Shaq Talks Russell Westbrook Receiving Criticism For Not Having a Championship | April 1, 2021 

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Apr 1, 2021




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Tiszole Tye
Tiszole Tye 23 hours ago
It takes a team to win a championship, not one guy. With that being said, we all see what kind of season let alone a career that steph curry is having! You can play at your absolute best, as long as you have teammates you have to make it to the playoffs and win the finals as a TEAM! Russell is a champion but if I’m he doesn’t have the teammates and a great coaching staff he won’t get a ring!
MisterX867 Day ago
He would never say this if Charles was around lmaooo
Aryan Persaud
Aryan Persaud 2 days ago
Love how Shaq always disses chuck for rings but still gives him his flowers. Love that friendship.
WorldFlex 2 days ago
I got way more respect for Russ than Durant. And Durant is a hell of a player. And He’s in the “elite” of the “elite”. 😬
Kenneth Allen
Kenneth Allen 2 days ago
Those that criticize Are not players Their cheerleaders Undercover fans
HOODIZM3 3 days ago
Russell is just a Pure Class Athlete
Tony Ferrell
Tony Ferrell 4 days ago
..but then the next criticism to those who won..... "but you went to a better team"..... so which is it? having a ring... or just staying true to who you are and the team that drafted you and oh by the way, never winning a championchip.... we talking about westbrook now.... but soon itll be Greek freak in Milwaukee, who will receive all this BS talk about a ring... but he will leave and he will get dogged for not staying true to the fans....
Patriots Land
Patriots Land 5 days ago
Yo guys y’all don’t have a ring TrASH
Ernest Pearson
Ernest Pearson 5 days ago
Love Russ i even got his sneakers but true story he has come up short so many times and he played with some good talent on those teams but he always come up short love russ a great player and future hall of famer.
James Moore
James Moore 6 days ago
Russ play is Legendary. No one in the league does it like him, he's in a class by himself.
Janoy Williams
Janoy Williams 6 days ago
Allen Iverson is not a point guard lol.
John Lanes
John Lanes 7 days ago
Check your winner in basketball but u are a sellout loser black man in life
locked&loaded 9 days ago
One of the few recent comments made by Shaq that I can agree with ... and he didn't say "how many rings you got" to anybody.
David Buck
David Buck 9 days ago
Wtf does G14 mean 🤨😂
uzahoe 9 days ago
He would if kd didn't bail we would all look at russ a lil different
tt 1611
tt 1611 9 days ago
Shaq talking like he just got back from the dentist.
Yo soy Groot
Yo soy Groot 10 days ago
shaq be like... Goggle me westbrook!
Mark Abel
Mark Abel 11 days ago
Today's players in the NBA are not interested in getting a championship I have said this before they are only interested in the lifestyle they have and how they can contribute to society. Whenever an athlete has aspirations to do something other than sports once they're finished playing the game playing the sport they are looked at as being not dedicated to the sport if you understand what I was saying. My opinion athletes should play in sports but don't play in sports forever just to get a pension you making a lot of money and you can contribute to society by helping people out not just giving contributions you know open up businesses when you can hire people this is what you do when you're an athlete you don't play a sport forever especially football football is only sport where they don't get guaranteed money and now these concussions with football players are coming out the last football player who shot five people and killed himself hadn't seen issues with concussions. People have to understand sports is a pass time and you have people who take sports real seriously you know criticizing sports figures athletes out in public because they don't give you an autograph or something like that you don't know what they're going through give them that respect that's the vitriol in sports nowadays do the sports beat Rider the fans and you wonder why athletes rebel and then all this stuff is going on in the world today at least athletes have influence they have a following you have social media nowadays you know and you have a large following a lot of these athletes and all the sports have a large following all the superstars have a large following. So I say use your money wisely if you're an athlete, save your money after you didn't bought the four or five houses you bought your mama house 67 cars jewelry houses girlfriends whatever the case may be hold on to your cash open up a business that's your money work for you you've been working for your money since you've been in the sport that you trained all your life that's your money work for you.
danglez 11 days ago
Gotta give it up to Shaqs dad for always giving him great advice. Gave him good advice about Kareem here and said "what you gonna do about it" and gave him great advice when Shaq made fun of Yao Ming about how Shaq was Yao's idol and it was wrong. I only bring this up because this is like the 5th time I heard Shaq bring him up.... I can't imagine all the other great advice he gave him to push him!
Vuyo Sakala
Vuyo Sakala 11 days ago
Shaq has such a short memory.... so short.
Mail Box
Mail Box 12 days ago
Well why they not criticizing Chris Paul
Giovanne S
Giovanne S 12 days ago
Russ is a future HOF first ballot no doubt F a ring the guy plays his heart out game after game. Someone please stick a sock in SAS mouth
Balton Raven
Balton Raven 12 days ago
This... this right here proves Shaq is a moron who just says anything because he CONSTANTLY goes at people for not winning a title.
Courtney Kile
Courtney Kile 12 days ago
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Dan Ford
Dan Ford 13 days ago
And niggas mad at the Nets.
Christ saved Me
Christ saved Me 13 days ago
Damn what happen to Charles?
Pro fessional
Pro fessional 13 days ago
he s playing for stats, unfortunately...
Jaylin Walker
Jaylin Walker 13 days ago
Most talented disrespected point guard
Lemroyal James
Lemroyal James 13 days ago
Truth Shaq. The media destroying the game. Teams win championships not one player. Anyone who plays the game from the Playground to the NBA knows this. If that was the case then one player verses five plus the bench. Dumb ass talk
Benjamin Fearnow
Benjamin Fearnow 13 days ago
Shaq: "Unfortunately, people bring up the championship thing far too often about great players." Also Shaq: "Hey Chuck, how many rings ya got?"
FOT2010 13 days ago
Shaq - "All the greats had to go through not winning a championship." Ummm...not Magic.
Lu Kangg
Lu Kangg 13 days ago
He has at least 6 turnovers a game. Stay chaser selfish can’t win.
Green Gold
Green Gold 14 days ago
D wade Shaq oniel and the rest Ave championship and they still there talking shirt.. Leave Russ alone you don't know what 2mmarow will bring
5abivt 14 days ago
It’s not an unfortunate thing Shaq. It’s the literal foundation of a competitive sport. When a player doesn’t care about a title , it’s a slap in the face to all the fans who support the game. They’re the ones putting money in these players pockets
john cao
john cao 14 days ago
The sordid sheep definitely reproduce because committee eventually want onto a nostalgic currency. absurd, purple loaf
trapperz united
trapperz united 14 days ago
Also shaq to chuck: when l go home l see four things you will never see
z z
z z 14 days ago
The real criticism should not be about chips when it comes to Westbrook. It should be about his low shooting percentage and turnovers... He is great but not among the better guys with his salary.,
Super Hips
Super Hips 14 days ago
Russ is championed, but he's not a champion. You could still pour champagne for the man but don't conflate the two.
Super Hips
Super Hips 14 days ago
Shaq *"they"* is *"you."* 😂
Alex Paz
Alex Paz 14 days ago
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Peti 15 days ago
Imagine not mentioning Lebron when they're talking about great players being on a trash team... Lebron spent his whole carrier trying to win a Championship with actual garbage teammates, for his bum ass City (No offense)
Miyamo Bobo
Miyamo Bobo 15 days ago
Invest in Rocket Mortgage. Dan Gilbert is paying off 20,000 poorest home owners in Detroit Property taxes. The richest man in Detroit reaching in his pockets to reshape Detroit.
M B 15 days ago
James Black
James Black 15 days ago
It's not about winning a ring, at least get passed the first round lol
Andre Bottse
Andre Bottse 15 days ago
Shaq 2mouth now?? Chuck get him when you return 🤣🤣
Baby Goat
Baby Goat 15 days ago
Hold up hold up I’m lost is that Shaq talking
NewYork975 15 days ago
Greatest Player to never win a ring?
Shaq knows HE is the "they" when he is talking to Barkley about rings.
Brandon James
Brandon James 15 days ago
Russell dont got rings because he's a sorry ass team player in a team sport. Great player... wrong sport. That HGH didn't help enough
1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
John McDonald
John McDonald 15 days ago
And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:11-15 [KJV])
Ibraahiym Kadessh
Ibraahiym Kadessh 16 days ago
How you go through it is important too. Putting the media in its place when they ass is outside the lines is important. The media owned actors, players, artist for far too long in this country. Thanks Russ and the youngsters for getting tired of the BS. I heard that his sister-in-law cussed SAS straight out! OooooooooWeeeeeee!
boricuaboss3 16 days ago
For me is not even about winning a ring for russ. He just doesn't win at all in general 😂 one step at a time first.
Charles T.
Charles T. 16 days ago
It takes a lot more than just one great player to win a championship. It's also not just a team, it's the whole organization from the owner down to training staff doctors coaches and players... and then also there is a little bit of luck involved too to make it to a championship with a team that is healthy enough to win.
jdls12 16 days ago
Shaq consistently lies to get more out of people
Randolph Allen
Randolph Allen 16 days ago
Westbrook to the Lakers soon....😬
Matt 16 days ago
For all the heat Shaq gives Chuck about not having rings it's great to hear this from the big man.
Marvin 16 days ago
Russell Westbrook is not an all time great. He stat chases and never devolped a shot.
Eric paul Thompson
Eric paul Thompson 16 days ago
Doesn't mean much Bill Russell got 11rings in 13 years still don't get respect of being best avg of 23rd rebounds 8 blocks a game
HotHeaded GAMERS
HotHeaded GAMERS 16 days ago
Russel plays very bad with other superstars and that his down fall
Md. Mohaiminul Islam
9to,quadraple double he doesn't need any championship with that statline
E Shahn
E Shahn 16 days ago
Shaq is an egocentric maniac. Get over yourself man.
dperfect28 16 days ago
Folks praise Dame for not joining a super team & never get the no ring criticism but when it come to Russ folks always scream “he never going to win a ring”. but if he ring chase he’ll get criticize as well
Violent J.D.
Violent J.D. 16 days ago
soulsleepers 16 days ago
Shaq didnt get mad, didnt call Jabbar washed, he took it on the chin and got better. imagine that. 🤔🤔🤔
César Marroquin
César Marroquin 16 days ago
Less then 5k men have gotten to play in the history of the NBA. Think about that. Making it to the league MAKES you a champion unlike some of you bums talking negatively about him and never even made it to the varsity team.
Some One
Some One 16 days ago
he said that magic had to go through it. magic won a ring his first year and was named finals mvp (only rookie to win it), and even played center because kareem got hurt. then he won a second ring in his third year.
Felix Wessel
Felix Wessel 16 days ago
That Ernie replacement is a noob. He should know the history of Shaq and Kareem. Ernie spoiled us.
Boot It Up
Boot It Up 17 days ago
"How many rings you got chuck?"
Roscoe Dash
Roscoe Dash 17 days ago
Good on Russ for not allowing the media and losers on the internet to define who he is and how he should be viewed.
Brooklyn IsLoVe
Brooklyn IsLoVe 17 days ago
I mean Shaq...thats in every business though, you wanna be the best you have to compete and win on a big stage. Unfortunately for Rus bball is a team sport and he can't shoot and guard the whole team. Not only does the team have to be a championship team but the coaches, management and even the owner have to be A1.
Anthony covington
Anthony covington 17 days ago
Salute to Russ anyway and Dame for not being a crybaby like lequeen
Will Seest
Will Seest 17 days ago
As a Westbrook fan, all these people talking honestly need to give some respect. Fans and the media dont have a chip either. I respect what Shaq has to say. They are right but for a Stephen A Smith to act like a real asshole is disrespectful. None of them could do what russ did outside former nba players.
j thugg
j thugg 17 days ago
Shaq question Charles barkley why he's in the nba hall of fame & he didn't have a championship
Darcí L.
Darcí L. 17 days ago
There's never good teammates including a good bench and coach surrounding Westbrook: Every championship team had/has a Great coach and a great bench
Chase4E 17 days ago
But reason why I respect Russ the way I do he doesn’t ring chase he never got desperate and asked to be traded to the lakers or clippers he stays and takes the losses like a man Durant wants to have such a great resume no knock he’s a bomb ass hooper but you can’t want that when you ring chase get it out the mud like curry did you can’t go to the team that beat you and create a god squad and be mad cause of back lash leave to Brooklyn and get another team like that but better not one ring has been one with out 2 or more super stars
Chase4E 17 days ago
He went to play with kyrie I’m like ok let’s see if he can do this news James garden to Brooklyn Aldridge to Brooklyn Blake to Brooklyn like DAMN SON YOU GOT ANOTHER SUPER TEAM🤨
Chase4E 17 days ago
Steph klay durant draymond then tried to add cousins
Mohamed Najih
Mohamed Najih 17 days ago
Cosa nostra reference! Fuggetaboutit
SeekTheGreatness 17 days ago
Casual NBA fan, but westbrook in the wizards is like owning a gucci belt but still missing rent
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 17 days ago
I cant stand lefkoe man
Daryle Morris
Daryle Morris 17 days ago
Everytime when SHAQ speaks he causes me to Clear my Throat
Nick McDonald
Nick McDonald 17 days ago
It’s sad but true, all the greats go through it... No player wants to end up like Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Miller. Even though they’re hall of famers.
Fleeky Robinson
Fleeky Robinson 17 days ago
It’s simple.. you can be a great player or a great CHAMPION
Donovan Dunford
Donovan Dunford 17 days ago
I wish you would've won with Orlando when you and Penny pulled off that upset against Chicago Penny, Kobe, cuz i wanted to be 6 foot 7 Shaq because I was bigger than everyone growing up so ok I dominated and Shawn kemp because he could've dunked on anyone anytime and that was me. M.J. would've been first but saved the best last. He had game from the 1-5 position. Oh yeah can't forget my niggas Gary Payton and Karl Malone. All these dudes i tried to copy there moves
Outtellect Anomaly
Outtellect Anomaly 17 days ago
I don’t even have to see this video... I bet Shaq totally contradicts himself. 🤡 🤡 🤡
Donovan Dunford
Donovan Dunford 17 days ago
Shaq I love dog Laker die hard but the most well one of the current players in the NBA currently and that's LeBron James 10 NBA finals. He also went through it with 3 teams D wade also in Miami
Catries Johnson
Catries Johnson 17 days ago
When Russ was on OKC with Harden and KD they should of had a ring
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy 17 days ago
G-14 classification 😂😂😂
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson 17 days ago
Can you imagine if Shaq played with Westbrook back in the day and screamed at him to pass him the ball more and you know Westbrook would have came back and said shut up big dog this my team 2 he probably would have threw him across the gym floor Shaq is being very political in his old age LOL
DARK KING 17 days ago
I like having Chips while looking at the Stars
crash bashhh
crash bashhh 17 days ago
I hope Russ wins one
Doan Mai Trinh
Doan Mai Trinh 17 days ago
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Niino G
Niino G 17 days ago
Would you rather be compared to Allen Iverson or Rondo? It will be a blemish on his career not having a ring... Lets be honest triple doubles do not beat a ring.
Revolve Proxies
Revolve Proxies 17 days ago
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Cool Vibes
Cool Vibes 17 days ago
Loser mentality 🤷‍♂️🤣 a ring is all that matters in sports
Anthony Buenavidez
Anthony Buenavidez 17 days ago
bronsexuals hate the nets but they forgot that lequeen started all of these
TJ The 90s KID
TJ The 90s KID 17 days ago
Y’all talk about superteams like the few that have been made have won multiple championships. Golden state won 2,Miami won 2,Cleveland won 1 the Celtics won 1.
Cedrick Lifter
Cedrick Lifter 17 days ago
I don’t blame Russ for a thing. Look at the competition he has to face with the pieces he has, of course he won’t win
J DL 17 days ago
Bet money when they arguing and chuck is winning he gone forget what he said here.
howard jones
howard jones 17 days ago
Tim Duncan never want Through it as soon Michael Jordan left he got one ring 💍
25/8 Athletics
25/8 Athletics 17 days ago
To me the rings don't mean as much as it use to due to the fact of how players are going about getting them.. just imagine if everyone played like it was in the 90s where every team was competitive due to the players on the roster. What if super teams never existed?? What if ppl wasn't afraid of going against other greats?? The league world be way more competitive and fun to watch and even your role players would be great... it's sad that the league doesn't have a Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen etc type player anymore those guys had a chance to be great because they didn't have to worry about the teams filling up with these star caliber players. Role players actually had a chance to win a ring and great players had great battles which elevated the game even more. Now guys are scared of the smoke and want to team up with other greats so it cheapens the value of winning a ring. Nobody will have a tougher time winning a ring like the bulls in the 90s, magics lakers, Celtics late 80s, pistons. The reason we also regard Iverson as the monster he is, look at what he had and where he took them. Look who he went thru. If guys stop ducking the comp and play against other greats then you'll see the value of the ring skyrocket and you'll see more players actually doing more to pursue the ring. The standards have been cheapened due to the advent of the super team