon Liang 17 days ago
Wolves won one for the pride but lost one for the tank..but they'll probly go back to tank mode vs pacers on Wed.
Miles Chambers
Miles Chambers 17 days ago
Rlly want dlo to leave need him to go to a playoff team
Adnan Dahir
Adnan Dahir 17 days ago
He played 3 games with KAT this season give em time they’ll be a playoff team in a year or 2
Kobe The Gloat
Kobe The Gloat 17 days ago
His game goes so well with giannas it’s ridiculous
Ger Yang
Ger Yang 17 days ago
Rap God Reloaded
Rap God Reloaded 17 days ago
Fox outplayed D'Lo even in a losing effort.
Ger Yang
Ger Yang 16 days ago
@AZAM DANIAL Minutes restriction means that a plyer (usually coming back from injury) has limited playing time. For example, Zion last year, when he debuted he was only allowed to play a certain amount of minutes. This is to limit injury risk and help get them back slowly rather than just throwing them into 35+ minute performances
Christian Dure
Christian Dure 17 days ago
Dlo was out for 2 months, this was his first game back... he scored 25 points in 25 minutes. If he weren't on a minute restriction, he must definitely would've "outplayed" fox.
AZAM DANIAL 17 days ago
Sorry what means of minutes restrictions?
Ger Yang
Ger Yang 17 days ago
I mean D'lo was on minute restriction
Dave Baller
Dave Baller 17 days ago
Don’t forget dlo has restricted minutes lol 😂
D'angellow Russell
D'angellow Russell 17 days ago
Finally we won
marri's world
marri's world 17 days ago
My guy dlow is baxk
Devastinator 17 days ago
Finally a win for Minnesota
DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
De’Aaron Fox: 31pts, 6reb, 9ast, 2stl 50%Fg 8-16
Vincent Gao
Vincent Gao 17 days ago
Too old
All 4 1
All 4 1 17 days ago
Tyrese reminds me of a prime kwame brown
Jordan Judson
Jordan Judson 14 days ago
I want some of what you got homie
Joel Taylor
Joel Taylor 17 days ago
You smoking that good good 💀🤣
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab 17 days ago
OnawaYT 16 days ago
@Gabriel Relyea ur an L
Gabriel Relyea
Gabriel Relyea 17 days ago
One of the worst all stars in the last 5yrs
Punchø 17 days ago
dlo haters real quiet rn
gio 17 days ago
We dont care whos first
Joel Taylor
Joel Taylor 17 days ago
Kid Perfect
Kid Perfect 17 days ago
Im here first
Darkweakendboot 114
Kat and the timberwolves are underrated
OnawaYT 16 days ago
@Supremity plus KAT. We never got to see our 4 go all together
Supremity 17 days ago
@healthy pepe look at how long their dlo and beasley have been out.
jYkEfUn964 17 days ago
@healthy pepe I definitely don’t think they are the worst and I think their play has been better than other teams but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
healthy pepe
healthy pepe 17 days ago
@jYkEfUn964 Their game is trash too. Unhealthy stars + G-league players + trash games = worst team in basketball rn. Maybe Dlo and Kat together can turn things around a bit but their season is over already.
jYkEfUn964 17 days ago
@healthy pepe Worse record is different from worse team or worse playing
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