Zion Williamson Postgame Interview - Mavericks vs Pelicans | March 27, 2021 

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Dallas Mavericks vs New Orleans Pelicans - Full Game Highlights | March 27, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Mar 27, 2021




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Comments 71   
MLM TV 22 days ago
Zion should be playing the point hands down.
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 24 days ago
Zion giving everybody BIG dapps!! Seems like the type dude who would keep that same energy in year 10.
PC Disciple
PC Disciple 25 days ago
What a classy dude, great kid. Looking forward to seeing him develop over the years!
The Kurk Gaming
The Kurk Gaming 25 days ago
"How did you get that win aganst mavericks?"-"Well their 2 starts were absent so..."
The Kurk Gaming
The Kurk Gaming 25 days ago
Wowwwww!Such a win, mavericks 2 best players were absent.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 25 days ago
Gawddamn dem arms 🦾🦾
soul Jack
soul Jack 25 days ago
He's back happy like college an high school its over
RoRo On The GoGo
RoRo On The GoGo 25 days ago
That’s right Zion! Florence, SC!!
Lekeshia Mitchell
Lekeshia Mitchell 25 days ago
myles hartsfield
myles hartsfield 25 days ago
My guy he gone be great 🔥🔥💪🏾
Enlight The way
Enlight The way 25 days ago
Love the back story when his was a kid balling different was 🔥
The Worg of Wall Street
This guy is so likeable. I'd much rather him be the face of the league than egotistical Luka
David 25 days ago
Lucky. Luka and KP weren't playing
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols 25 days ago
game shape.. huge improvement since last year + getting better
Adam Uchiha
Adam Uchiha 26 days ago
1:22 Zion been bullying grown men since he was 5 confirmed
Nano 26 days ago
Omg this brotha is unbelievable
Jr Montero
Jr Montero 26 days ago
Isaac S197
Isaac S197 26 days ago
who ever saying he’s fat is mad dumb😂 that boy is full muscle 💪🏾 we’re witnessing greatness guys
David Boger
David Boger 24 days ago
Truuu 26 days ago
This guys a beast, I’m waiting for someone to try get into him 😂 gonna be a funeral
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura 26 days ago
I vote Zion MVP
Medicine Medicine
Medicine Medicine 26 days ago
Happy for Zion. This man child can ball!
Eugene Nicholas
Eugene Nicholas 26 days ago
I live a couple of from that park in Florence.
Grady Burke
Grady Burke 26 days ago
Bro said he was 5 & 6 hooping with grown men! Lol
Macabree 26 days ago
That's crazy. 6 years old hooping? Whoa
Sahil Feda
Sahil Feda 26 days ago
Def a future mvp
Garry EE
Garry EE 26 days ago
The next king of the NBA
Railly Telimug
Railly Telimug 26 days ago
Zion HULK Williamson
Railly Telimug
Railly Telimug 26 days ago
Y'all think of zions name like shaq called supermqn
Mike 26 days ago
Fabian Moreno
Fabian Moreno 26 days ago
My mavericks have 5 injured!! And we still barely lost!! That's how much they suck!! Still Zion is a beast!!
Michael Inkpen
Michael Inkpen 26 days ago
@HINDOL BANERJEE, yeah but the previous games were a different Pelicans team, the Pelicans were all over the place, rotations and the such etc, in their past match ups. They're just now getting their stuff together, had Ingram showed up this would of been a blowout.
@Michael Inkpen That you never know anyways cavaliers beat the nets with the big 3 playing this season so by that logic yeaah but there is a reason mavs have won 5 straight against the pelicans in their match up with luka playing in all before this match
Michael Inkpen
Michael Inkpen 26 days ago
@HINDOL BANERJEE, hey you don't know the kind of game Hardaway and Brunson would of had with Luka & Kp in the line up, they could had a bad game Like Ingram did.
@Michael Inkpen LOl, thats not how it works , Luka and KP would have scored that much that i agree but hardaway and brunson would have scored 15 and 20 from the bench as well, there was no one from the bench, besides last 5 matches between Dallas and NOP Dallas have won all 5 with luka avging 32ppg+
Michael Inkpen
Michael Inkpen 26 days ago
Hardaway got 30pts, and Brunson got 24pts, pretty much what Luka & Kp would of scored. Plus Ingram had another bad game.
Keyon Cossey
Keyon Cossey 26 days ago
Zion is A Monster 👿
Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown 26 days ago
Once he goes down hill it's a rap. His shot is not broken and has a alot of potential too. Just gonna get better. Hope he stays healthy!
Don 26 days ago
Zion would be doing the defense a favor by shooting jump shots. Like Carlisle said last night after the game, if you back off Zion when he has the ball he just takes up the space, and he's coming at you with a head of steam. He can't be guarded one on one by anybody in the league, and if you send a second guy at him he has the playmaking skills to find the open man.
寶宝 26 days ago
like 2k21
JG Media
JG Media 26 days ago
He is once in a generation folks
Real 26 days ago
Forget about is game we all know he’s a beast but is Character is so appealing just don’t understand why people hate on him such a great young guy💯
Monte Wilson
Monte Wilson 25 days ago
Some people just have haterism in their blood. Smh
Real 26 days ago
@Stephen Mayer they weird for that😭
Stephen Mayer
Stephen Mayer 26 days ago
cause they are mad he didnt go to their team
Obi Wan Mahomie
Obi Wan Mahomie 26 days ago
First off NBA get your stats for this kid correctly🤣its 35 games "NOT CONSECUTIVELY" of 20+ points on 50% from the field or better not 23...meaning he's doing it better than Shaq already done passing his 25 in a season or whatever. This isn't even Including what he did last year his rookie season.
felix 26 days ago
he’s so humble.
Anthony Tolliver
Anthony Tolliver 26 days ago
Zeon the god
Meat Sauce
Meat Sauce 26 days ago
Look at Zion man making my day. So inspirational.
Celo B
Celo B 26 days ago
His lost at least 15 pounds since the beginning of the season
Joshua Medley
Joshua Medley 25 days ago
@Celo B im not saying he didn't slim down. Im just saying I don't think he lost weight. Zion was slimmer in college and was still 285
Celo B
Celo B 25 days ago
@Joshua Medley go check his interviews in the beginning of the season you’ll see he had slim down a bit
Joshua Medley
Joshua Medley 25 days ago
@Yea Man hes still 285 lol
Yea Man
Yea Man 25 days ago
@Joshua Medley he definitely lost weight since the bubble
Jnorri Twenty-Eight
Ppl not saying he fat now cuz he balling... if was struggling then hes back to being fat smh
JJ CG 26 days ago
Z Rose
KingIshTah 26 days ago
This the one 🌹🌹💪💪
Nephyr 26 days ago
How can you not love Zion?
Merven Chris Maputi
I think zion is the only player i see today that can survive the physical defense of the 80s and 90s.
Cory Rimpson
Cory Rimpson 25 days ago
Don Rosal
Don Rosal 26 days ago
@Christian De Castro Yeah and he has that MJ and Kobe pyschopath like vibe. Like if you pissed him off, you will regret it. I hope he'll stay like this. Tough and tenacious with no diva persona.
Christian De Castro
@Don Rosal nobody want to fight this man lol hahaha even lebron and shaq was getting whacked back then but no one wanna piss off zion
Don Rosal
Don Rosal 26 days ago
Damn. I never see a basketball player like this for a long time. The one who didn't complain. The one who wants to fight back. A star who don't need an enforcer. At 20 years old he bullied some of the nba clowns like Morris and Harrell. Attack the basket even with the likes of Boban's contesting. It's like 80s 90s 2.0 type of player. The only thing that we have to worry about him is injuries. I hope he learn how to land more safely and lose more weight like 10lbs or 20lbs.
Railly Telimug
Railly Telimug 26 days ago
The bad boy pistons will not be able to vontain him im that era
LB86 26 days ago
Is it just me or does zion look a lot skinnier
Cashman Magic
Cashman Magic 25 days ago
Just you.
thekingbradable 26 days ago
Ericthautuber TV
Ericthautuber TV 26 days ago
That's a lie
J P 26 days ago
Why people saying he's fat? That's all muscle 💪
Uncle Iroh
Uncle Iroh 25 days ago
He’s definitely not fat bu anyone with eyes can see that’s not all muscle, lol. Question is would he be more dominate and effective with less body fat. He’d definitely get some speed but he’d also lose some power. There’s also the aspect of longevity since higher body fat percentages can increase risk of athletic injury, especially for a dude who jumps the lights out. Answer is no one knows. Only time will tell
Adam Uchiha
Adam Uchiha 26 days ago
Because they’re haters
Timsetto 26 days ago
@nh 89 no cap
nh 89
nh 89 26 days ago
@Future Hendrix Zanos is a cold nick name. I like it.
Future Hendrix
Future Hendrix 26 days ago
NotRobloxRb! 26 days ago
Did Zion get skinnier? Or healthier!..
Nathaniel Osborne
Nathaniel Osborne 26 days ago
My boy Zion is a beast on the boards
Sergio Paramo
Sergio Paramo 26 days ago
He been lookin skinny lately
YB •
YB • 25 days ago
skinny ? stop it
Darian Chatman
Darian Chatman 26 days ago
Zion 777
Zion and Ja Fan
Zion and Ja Fan 26 days ago
Jason Shampansky
Jason Shampansky 26 days ago
Zion will be the league’s MVP next season and will probably Average 30 PPG he’s just going to continue to get better as long as the pelicans realize and his teammates especially Ingram that Zion is the number 1 option
Jason Shampansky
Jason Shampansky 25 days ago
@Toxic Melody agree 💯
Toxic Melody
Toxic Melody 25 days ago
They need to trade Ingram he doesn't fit at all, and late game he always ball stop and don't pass
Kidd Raw
Kidd Raw 25 days ago
@João Gabriel I don’t think wade just accepted it his athleticism was declining
Shane Robinson
Shane Robinson 25 days ago
Next season is a stretch but can definitely see within the next 4-5years
Shawn Crooks
Shawn Crooks 25 days ago
@João Gabriel I literally had this same thought wade realized that if they were going to be great it had to go through lebron and bi needs to recognize it as well
antyoung1224 26 days ago
This tell a lot what type of guy he is. Zion walking Miss hand shake with security. Zion stop and went back and made it right.
The Vibe
The Vibe 3 days ago
@Mogul Me Clown? Hey wheres the party atm
MsGhost 007
MsGhost 007 24 days ago
This comment made me cry. Zion#1
Marvin Holley
Marvin Holley 25 days ago
He's young wait till year 12
Timsetto 26 days ago
He was definitely raised right
Future Hendrix
Future Hendrix 26 days ago
MVP Rose
MVP Rose 26 days ago
We‘re witnessing one of the best ever in the making! This kid gonna be insane in a few years
Phu Tran
Phu Tran 26 days ago
Goated pfp
Lucas Vasconcelos
Lucas Vasconcelos 26 days ago
Not only in the Nba but in sports history, this guy just doesn't make sense 😁 it's crazy
Monke Greg
Monke Greg 26 days ago
Dude already insane, fave player atm
Alkebulan Is Home
Alkebulan Is Home 26 days ago
Zion gonna be the future goat for sure he so dominant bro he unstoppable man pelicans gotta know he the closer Ingram gotta be robin.
Alkebulan Is Home
Alkebulan Is Home 26 days ago
@wai ng exactly
wai ng
wai ng 26 days ago
it's just like shaq & kobe....i just hope bi know he is robin
pkfire alarm
pkfire alarm 26 days ago
Zanos ⚜️
Chris Ciarcia
Chris Ciarcia 26 days ago
Great nickname ngl
pkfire alarm
pkfire alarm 26 days ago
Zion is CLUTCH
Ausbrahdave 26 days ago
My team....ain't that the truth BI
Muhammad Shahman
Muhammad Shahman 26 days ago
Hahaha. BI needs to accept he’s the number 2.
junny16 26 days ago
The First Zion!
Big Shmoke
Big Shmoke 26 days ago
Scary. This is becoming a trend.
Andrew Usher
Andrew Usher 26 days ago
The man smiled cause he that question the way he really to answer it
Kenny Lenny
Kenny Lenny 26 days ago
Lol. I think this comment should read "The man smiled because he couldn't answer that question the way he really wanted to answer it". As for the stroke jokes, they were admittedly funny but let's not be mean about it. We don't know what Andrew's situation is. For all you know he could've had a stroke in the past, been afflicted with reading/writing since then, and is finally feeling confident enough to post a comment publicly-and BOOM! He is ridiculed about it.
J Ist
J Ist 26 days ago
I pasted this into "making sense out of wierd youtube comments" app, and got "the man smiled because he answered that question the way he really wanted to answer it".
Enrique Orellana
Enrique Orellana 26 days ago
I just got a stroke reading this
Top Kek
Top Kek 26 days ago
Rap God Reloaded
Rap God Reloaded 26 days ago
Zion's goated. He's on his way to being one of the best in this league.
Muhammad Shahman
Muhammad Shahman 26 days ago
He’s already top 10.
Kevin Galicia
Kevin Galicia 26 days ago
Zanos out here doing it🔥🔥🔥🔥
Future Hendrix
Future Hendrix 26 days ago
Facts bro
Luca Brasi
Luca Brasi 26 days ago
King Zanos 💪🏿
Bad Kitty Kitty
Bad Kitty Kitty 26 days ago
The white guy was good not as great as the other white guy
Will 26 days ago
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 26 days ago
This is Zion's team now. Go Suns !!! Phoenix 70°
Francisco Salgueiro
@Jeff Smith wtf is that reply? You good?
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 26 days ago
@Rap God Reloaded Get a life.
Rap God Reloaded
Rap God Reloaded 26 days ago
@Jeff Smith Duh ya think?
Purple Plantain
Purple Plantain 26 days ago
Zion is good, but Zion is better
acjump23 26 days ago
Zion the goat himself
Vibe Nation
Vibe Nation 26 days ago
Zion is a different breed for sure.
Ant Poop
Ant Poop 26 days ago
First comment
Vick_HushPuppy 215
Vick_HushPuppy 215 26 days ago
Zachgotgame YRG
Zachgotgame YRG 26 days ago
Congratulations you’re early to the video 💥
Ant Poop
Ant Poop 26 days ago
Zion Goes OFF for 38!