Steve Nash’s Hilarious Reaction to Nets Being Dubbed as NBA’s New Villains | March 29, 2021 

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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
LeSean Walston
LeSean Walston 4 days ago
Wow you people in these comments are EASILY amused I see..😐🤣🤣
BigFish LilBoat59
I’ll always love Nash man 😆 wish we woulda won it with the Suns. He deserved it 💯
crankyboiy 11 days ago
Sucks he has to put up with kyrie
Steven Harris
Steven Harris 13 days ago
Steve Nash gets Nets HC job Media "he doesn't deserve it. He's not good enough" Now "Can anybody beat Nash's Nets?"
Billy Seifert
Billy Seifert 13 days ago
Steve firing in on errybody!!!
pat white
pat white 14 days ago
Nash gonna finally get his ring this year. Congrats
Damon Louis
Damon Louis 14 days ago
the NBA has become the MLB. How many starters have the nets or lakers drafted on their own teams? Lebron started this downfall in miami, anyone who hated the warriors for signing one superstar has to check themselves. It's making the league a joke, villains buy what they want then act like they deserve it.
Jank Foots
Jank Foots 12 days ago
You can't blame super teams on LeBron. They've been around since Bill Russell.
James Glimco
James Glimco 15 days ago
People who think the nets have 5 stars are delusional.
James Taylor
James Taylor 15 days ago
Steve Nash the real mvp
demario mays
demario mays 15 days ago
Steve Nash on that good coke from Brooklyn lol
L.Pasteur 15 days ago
I want to root against the Nets, but it is so hard to root against Steve Nash. I wish an a**hole was their coach and not Nash. Why can't Bill Laimbeer be coaching them? He's got a punchable face.
Jack Brown
Jack Brown 16 days ago
damn steve nash just made me like the nets
Chad 16 days ago
The new warriors
Bofi 16 days ago
Has Nash been doin a good job as coach?
Bofi 12 days ago
@Jank Foots True, but I was just curious
Jank Foots
Jank Foots 12 days ago
Does he need to? When you have depth like that coaching takes a backseat to the talent.
fetty _wap_goat
fetty _wap_goat 17 days ago
Steve nash is a cool coach
Lionel George
Lionel George 17 days ago
That's hilarious? 🤔
tatashady 17 days ago
A villain is a player that lays on his back on the sideline for the last two minutes of his career in Phoenix while the crowd chants for his sorry self to get up and finish the game that the Suns ended up losing to the Spurs by 2 points. THAT'S YOU, Steve Nash. No guts, no heart, no rings.
noel reuben
noel reuben 17 days ago
sometimes i forgot hes a coach
God Father
God Father 18 days ago
the iso gang acting innocent
Cleveland May
Cleveland May 18 days ago
Steve boutta get his ring
Black Senku
Black Senku 18 days ago
Im waiting till warriors get giannis
SYNTAX ERROR 18 days ago
Ahhh...as a now so called "old head" i miss those days when just a superstar carried his team to the finals or to the championship. What weak league🤷🏽‍♂️😴
Dan G
Dan G 18 days ago
Love Steve Nash, but the Nets just ruined basketball again for the next 3-5 years like Kevin Durant did with the warriors. Any championship they win doesn't count. If before the playoffs even start you know without a shadow of a doubt a team is going to win, the entire thing is pointless
Tim Tsai
Tim Tsai 18 days ago
You can pretty much say the same for Aldridge. Nobody cares when he was in the Spurs and all of a sudden he is “destroying the balance” by joining up with the Nets
Joseph Ajani
Joseph Ajani 18 days ago
nihilistic adventure
That's right keep laughing. I wonder how long it will be before someone draws attention to the fact that no one is watching the NBA anymore because of s*** like this. we're tired of it.
Evan Harriman
Evan Harriman 18 days ago
"Bought, not earned."
name 18 days ago
Nash is the new Kerr
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 18 days ago
Well it's definitely true. Like he was hired because Kyrie likes him, gonna be a bum. Now they make trades and he's supposed to decline them? I mean with KD and Kyrie, you all called him a mistake because a black coach could have gotten the job. Now he's supposed to be sorry for being on a team that gets better? Don't like the team, but Nash seems really cool.
a a
a a 18 days ago
People have to understand Nets is not doing something wrong, they are doing what every NBA should be doing, build a team and win as many championship as possible.
Toyadome C
Toyadome C 18 days ago
The reason they're seen as villains is 1. you have three of the most divisive players in the league on one team 2.the team hopping and ring chasing
Dylan _
Dylan _ 18 days ago
That was very awkward
Dorian Kettner
Dorian Kettner 18 days ago
That was funny and I like Steve's statement. But let's be real the Nets are the villains of this season, that's just how it is.
Vivin Varghese
Vivin Varghese 18 days ago
The Nets should always wear the black and white and come out to the nWo music.
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison 18 days ago
Sports Journalism needs these narratives to be perpetuated. Steve Nash: haha villains go brrr!!
Chief-KT 18 days ago
the new steve kerr
Christian I
Christian I 18 days ago
How can you hate this man LMAO
hello 18 days ago
They're heroes in Brooklyn
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 18 days ago
Lol it’s true. Once they got Blake he automatically became good again 🤣
BasedChadThad 19 days ago
He always reminds me of Batman scarecrow
THE GOAT BROS 19 days ago
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 19 days ago
Such a professional man/great dude/one of the greatest PG to ever play the game. How he interacts with media reminds me a TON of how Steve Kerr handles interviews when all the reporters ask dumbass questions.
Dominic Carrano
Dominic Carrano 19 days ago
He should have said, "unlimited power". The internet would have completely lost it.
Jared Berlin
Jared Berlin 19 days ago
They’re more pussies and frauds rather than villains. They have 3 superstars and are still irrelevant in NYC
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 19 days ago
If they are the villain, where is the KING . . . I mean the Hero??😁
Theguy01 19 days ago
Pretty scary to me
Make it MAKE sense
Make it MAKE sense 19 days ago
Honestly I keep forgetting this dude is the coach lmao
Enolram 19 days ago
yo brook nets show me ur war face 0:37
wolfgang16 19 days ago
that's what an evil genius would say
Matz G
Matz G 19 days ago
blake sucked ass as a first or even second option...he is overpowered as a 5th option though. thats what people are saying.
Tasha 19 days ago
Prepare for trouble! And make it triple! To protect the world from bronsexual delusion! To unite the nets fans within our nation! To announce that we’re on top of the game! To extend our reach to the hall of fame! KD! James! Brooklyn Nets blowing out teams all day and night! Surrender now cause we’re winning the fight! Kyrie, that’s right!
KR P 19 days ago
kyuiop fghjkkk
kyuiop fghjkkk 19 days ago
Been watching this cat since he was a Mav and he deserves a friggin ring already my god. I wouldn’t be mad if the nets won out until king clown’s goofy no ball handlin’ ablility head ass retired.
bobbycone2 19 days ago
Hahahahaha! Nash is one of the best dudes!
Ramon Castro
Ramon Castro 19 days ago
I'mKydding 19 days ago
I mean Steve Nash hasn't won any rings at all, so this might be his greatest shot on getting one he deeply deserve.
Charles Ánima
Charles Ánima 19 days ago
Villain or not, they're going to be somebody's hero.
DrPepperJunior 19 days ago
Lebron has always been the villain.
David Amuka
David Amuka 19 days ago
Repent and turn to Jesus
mechwarrior13 19 days ago
Last time I saw this dude was in Chinatown Brooklyn like 10 years ago playing soccer on concrete with random people lol wow times have changed
The Truth
The Truth 19 days ago
So compoised
Legendary 2021
Legendary 2021 19 days ago
Nets Better Win or they will go down As The Losers
arya 19 days ago
nash just gives me evil vibes whenever I see him compared to any other coaches idk why
Ben Appleby
Ben Appleby 19 days ago
Ya'll need to listen to this man and just enjoy the game of basketball 🏀 🎶. All these narratives about this guy had 1 bad game now he's trash or this team is the bad guys cause they sign x player. We are privileged to watch this talent every day. Appreciate fam 🙌
Andrew Hedlund
Andrew Hedlund 19 days ago
NBA is fucking lame with the superteam bullshit
Aaron Carver
Aaron Carver 19 days ago
As a Canadian love my guy Nash but this team is what's wrong with the league.
rash b
rash b 19 days ago
😂😂😂 Who wouldn't to play for him?
Adeiye Olomola
Adeiye Olomola 19 days ago
Steve Nash be like the Lakers ruined my chances now I took it personally
Jake 19 days ago
What is your reaction to being labeled "villains"? Steve Nash: "Rarrrr!!!"
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming 19 days ago
Nets: Add washed up Aldridge and Griffin: sO uNfAiR Lakers add Harrell, Schroeder and Drummond to a Title team with Bron and AD: Crickets...
POKÈ 19 days ago
aaaaah he the best!
Richnwealthy 20 days ago
1000000000000% villain, your about to win a title with 10 former all stars, the water boy is a former starter. Annoying.... Steve Nash will win coach of the year 🤦🏾‍♂️
sniper666hell 20 days ago
I would rather see these guys strive to beat each other on the court instead of just teaming up to make an all star team that’s supposed to win.
Sir Nice
Sir Nice 20 days ago
Smart move to get the attention off of his players. Especially Durant.
WindBreaker 20 days ago
00:58 ‘compoised’ ...making language up as we go, I see 😅
He should have given the reporters the answers they wanted for.................. *”One Million Dollars!”*
Joseph Viernes
Joseph Viernes 20 days ago
The Clippers are the real villains. Just look at their roster
JMC 20 days ago
I would like to see how good of a coach Nash is with the pistons he's a smart guy yes but you telling me he has any part of how good this nets team is I mean jesus people will bash Brad Stevens but yet he doesn't have the luxury of 5 all stars on his team but he is still a great coach nash on the other hand like Walton will get exposed soon enough
WADE 420
WADE 420 20 days ago
LostinTheRuins 20 days ago
I mean this team us full of snakes and cry babies.
teo c
teo c 20 days ago
damn nash's eyes going further in two directions with every passing week
Collin Jones Thomas
I just want to see Nash just loose it while coaching. Like steve kerr screaming his lungs out,cursing and breaking the board. I just want to see it.
Reuben Ahmed
Reuben Ahmed 20 days ago
he should every news conference with a growl. but KD is a villain and a hypocrite.
K-Field Isaac
K-Field Isaac 20 days ago
They literally 3 superstars 2 former superstars. Lmao
B C 20 days ago
black out
black out 20 days ago
NBA not turning against them the media is funny lmao its only lebron fans stop the bs
Lemon Man
Lemon Man 20 days ago
Now I kinda want the nets to win 😂 I love Steve nash 😂
Vamsi C
Vamsi C 20 days ago
the reason journalists and headlines like to call Nash and the Nets "Villains of the NBA" is to give the league some kind of personality and character to it; it makes things a bit more entertaining.
GabeWuvsNintendo 20 days ago
Steve is always making a stupid ass face 😂
N John
N John 20 days ago
The Steve Kerr of the East
Hypnotized Shark
Hypnotized Shark 20 days ago
The Canadian bandit
Ninjaman344 20 days ago
Idc who’s on this team, I’ll be happy if the nets win strictly bc of this man Steve Nash
Gaiden 20 days ago
Lol he had such cool energy there, he basically said “sorry I don’t listen to you bitch on the internet, I’m out here trying to win an nba championship”
Clippygoat 20 days ago
Villain or not, they’re still the best goofy-looking villain in this season.
Lihi HonGan
Lihi HonGan 20 days ago
Looking forward to see Nash get his 1st ring as a coach...
TanSuperm4n 20 days ago
I didn’t know Steve Nash has a lazy eye 👁
Len En
Len En 20 days ago
They're not villains They're a bunch of divas crying to be traded. Looking at you Harden, Balakey and Irving. They have to fake being over weight and washed out to be traded. What divas. Lebron will join soon.
Gabriel I
Gabriel I 20 days ago
0:38 lmao what a dad
jerran jell laurente
Avengers Nets
Matthew Busby
Matthew Busby 21 day ago
Nets easily winning the title