Winners and Losers of Trade Deadline | Through The Wire Podcast 

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Mar 27, 2021




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Jacob Younce
Jacob Younce 14 days ago
37:54 for anyone looking for the Blazers/Raptors trade with Gary Trent Jr. and Norman Powell
Jean Gray
Jean Gray 17 days ago
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Sahil Warsariya
Sahil Warsariya 18 days ago
Watch Kyle Lowry games regularly. Then y'all will understand why Masai Ujiri didn't deal him for Schroder and KCP. When you see him hold his ground against Gobert in the post, take a charge on Joel Embiid, play with torn ligaments in his hand, and then come down and drop 25 on your head. He isn't any old 35-year-old point guard. There is a reason Raptor fans love him so much. Casuals would say " lOwRY iS a 35-YeAr-oLd pOInT guArd. hEs tRAsh!"
king stree11
king stree11 18 days ago
dont ever move to new york yall worst idea of my life. they hate on anything even a compliment lmao
Speedy City
Speedy City 19 days ago
Yo the Kyle Lowry disrespect is crazy
Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy Sanchez 19 days ago
Y’all don’t talk about the Miami heat at all
Richard Hudspeth
Richard Hudspeth 21 day ago
Watch that old ttw vs rdc video man that boy mike hit a nasty step back on mark 😂😂
303 Smoove
303 Smoove 22 days ago
Bro sound like Andre 3000
cR SlackeR
cR SlackeR 22 days ago
Real question, would you pay Gary Trent jr. 20+ mil? No way a team like the knicks don’t offer him that... so for the blazers, I see another Allen Crabbe situation where he gets a stupid bag and has to walk.
Zach Rehfuss
Zach Rehfuss 24 days ago
Bro, I can’t believe my Twolves are still so ass. It’s so pathetic
Anthony Cesante
Anthony Cesante 24 days ago
yo p looking like lil bibby
Stevers 24 days ago
yeah orlando fucked by not getting lauri markkanen... i know they wanted picks but i agree he woulda fit well around Mo Bamba and a new start. plus markelle was looking good before he got hurt. and the BULLS SCORED HEAVY B/C of it.
John Roehsler
John Roehsler 24 days ago
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Owen Sauvageot
Owen Sauvageot 24 days ago
Mike, get you a trek bike. They’re pretty expensive but a longtime investment, a target bike gonna just get beat fast
Alpal223 24 days ago
Y’all be 22-24 and act Likr u 30-40 except KB
Σαράντος Καλομοίρης
We need that darrick US-first channel revived asap
Jack Wallis
Jack Wallis 24 days ago
“Makes our friendship juicier” - Mike Head 2021
Xavier Cornell
Xavier Cornell 24 days ago
Everyone like to talk about Dmills laugh but yeeesh mike’s laugh can low key cure depression bro
Colton 25 days ago
Saying Schroder is that close to Lowry is hella disrespectful to my man. Dude is a lot better upgrade and fit with the Lakers than Dennis is
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 25 days ago
Pierre said Norman is Smaller than Gary Trent, yet their the same height if not Powell is an inch taller, he’s also a MUCH more physical defender and Gary Trent is in no way shape or form a better defender.... Norman was giving Tatum and Brown problems at times in the playoffs last year..... Trent can’t do that, Powell is also much better off the dribble and more explosive attacking the rim by far, idk about that opinion P
Arturs Grinbergs
Arturs Grinbergs 25 days ago
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 25 days ago
Jokic had a lob/outlet pass threat with Jerami Grant. him leaving in FA really hurt them I think that’s why they went after Gordon
Fergus 25 days ago
First time listening to these guys and am I crazy or is Kenny the only one who sounds like he knows what he’s talking about lol
Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas 25 days ago
I don’t know how many of us skateboarders watch the podcast but aye if Dmills and Mike ever wanna be bout that life again we welcome you back
E K 25 days ago
P wild for that espn ass lowry take
Be Rad
Be Rad 25 days ago
The after show has slowly turned into making fun of Young DMills and it’s honestly hilarious 💀
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor 25 days ago
Aye real talk whose winning in a street fight between all y’all? It’s gotta be D Mills just cause he bigger than y’all but who knows
Al Ramos Jr
Al Ramos Jr 25 days ago
I know y’all just messing with DMills but I can’t help but to feel ba..... wait nvm he did it himself.
Neftali Carpio
Neftali Carpio 25 days ago
It’s annoying how they all gang up on Darrick all the time.
3rdgenbobby 25 days ago
NORMAN FOR GARY I didn't wanna speak on it cuz I dont watch the Raptors like that but I was wondering if Norman was really nice enough to trade away Gary cuz Gary nice as hell.
It’s Greg
It’s Greg 25 days ago
The Trading Smart and Rob Williams for Vuec would be a lateral move, and the Celtics are still better than the Bulls
Mr. Dissedher
Mr. Dissedher 25 days ago
P Talk Like He Won 15 Championships As GM 😭😭
Ansh Gombar
Ansh Gombar 25 days ago
Brad Wanamaker to TTW Is what Jeff Green is to Bill Simmons and Ryan Russillo.
Saf_23 25 days ago
Y’all funny as hell the last part of the podcast is just straight up violating Derrick 😂😂
NICK2FR 25 days ago
Darrack is the proudest bandwagoner ever lmao
Evan James
Evan James 25 days ago
Learn how to say “Heinrich”.
Taryntino// 25 days ago
Plz don’t rap...
Brad Whataburger
Brad Whataburger 25 days ago
Thank you P for Remembering me I often get forgotten
InfiniteCaliber 25 days ago
Damn what, I got a ton of jerseys and will wear them anywhere. Them shits the best for going to the gym
Mecca Godzilla
Mecca Godzilla 25 days ago
last minute had me dying lmao
alan valls
alan valls 25 days ago
P too funny
Cee Bee
Cee Bee 25 days ago
No one talks about this but Dallas trading for J.J. Reddick was a low key W
xMapleStubz 25 days ago
Kyle Lowry does everything better than Schroeder. Defence shooting leadership championship experience playmaking and charges. Watch Lowry instead of looking at stats
harpoonspecter2 25 days ago
Lakers didn't need Kyle. Heat and Sixers will regret not trading for him.
Jesse Balfe
Jesse Balfe 25 days ago
Why does he have a 1 eye symbol on his wall
Tristan D
Tristan D 25 days ago
Bro the Kyle Lowry slander is getting out of hand. These is no way Pierre, mills, or mike have been watching the raps man. They be saying “name something Lowry does better than schroder.” Bruh name something he can’t do better.
Kevin Guertin
Kevin Guertin 25 days ago
This is facts.
Ben Weiss
Ben Weiss 25 days ago
“You had a good time tho😏”- Kenny
Charlie Lopes
Charlie Lopes 25 days ago
These dudes really do hate the raptors my god. No shot they said Norman Powell is a tad bit better than Trent Jr, mans is 3rd in the league for 3 point shooting tf 😂
Aaron Christie
Aaron Christie 25 days ago
i just realized i was thinking of the wrong kind of jerk
Brandon 25 days ago
Canada rates you, Kenny🦖🇨🇦
Mark Chops
Mark Chops 25 days ago
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Jared Lieberman
Jared Lieberman 25 days ago
smart brown tatum williams and small pp will take us to the promise land within the next 5 years. we don't need to trip abt winning rn especially with brooklyn so im glad we didnt give up smart for vucevic
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 25 days ago
The Rockets GM, no the entire front office needs to get fired. Htf can you trade a superstar in the league, MVP at one time and get back a bag of Cheetos. I would give it to the Nets if I at least got Joe Harris, LeVert, and Allen with 2 first. The Pelicans traded AD and got back Lonzo, Hart, Ingram, and 3 first. You are trading your next 5 years here, how can there be so many dumbasses running the front office in the NBA?
bigballer2121 26 days ago
1:08:25- These guys don't understand that in NYC, if someone says "Nice shoes" or "I like your shoes" that means you're going to rob them 😂😂
QJ Smith
QJ Smith 26 days ago
Brooklyn defense is a big cause of concern
kinggalexandre 26 days ago
Someone got that Darrick video link ?
DY 11
DY 11 26 days ago
Been waiting on this 🤟🏻
Young Siimba
Young Siimba 26 days ago
As a New Yorker.. bro... Soho Is not the wave for our type of people. Especially downtown. Its lowkey segregated. It dont matter what your tax bracket is.. if you dress a certain way or don't conform to a certain style... you will 100% get treated like sh*t its sad. I love NYC but gentrification has turned downtown NY into snootieville
Christian Kin
Christian Kin 26 days ago
The nets signed aldridge so they lineup finna look like Harden-Irving-Harris-Durant-Jordan Griffin-Brown-Green-Aldridge-Claxton Chiozza-johnson-shamet-TLC-Perry
Dantae May
Dantae May 26 days ago
Off The Wire - TTW x Virgil Collab
WONDER TOAST 26 days ago
Who the hell would take Dmills in a 3pt contest, like fr 😑
Anthony Monnie
Anthony Monnie 26 days ago
These fools talking about skate shoes haha shout out Osiris and circa’s
Anthony Y
Anthony Y 26 days ago
When y’all going back to in person?
kinggalexandre 26 days ago
Instead of P sending one of his homies beat, y’all should just do like a certain rapper type beat or an already out there beat. It be good for everybody
LaCreasha Ruffin
LaCreasha Ruffin 26 days ago
Jermi Grant wasn’t a lob threat in Denver?
Mathew Boot
Mathew Boot 26 days ago
I wish Toronto traded Lowry
Hudson-Odoi Szn
Hudson-Odoi Szn 26 days ago
Ladies get yo self a man as loyal as d mills💀
AEK 26 days ago
the way you guys are talking about kyle lowry is sickening. He is a perennial he was 6 straight time allstar. Stop devaluing him man he is a HOF too lmao. He is a lot lot lot better than schroder stop playing
Shawn S.
Shawn S. 26 days ago
P so fucking critical lmao yall rent NBA players but you still have opinions on that? Stfu if Dmills doesn't like a beat he doesn't like a beat he doesn't have to be a rapper tf? Mad annoying
Sanchy J
Sanchy J 26 days ago
Kobe white finna go off
Nickeil Alexander-Walker
Well, David Griffin came out and said that Zo wanted to be here and he was in our plans so ye, P overreeacting over the pels
Ken Jourdan
Ken Jourdan 26 days ago
Im a lil confused.... maybe I havent seen enough gary trent, but ive never seen him create his own shot the way norman can. Am I wrong? He can get to the rack and spot up shoot, how is this not a good trade for the blazers?
Alex L
Alex L 26 days ago
pierre was trippin bro. gary has potential but he’s no where near the shot creater norman is and no where near as good at finishing at the rim as norman is. he’s just a better scorer all around and with norm’s length i think if he really puts effort into it he could be just as good if not better of a defender than gary. they were being hella disrespectful tbh
Dame Dolla
Dame Dolla 26 days ago
Can someone link dmillls channel cuz i cant find it?? I
Christoph Schmidt
Christoph Schmidt 26 days ago
I think u are wrong about the Blazers-Raptors trade. Norman Powell is perfect for the Blazers. He can go off any night, he can go to the basket, he is shooting so well and he can take the load off dame for some games. Just looking at the on the court aspect. I love Gary Trent, but he was worse right now than in the bubble or the start of the season. Norm fits the timeline better aswell, I mean hes still only 27
DENNIS LOPEZ 26 days ago
Lowry is way overrated. 41% shooting in playoffs career.
Tseguy Giorgio
Tseguy Giorgio 26 days ago
Imagine these niggas starting a biker gang in Chicago.... lmao hell na
Austin Nichols
Austin Nichols 26 days ago
P rocking the turquoise FSU shorts.
Matt Wonders
Matt Wonders 26 days ago
how come mike looks like a dollar tree version of KJ from last chance U
Liam Brett
Liam Brett 26 days ago
Yo no hate but you guys are crazy underating Kyle Lowry. He is wayyyyy better than Dennis shroeder
Nikolas Alves
Nikolas Alves 26 days ago
wish these dudes would all get a big ass house together. would be hella funny and we would get so many dope videos
Josemanuel Cruz
Josemanuel Cruz 26 days ago
I wish this was recorded just a little later
Ryan Koch
Ryan Koch 26 days ago
Kirk heinrich goes to my church
Ernie Nicholas
Ernie Nicholas 26 days ago
P would be the best shooter
Fish stick Killa
Fish stick Killa 26 days ago
at 59:50 d mills laugh had me shiting my pants smdh
Gurepic 26 days ago
LMAOO P exposed DMills at the end while Kenny wasn’t tryna expose DMills like that 😂😂💀
Sam Spurgeon
Sam Spurgeon 26 days ago
Someone drop the link to darricks US-first channel
Ryan LoRusso
Ryan LoRusso 26 days ago
Yoooo TTW biking vlogs? But fr y’all gonna bring back TTW behind the scenes when y’all in person?
msrcali 26 days ago
Also Paul Millsap vs rondo, square up, I got my vet hbu
msrcali 26 days ago
Imagine dissing Quickley like that you bum ass Knicks fan smdh
Calvin Gardner
Calvin Gardner 26 days ago
Kenny I see you talking bout Pro Era’s suspect off of Joey’s 1999!!! My fucking boy!
Joaquín González Olivares
That man dmills just be out there in every dmn nba team bandwagon, Each trade he was like “yeah, we’re getting better”
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab 26 days ago
"and i was talking to Thaddeus Young" kenny says it so casually lmao
Matthew Brandon Byrne
free Dmills they be shittin on homie
Andy 26 days ago
real ones remember that kirk hinrich story from a few years back on the pod
Yamacha’s cousin
Yamacha’s cousin 26 days ago
I think we all know Dmills deep down is a bulls fan but come on bruhh you can’t just throw a jersey like that when all yr long you haven’t repped them js lmaoo
Miami Papi
Miami Papi 26 days ago
Ong 😂
YesTo Chickens
YesTo Chickens 26 days ago
Lou will is he real winner here, he can get those chicken wings whenever he wants
Thomas Duthie
Thomas Duthie 26 days ago
Derrick saying a lot of we
Boss Actions
Boss Actions 26 days ago
Oasis or Osiris shoes?? I remember Marc Mero came Sri my school stomping in them big ahh shoes 😂😂😂😂
Boss Actions
Boss Actions 26 days ago
Straight from Journeys
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 26 days ago
27 ain’t old for VanVleet he won a championship so technically he’s a young veteran. Pascal 26 so they should be contenders next year & beyond they built a solid core
Blake Luna
Blake Luna 26 days ago
kenny how you feel about my spurs beating your bulls tonight, with vucevic