Shaq Trolls Dwyane Wade After His Question To Aaron Gordon - Inside the NBA | April 1, 2021 

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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 69   
norvinzor 17 days ago
Im happy Shaq Still has Dwyane Wade with him to mess around with, because, well yall know.
Roberto Pedraza Olivares
Can’t believe he dunked over tacko fall and got a 9 of 10 and in 2021 someone dunks tryna kiss the rim and wins the dunk contest
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua 17 days ago
Lol, fake kiss the rim
wulfwood04 19 days ago
Dwade d-bag
Lo Long
Lo Long 19 days ago
50 cause he going to play until he is 50 years old .. : ) ) )
Edi Cavani
Edi Cavani 19 days ago
The song in the background 😂😂😂
Invincible Young Empire
That's going to stick with D Wade lol. That man won that contest!
Frank Mack II
Frank Mack II 20 days ago
I fuxs with Shaq, What did you give him D.Wade? 🤣 Please find Wade an off air job
Neiru 20 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 D wade looks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Taju Alim
Taju Alim 20 days ago
I’m really disgusted that D wade gave him a 9, you can tell AG was kinda heartbroken about it. He arguably won both slam dunk contests... smh
Intel 2500K
Intel 2500K 20 days ago
0:19 My English is very bad. What are they talking about from now on? what exactly does Shaq ask about?
thöriq 20 days ago
"What would you do give him 9?"
Immortal 20 days ago
Shaq dont know wade looks traumatized by his meme
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 20 days ago
$tim Hardaway
toshe yosihi
toshe yosihi 20 days ago
i am sure dwade regretted the 9 decision but he will not admit it and why blame it on dwade only? what about the other 2 judge who gave him 9.
francisco darko
francisco darko 20 days ago
Shaw was FUNNY on this one...hahahH
Edmund Nlemadim
Edmund Nlemadim 20 days ago
The ultimate troll is that background song 🤣🤣💀
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark 20 days ago
This show is better without Candace Parker
Rio10 20 days ago
I thought wade didn't know the different between a 9 and a 10, cause he 100% don't know the difference between a girl and a boy
Diecast Hunter970
Diecast Hunter970 18 days ago
His son daughter lol
Isaiah Church
Isaiah Church 20 days ago
this video is by far the funniest thing on the internet right now
ssp0929 20 days ago
DWade lookin uncomfortable as hell lmfaoooo
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 20 days ago
Is this now a part of DWade's legacy?
박미정 20 days ago
The vast quit isely protect because panther unsurprisingly fasten between a accidental business. juicy, lowly system
Nick Ward
Nick Ward 20 days ago
D Wade deserves to get roasted for this for a long time lol
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 20 days ago
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The Fun -_-guy
The Fun -_-guy 20 days ago
RetroTV1 21 day ago
9 out of the 10 instrumental go crazy lol
Paul Chan
Paul Chan 21 day ago
DWade is a 🐍
Jesse Rico
Jesse Rico 21 day ago
Where’s Ernie
Anastacio Calimag Jr
Tell me some facts here. It's not wade fault that Aaron Gordon lose that 2020 Dunk Contest lol. You should ask that wakanda guy or that other artist to give Gordon a 9 points on his last dunk lol🤣😆
Anastacio Calimag Jr
@ALES KATIČ so if Dwade was to score 9 then Aaron Gordon should won because it should be 49 points lol then your point is idiot 🤔🤔😂😂😂😂
ALES KATIČ 20 days ago
Yes it was DWade's fault, judges agreed on scores (who gives 9 and who 10) and DWade was supposed to give a 10 but he changed it and gave 9 so his guy won.
Anthony 21 day ago
Why does D wade look like Kanye west
ARPAN 1122
ARPAN 1122 21 day ago
Ayeee what did SHAQ SAY ???
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 21 day ago
If d wade and shaq get lebron to join when he retires it’ll be worth it
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce 21 day ago
Till this day idk why Wade was a judge
calijatt0809 21 day ago
I lost all respect for D Wade after what he did to his son. I can't respect that I'm sorry. You don't challenge God.
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 20 days ago
Lmao you people mad weird
C S 21 day ago
Crazy how hard AG playing in Denver, I almost never seen him ever play that hard for us in Orlando.
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua 17 days ago
Eitherway, dwade would give him a 9.
MoneyBagg Jay
MoneyBagg Jay 20 days ago
@Andy6 Schofield7 🤣🤣
AseeF 21 day ago
lmfao aaron gordons song 9 out of 10 playing in the background.
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade 21 day ago
Aaron is just a sore loser guys that was definitely only a 9
miro11912 21 day ago
Look how stupid he's sitting up there looking💀
xSkysplitter777 21 day ago
Let him have it. He deserves the hate as much as Gordon deserved that trophy!
Craig Rand
Craig Rand 21 day ago
They even played the diss track, Wade aint gon never live that down 😂..
Sid Dey
Sid Dey 21 day ago
Make the song lol.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 21 day ago
minnuss 18 days ago
@Mr. Miyagi he cares, he made a mistake and he knows it ;)
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi 20 days ago
aflak08 20 days ago
This man whole NBA legacy is gonna be a dunk contest that he lost lol so sad
Randy Romero
Randy Romero 21 day ago
Joe Rogan needa have a 3 hour breakdown podcast with Dwade on this topic
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico 21 day ago
"Ever judged a dunk contest on DMT? Jamie pull that up"
SuperSoNicX2000x 21 day ago
Hi 21 day ago
Where is the old crew, not feeling the new people!
Xin Rui
Xin Rui 21 day ago
I think Kenny and Charles are covering March Madness.
Adrian Aviles
Adrian Aviles 21 day ago
Aaron Gordon so butthurt puttin his number to 50 bc he didn’t win a DUNK CONTEST lmaoo get a ring homie no one care abt a dunk
aflak08 20 days ago
Embarrassing to see a grown man cry for this long over a trophy nobody will remember
aflak08 20 days ago
Man whole nba career is a joke. He has a documentary about losing a dunk contest. Like even he knows this will be the highlight of his career
Adrian Aviles
Adrian Aviles 21 day ago
@Xen Aaron Gordon was supposed to be an all star prospect coming into the NBA, he was a top 5 pick. Most Lottery picks aren’t carried onto rings, they work and earn them, so I think him wanting an “individual accomplishment” and still lamenting proves his own value. Like I said nothing is stopping him from entering again and trying to win it, plenty of players go trophy chasing so I just think he’s pouting
Xen 21 day ago
Adrian Aviles in some ways, a dunk championship is more valuable than a ring considering it’s an individual accomplishment. You can get carried to a ring and not play a single minute.
Adrian Aviles
Adrian Aviles 21 day ago
@AseeF so he cares more abt dunking than rings? I guess that’s on him he coulda entered again instead of making a documentary abt how he was robbed. Plenty of ppl get robbed of NBA glory on bigger matters than a dunk contest, but go off i guess
NeVer MinDeD
NeVer MinDeD 21 day ago
10/10 for Shaq...
All In One Dude
All In One Dude 21 day ago
1 dislike from D-Wade
XxRyanXx 21 day ago
@Secret IIIXXVI there is only 5 dislikes
Secret IIIXXVI 21 day ago
9 dislike is from dwade
Y M 21 day ago
Tell aaron gordon to win a ring. No cares about a dunk contest. I rate his career a 5/10. Thid man averages the weakest numbers and can never make it to the playoffs, thatz why he holds on to the dunk contest
aflak08 20 days ago
So sad. D Wade the 3rd best SG ever and he has to entertain some dude from a dunk contest who has done nothing in the NBA
Ikwaak Dhillon
Ikwaak Dhillon 21 day ago
The song in the back 😭😭😭😭😭😭
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 21 day ago
D Wade is probably tight with his money. Ole pick up pennies off the sidewalk dude. lo
dj cutarekord
dj cutarekord 20 days ago
@Alex Escutia Well he has probably changed. ?
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 20 days ago
Idk if you’re old enough to remember but along time ago Kevin heart (fairly well off person) said he couldn’t hang out with wade anymore because of how much they’d be spending so I doubt that
JAT Trill
JAT Trill 21 day ago
“Glad im predicable guys” Stop the cap you really not and I hope these jokes sizzle in ya Sprit 💀
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi 20 days ago
did u really think that this kind of joke bothers dwade? and a diss song too? 🤣
Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera 21 day ago
Dwade gave $tim Hardaway a 9 out of 10
Quentin Coberley
Quentin Coberley 21 day ago
D-wade a clown now smh. Robbed Gordon.
aflak08 20 days ago
It's a dunk contest, who cares. You can't even name the last 5 winners without googling it lol... Aaron Gordon is the clown for not having any real nba achievements besides that
Cody Dobson
Cody Dobson 21 day ago
Didn’t other people give it a 9? Cuz he got a 47.
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 21 day ago
Yeah only a clown would think this way
tavitela2 21 day ago
🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 its even better that we can all here how annoyed he is about the joke in his voice on this clip!!!! He deserves to be annoyed by all of us for his sorry as 9... he robbed AG
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi 19 days ago
deserves to be annoyed? u seriously think he cares? the man has 3 rings and ag is still cryin over dat dunk contest
Cody Dobson
Cody Dobson 21 day ago
Ok, but his score was a 47, so other people gave him a 9 why are y’all fixated on Wade
Digital Gravity
Digital Gravity 21 day ago
It’s more funnier when he interview other players, he’s bright asking questions but I laughed so hard when he was all serious 🤣
Benoh 21 day ago
I still can't believe he jumped over a 7'6 nba player and got a 9.
Benoh 18 days ago
Tacko barely ducked lol he pretty much cleared him. If yall dont see that yall just haters
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 18 days ago
Give dwade some slack. He's a heat, ag was a magic, you can't let your rival team win
Caliside 19 days ago
@Alexander A Casanova cap
Alexander A Casanova
@Caliside not really. Tacko gave Gordon a piggy back ride
Caliside 19 days ago
@Andy6 Schofield7 Let's see you dunk over someone as tall as Tacko
chris anthony
chris anthony 21 day ago
Dayummm dwade face
RedCorn 21 day ago
This dude has tarnished his legacy, just one of many things man😭
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 16 days ago
@Jervis Paraggua yeah no
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua 16 days ago
@Bruce Martin wade's 9/10 and kd joining gsw are the weakest pussiest moves in NBA history. let's just leave it at that.
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 16 days ago
@Jervis Paraggua I guess but that's a silly reason imo... fans are fickle so live and let live and all that
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 16 days ago
@Immortal I hope we can agree that's a trash way to be at least
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua 17 days ago
@Bruce Martin lol, it doesnt change what hes done in his career. It just shows his character as a person. Thats why people stopped being a fan of him because of that.
jdfodio 21 day ago
DWade is a sell-out.
Carlito Brigante
Carlito Brigante 21 day ago
I think D-Wade would have to go up to q podium maybe share a tear or two.....and then just say " Aaron Gordon ......you are da real slam dunk MVP"
aflak08 20 days ago
Gordon is gonna say something about the dunk contest on his tombstone at this rate lol. Still won't have any rings or real season awards too
Carlito Brigante
Carlito Brigante 21 day ago
And the he hands him the trophie
Fred Fred
Fred Fred 21 day ago
That 9 out of 10 playing in the background 💀
Derrion Calloway
Derrion Calloway 18 days ago
Mike McQueen
Mike McQueen 21 day ago
Bruh I'm crying
_jinjifn_ 21 day ago
That song go hard tho
PimpMyPeon 21 day ago
was a dwade fan before the aaron gordon incident. u just cant do people wrong like that. it aint right. NBA MAFIA
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 18 days ago
@minnuss fair enough
minnuss 18 days ago
@Bruce Martin There are fans of Pippen, really ? :D
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 21 day ago
@outofthepicture lol
outofthepicture 21 day ago
@Bruce Martin he's a Brian Scalabrine fan
Bruce Martin
Bruce Martin 21 day ago
So are u no longer a scottie pippen or Chadwick boseman fan?
WCS Art and Design
HAhaha... SO awkward. DWade needs to go on Oprah, set the record straight or something.
aflak08 20 days ago
@Paul Chan lmao who hurt you bro. Its a dunk contest, not the NBA finals
Paul Chan
Paul Chan 21 day ago
For being a 🐍. He ain't setting anything straight other than confirming nepotism towards a fellow Miami player.
Buchule Sobayeni
Buchule Sobayeni 21 day ago
The song tho...😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙆🏽‍♂️
GoHomeRoger 21 day ago
Even the song being played in the background is petty lmao
Mikeymike301 21 day ago
Bruh there playing Aaron Gordon’s D-Wade diss song in the background 🤣🤣🤣
K Kent
K Kent 17 days ago
Cam Perry
Cam Perry 19 days ago
I didn't peep at first lol.
Daniel Mizrahi
Daniel Mizrahi 21 day ago
"9/10 but you playin pretend" hahaha
Knicks#1seed 21 day ago
Producers such fuckin trolls🤣🤣
Fred Fred
Fred Fred 21 day ago
zuze 21 day ago
Dwayne finna say change it to 9
Jamari Shoals
Jamari Shoals 21 day ago
Just some guy without a Profile Picture
I hope the joke never dies
Antonio A.
Antonio A. 20 days ago
Wade robbed him
ripdajacker23 20 days ago
D Wade simply made an asiNINE out of 10 error of judgement
AROD The Man
AROD The Man 21 day ago
@RJ Yo bro are you okay?
Charles 21 day ago
as long as the internet lives, so will this memory. Sorry D Wade, people don't forget.
Sophisticated Warriors Fan
@RJ haha 😐
Jawad Hamade
Jawad Hamade 21 day ago